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Fashionable knitted jackets: description
Fashionable knitted jackets: description

Knitting a beautiful product is much easier than deciding to create it. As motivation, we offer this article, in which we will talk in detail about how to knit a fashionable jacket with knitting needles. After all, for this you need not only to buy a tool and materials, but also to take measurements, choose a pattern and so on. So let's get started!

A few words about preparation

In magazines, on the pages of Internet sites, on television and even in everyday life, we can observe the various styles of the studied product. They vary depending on the season, destination and other features. Therefore, thinking about how to make a fashionable jacket with knitting needles with your own hands, you need to imagine the desired model. To facilitate the task, you can go shopping, find, try on and photograph the appropriate option. After that, pick up a pattern, knitting needles and yarn.

Professional craftswomen advise to beat simple models with interesting threads, and complex ones, on the contrary, to knit with plain ones. To obtain a clear pattern, you should choose knitting needles no more than one and a half times thicker than the thread. Otherwise, you can rely on your own taste.

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What is the sample for?

A huge number of master classes begin with the preparation of a fragment of all the patterns that will be used in the intended product. Beginners very often skip this step. And they make a big mistake. After all, without it it is impossible to correctly calculate the loops and rows. This means that knitting a fashionable jacket that fits in size may also not work out. For this reason, having chosen a pattern, having purchased knitting needles and yarn, it is important to prepare samples (approximately 10 x 10 cm) of all patterns. After that, we attach a piece of paper to each, count the number of loops and rows, and divide all the values ​​​​by ten. Then we paint on each sample the number of loops and rows in one centimeter.


fashionable jacket with knitting needles

To tie a beautiful and fashionable jacket, you should determine a lot of important parameters. The most important of them are the lengths of the product and sleeves. It is also a good idea to think in advance what the gate will be like. After that, we proceed to take measurements:

  • jacket length;
  • armhole level;
  • bust;
  • neck width;
  • sleeve length;
  • girth of the widest part of the forearm.

Stitches set

Even beginners know how to cast on needles. But far from everyone manages to calculate their number for a particular product on their own. Therefore, in the current article, we propose to study detailed and simple instructions. However, first, we note that professional knitters are advised to decorate the edging of a fashionable jacket with a different pattern. The simplest of themis an elastic band 1 x 1 (a series of facial and purl loops). To make this detail beautiful, it is necessary to knit the entire product in a special way. But first you need to calculate the number of loops that should be dialed at the very beginning of work.

Returning to the prepared samples. Let's look at the main pattern. We multiply the number of loops in one centimeter by the circumference of the chest. Then we subtract 20 units from the resulting number, which we then compensate in the canta. After that, we take the circular knitting needles and the selected yarn, we collect the loops. We continue to work on the product to the level of the armhole.

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How to make a slot for a sleeve?

Professional knitters don't spend a lot of time doing this part. However, for many beginners, this detail is quite difficult. In addition, fashionable knitted jackets, in which the armhole is not properly formed, have recently become immensely popular. It is this option that we will consider in the presented material.

So, to make a slot for the sleeve, you need to calculate the number of loops for the back. To do this, consider the desired sample pattern. After we multiply the number of loops in one centimeter by half the girth of the chest. As a result, we get the number of loops that are required to knit the back. We separate them exactly in the middle of our canvas. Then we knit the back with a simple rectangle, without decreasing and adding loops, decorating the gate.

How to make front shelves?

jacket knitting

Earlier we mentioned that the gate indifferent models of fashionable and exclusive knitted jackets may differ. The classic option is a semicircular. It is made on the last seven rows, in which the loops determined for this part are evenly reduced. There is also a triangular notch. This jacket is more like a cardigan. This neckline should start just below the bust. The loops for the gate, by mathematical calculations, are scattered over the remaining rows, after which they are reduced in the course of work.

A less popular neckline is the square one. It's the easiest to do. At the right level, the hinges for the gate close all at once. And then the straps of the left and right shelves are tied separately. However, when calculating the loops for the gate, it is important to remember whether the edging is provided in the product. If before starting work we reduced 20 loops, they should also be subtracted from those defined for the cutout. The same nuance can create difficulties when performing a triangular rollout. After all, you will need to start reducing the loops a little later. Yes, and their number will be less than provided.

Adding edging

jacket step by step

After the main part of the product is knitted, it should be connected along the shoulder seams and sewn with a sewing needle or hook. Then you need to add edging. To do this, we take a hook and collect loops along the bottom edge, the vertical of the front shelves and the collar. Now there is one more nuance to think about. To do this, answer the question of whether the jacket will have a collar. After all, we repeat once again, models of fashionable knitted jackets are different.

Bdepending on which edging is provided, the number of rows in it varies. In any case, to frame the jacket, you will have to complete 4-5 rows, moving in a circle. However, it is important to note that at the corners it is required to knit the extreme loops on both sides together. After that, some part can be closed. For example, you do not want to make too long a piping along the bottom edge or a very high collar. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that on the shelves at the beginning of knitting, we reduced a few loops. They need to be compensated at this stage. In addition, if you want to make a buttoned jacket, it is more convenient to make buttonholes vertical in this case. To do this, at regular intervals close the same number of loops. And above them in the next row we add air loops. That's the whole technology!

How to tie sleeves?

jacket description

Finally, we just need to add the last detail. To do this, we propose to study the finishing stage of the description for a fashionable jacket with knitting needles. It will tell you how to tie the sleeves. It's actually very easy to do this. You just need to take the hook again and use it to pick up new loops on the armhole. But it is important to add them not around the entire circumference, but only 2/3 (through the shoulder seam). After that, we get to work.

Transfer sts to circular needles and work out the desired pattern, pulling out new sts on the remaining part of the slot for the sleeves in each next row. After that, we knit the sleeve almost to the desired length. There are two ways to finish the jacket. The first one is totie the cuffs with an elastic band. The second requires switching to smaller knitting needles and complementing the sleeve with the main pattern. Each knitter must determine her own option.

Having de alt with the technology of the simplest jacket, you can master more spectacular options. The main thing is not to be afraid to try something new.

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