Gift for a veteran with their own hands
Gift for a veteran with their own hands

What gift to present to a veteran of the Great Patriotic War on Victory Day? This question worries many. Let's look for answers together.

Memorial gift to a veteran

First of all, one should take into account the fact that people who have passed terrible trials need attention. They are pleased to know that they are remembered, that their merits are appreciated by their descendants. Therefore, a gift to a veteran should emphasize just this: an inscription, an emblem.

However, don't give them anything military-related as a gift. Films, books and photographs about the war will only stir up bitter memories of terrible events and spoil the festive mood.

at to a veteran

And here is a wrist watch with engraving "Thank you grandfather for the victory!" or a wall clock with the inscription "For the capture of Berlin!" will be appropriate and pleasant. You can give a loved one a mug with a photo, where the current veteran is still young and full of energy, or with his image in full dress, with orders and medals - ordering such a service today will not be difficult.

Not only the memory warms…

It is very important to make such gifts to WWII veterans that bring practical benefits. Do not think that a pensioner is able to buy everything for himselfnecessary. In fact, veterans are people who, for the most part, cannot forget the years of hunger and poverty. Therefore, they save literally on everything. And some don't even know what new items are on sale today.

gifts for WWII veterans

A wonderful gift for a veteran - an electric heating pad, a fur vest or a warm blanket, handmade soft felt boots, a down scarf. An elderly person will definitely like such little things, they will bring joy and become a pleasant reminder that someone on earth loves them, remembers, takes care of them.

And good memories of yesteryear…

How often do we say the phrase: "So that there is something to remember in old age." And we keep some little things, at first glance, completely unnecessary.

Elderly people for the most part really live in memories. They idealize everything that is connected with their youth and youth. Therefore, an expensive gift to a war veteran is an album of old songs or a selection of films from past years. Of course, in order to watch these movies and listen to the songs, an older person needs a DVD player. Therefore, if a veteran lives alone, it is worth taking care of this as well.

Let the gift keep the warmth of hearts and hands

Honoring war veterans take on their shoulders and schools. On the eve of the holidays dedicated to the memory of those who defended our Motherland, concerts, tea parties, meetings are held in children's institutions.

Also, under the guidance of teachers, students develop projects in which they consider the topic of how to make a gift to a veteran with their own hands. This is veryit is important to develop patriotism in the younger generation, respect for the elderly, who many years ago stood up for our Motherland.

However, with regret it is worth noting the fact that most of the proposals put forward by children are infantile attempts like “a gift is not expensive - attention is expensive”, “there is nothing more expensive than what is done with one's own hands”. And teenagers make postcards in the style of scrapbooking, embroider pictures, glue applications.

The great thing is that the guys don't shrug off taking part in the celebration at all. But would they themselves be very pleased to receive a postcard, appliqué or handicraft made from natural material as a gift? Wouldn't it be better to think over this question more deeply and make a gift to the veteran with your own hands, not only beautiful and memorable, but also useful, necessary?

Hot Heart Fair

What about those who do not yet know how to do something really necessary, practical and useful in everyday life? How to properly direct the desire of the younger generation to give veterans a piece of their warmth, applying their skill and diligence? And to do it not just for show, but in such a way that it would be interesting and exciting to prepare for the holiday, so that the event would bring pleasure to the masters themselves?

veterant project

In one of the schools, an extremely interesting project "Gift to a Veteran" has been developed, in which all students take part, from junior to senior students. Parents, teachers, technical workers of the school do not refuse to take part in it.

All crafts that guysdo it with their own hands together with their parents or on their own, they hand it over to the class teacher. A special commission assigns a price for each item that is submitted for sale.

On a certain day (the date is agreed with the school administration), the Hot Heart fair is announced, at which all students' crafts are sold. The buyers are the children themselves, parents, teachers, residents of the area are invited.

war veterant

All proceeds are calculated by the same commission, which includes both teachers and representatives from students, as well as members of the parent committee. Usually, this is a fairly large amount, for which you can already buy a valuable worthy thing: a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a video player, a TV, a bread machine, a sofa, a wheelchair.

This project deserves attention, because getting one thing, but necessary and useful, is much more pleasant than enjoying postcards made by unfamiliar children. Let it be from the bottom of my heart…

Let the gift keep the warmth of hearts and hands

And if there is a person in the family who went through the war, for whom kids or teenagers are eager to make crafts with their own hands? A gift to a veteran can also be made one that will be valuable and necessary.

You can, for example, knit something from soft yarn: mittens or socks, a scarf or a hat. Of course, work should be started in advance, and not a couple of days before the holiday. Only then will the thing turn out to be of high quality, beautiful, solid.

handmadet for a veteran

TodayLots of people love to crochet. Beautiful ponchos, blankets, vests are assembled from bright squares. Such a thing is not only beautiful, but also beneficial, warm, pleasing to the eye.

The box from childhood is a gift from childhood

Almost everyone once had a box in which the most expensive and necessary things were kept. Does the current veteran have such a place today? Where are his orders, medals, old letters and postcards kept? Is it in a shoebox? Well, then it's time for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren to get down to business!

Boys and young men can make a wooden box on their own. You can purchase materials to make this item at the shop. Sawing a tree according to the drawings is also a simple matter.

It is best to glue the parts with carpentry glue. The lid is attached to the body with hinges. Decoration in the form of metal corners and fasteners are also sold in the stores "Everything for the Home" or "Building Materials".

The clock is running, but it stays with us

An interesting option for needleworkers can be making souvenir wall clocks. The mechanism itself is bought in specialized stores such as "Loleka". But the design of the souvenir is developed independently.

diyt to veteran

If the outer part of the workpiece is made of plexiglass, then it can be patterned with acrylic paints. You can beat this moment and place photographs of the gifted person in youth or youth among the floral ornament.

Some watch options include decoration around the case. Then you can show your imagination and stick onheadband artificial flowers made from satin ribbons or sculpted from polymer clay.

In all cases, a commemorative inscription should be made on the gift, which would remind of the date and event in honor of which this gift was presented.

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