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Vest for girls: features, patterns and recommendations
Vest for girls: features, patterns and recommendations

Every mother wants her child to look her best. And many are convinced that it is possible to distinguish a child through original clothing. Of course, the best option in this case is a do-it-yourself thing. Therefore, in the material presented below, we will talk about how to knit a vest for a girl. Moreover, we will not limit the reader in choosing a tool, and the described product will be able to be repeated by mothers who own both crochet and knitting needles.

Preparatory stage

Both professional and novice needlewomen know that knitting of any thing begins with the purchase of the necessary materials and tools. Regarding the first, only one thing can be said: it is important to choose yarn, taking into account the time of wearing the product. It is also worth noting that for an openwork vest it is better to choose a plain yarn than a motley one.

When purchasing the right tool, you should give preference to the one made of metal. It will provide the desired glide, speed and quality of knitting. The size of the knitting needles or hook is quite simple to determine. You can just study the label on the yarn orchoose a tool one to one and a half times wider than the thread.

tank top for girls

Also, at the preparatory stage, you should take measurements from the girl, and the vest will definitely fit.

Required parameters

It is very easy to measure a person. It is only important to consider what measurements you need to take. For the vest you need:

  • proposed product length - A;
  • armhole height - B;
  • girth of the widest part of the body (chest or hips) - B;
  • shoulder width - G;
  • neck width - D.

Pattern fragment

crochet tank top

It doesn't matter what tool the knitter plans to work with. In any case, you will first have to dial loops. In order not to be mistaken in determining their number, it is required to knit a pattern sample about 10 x 10 centimeters in size. The most important thing is to work with prepared tools and yarn. In the finished fragment, you do not need to close the loops if it was knitted and break the thread. But there is no need to disband it just in case. After all, it is he who will help us build all further work on the vest for the girl.

Therefore, we count the number of loops and rows in it. And then we divide each value by 10. So we find out how many loops (W) and rows (R) are in 1 cm.

Stitches set

When the parameters indicated in the previous paragraph are calculated, we proceed to knitting the product under study. We start from the back. And first of all, we calculate the number of loops that we need to dial on the knitting needles or crochet in the form of a chain.It is very simple to do this: we divide parameter B by two and multiply by parameter G. The resulting number will be the answer to the question of how many loops should be dialed to knit the back of a vest for a girl with knitting needles or crochet. To calculate the number of loops for the front shelves, you need to: divide the parameter B by 4 and multiply by the parameter G. If the front is one-piece, we knit it like a back.

tank top description

Knitting armholes

Most beginner knitters have difficulty at this stage. And all because it is possible to make a beautiful rounded edge on your own only from the fifth, or even from the tenth time. To make it easier for the reader, we have prepared detailed instructions, the implementation of which will help to avoid mistakes when knitting a vest for a girl. So, in order to knit an armhole, you first need to determine its level. It is not difficult to do this: we multiply parameter Z by parameter B. As a result, we get the number of rows that separates the lower edge of the product from the armhole. Having reached the right moment, we calculate the number of extra loops: we subtract the D parameter from the G parameter and multiply the found value by the G parameter.

Next, we begin to gradually decrease the loops:

  1. In the first row, skip or bind off six loops.
  2. Three each in the second and third.
  3. In the fourth, fifth and sixth - two each.
  4. Distribute the remaining number of extra loops on the last rows. We add them evenly. It is advisable to record all your actions. After all, then in the same way you will have to knit the armhole on the frontparts to make a crocheted or knitted vest for a girl even.
sleeveless jacket step by step

Decoration of the shoulders and collar

When making the back, it is necessary to start decreasing the loops for the collar and shoulder seams at the same time. Approximately seven rows before the end of the product (parameter A multiplied by parameter Z). Shoulder seams should be knitted in this way:

  1. Multiply the W parameter by the D parameter. As a result, we will find out the number of loops allotted for the gate.
  2. After that, we mark them with a thread so that they do not go astray during the knitting process.
  3. Then divide the total number of loops by two. If we crochet a vest for a girl, we just don’t go to the second half. If with knitting needles, we transfer the extra loops to another loop or secure with pins.
  4. In the first row, bind off 6 loops for the shoulder seam and 12 for the collar.
  5. In the second, third and fourth - 5 and 3 each.
  6. In the fifth, in the sixth and seventh - 4 and 2 each.
  7. The remaining number of loops is also distributed to the last rows. The main thing is to make a uniform transition.
  8. By analogy, but we mirror the second half of the back.

Doing the front part

knitted sleeveless jacket

It is not so difficult to knit a vest for a girl as to determine the style of the product. It is especially difficult to choose a clasp option. Currently, ties with tassels at the end, which are located on the collar of the vest, are very popular. Also a fashionable option are pom-pom fasteners that replaceregular buttons. If desired, you can completely leave the studied thing "in free flight." In this case, each person is free to rely on their own taste. However, you should determine the style in advance in order to tie holes for buttons or pom-poms if necessary.

After that, we proceed to the implementation of the shelves. We collect the number of loops that we determined in one of the previous paragraphs. We knit an even fabric until we reach the level of the armhole. We knit it according to the technology described earlier, after which we move to the gate. It is important to note that in front it should be lower than in the back. Therefore, we start twelve rows before the end:

  1. In the first row, decrease or skip 12 loops.
  2. In the second and third - 3 loops each.
  3. In the fourth, fifth and sixth - 2 each.
  4. The remaining number of loops is evenly distributed over the last rows.
  5. By analogy, we knit the second armhole, given that the described actions should be mirrored for it.


sleeveless knitting

A vest knitted for a girl looks much more beautiful if there are no seams in it. Especially if an openwork thing is being performed. However, in this case, the technology differs significantly from that described earlier, although many knitters note that knitting is much easier this way. To give the reader a choice, we suggest that you explore both options and then choose the one that suits you best.

The seamless vest technology is quite simple:

  1. First dial the next amountloops: parameter G multiplied by parameter B.
  2. This is how we find out how many loops are required to cover the entire circumference of the body.
  3. Crochet a chain or cast on knitting needles.
  4. After that, we knit the product with an even cloth until we reach the level of the armhole.
  5. At this point, we divide the canvas into three parts, highlighting the back and two front shelves.
  6. Each of them will have to be knitted separately.
  7. It is important to note that it is not necessary to knit the armhole. However, you still have to work on the collar, although you can make a square cutout if you wish. In this case, it is necessary to close or skip the required number of loops and tie the shoulder, moving in a flat cloth.
  8. After that, the vest for the girl - school, everyday or ceremonial weekend - is sewn together. But only on the shoulder seams.

Pattern options

Professional knitters note that lace vests worn over a blouse, badlon or regular T-shirt look the most beautiful. However, finding a pattern in numerous knitting magazines is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Therefore, in the current article, we also offer the reader some original options.

Effective, but complex in execution, the pattern is quite difficult to make out on your own. In addition, a huge number of people absorb information much better when they observe the process with their own eyes, and do not read a long and boring description. Therefore, we advise the reader to study the video instruction below. In it, a professional knitter talks in detail aboutabout what manipulations you need to perform to make a crochet lace.

For readers who find it more convenient to navigate by graphic instructions, we suggest knitting a vest for a girl according to the patterns. The first pattern for knitting needles, the second - for the hook.

pattern scheme

We hope that in this article we were able to convince the reader that it is very easy to make an original product on your own. You just need to set a goal and go for it.

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