Panda hat - create a good mood
Panda hat - create a good mood

Adorable animal-shaped hats have firmly won universal popularity, a cheerful panda knitted hat deservedly leads the list of sympathy for adults and children. And this is not at all surprising, because the funny black-and-white beast leaves no one indifferent. Unfortunately, we can't put a real bear cub in our house, but the hand-knitted "panda" hat will remind us of this "adorable".

Panda hat

Each needlewoman has her own preferences with what tools and yarn to work with, so we will consider the option of knitting a hat and knitting and crochet.

For kids, you can knit a "panda" from children's acrylic. This is a practical thread that is not afraid of machine washing, which is very important for a white product. We will need two skeins of yarn (black and white) and a hook of the corresponding number.

Crochet panda hat

We connect a chain of three air loops into a ring and knit in a circle columns withdouble crochet. In the first and second rows, we double the number of loops (12), in the next ten rows we knit 6 additional columns at regular intervals (72). Depending on the desired size, you can add several rows with the same sequence of work. When our cap becomes of sufficient volume, we perform 10-12 p. without additions and finish the work with a row of single crochets.

panda hat pattern

Bear Ears

We knit a chain of three air loops, from the first loop we knit 3 columns with a crochet. In the next two rows, ch 2 lifting, and from each loop 2 double crochets. The last, fourth, row is performed with single crochets to give density.

The eyes and nose of the bear are worked in the round with the same sequence of additions as the ears. For the eyes, you will need to complete 4 rows, for the nose two will be enough.

Now our panda hat is ready, and all that remains is to assemble it. Carefully lay out the product on a flat surface, attach the details and pin them with a tailor's pin. We sew the ears and nose of the bear with a matching thread, on the eyes we first embroider the pupils with a contrasting thread and only then we fix them at a distance of 8–10 cm from each other.

Knitted panda hat

Knitted panda hat: workflow

For the adult size of the product, you will need 100 gr. light yarn, black is enough 50 gr. Circular or stocking needles should match the number on the yarn label.

We type on the spokesthe number of loops corresponding to the sample, and we knit an elastic band 2x2 3 cm high, then go to an elastic band 1x1 or the front surface. A fabric made with a satin stitch will keep its shape worse, so it is better to knit a hat made of thin yarn with an elastic band, for a thicker thread it does not matter. When the height of the cap reaches 20–22 cm, close the loops and connect the seam with a light thread.

We embroider the eyes and nose of the panda with black yarn, threading the thread through the loops, as in knitting. The ears of the bear are two pompoms attached to the corners of the hat. Making your own pom poms is very simple, just wind the yarn around a cardboard "bagel" and tie it tightly in the middle, then cut the thread along the outside of the cardboard.

I hope that the new panda hat will not only keep you warm, but also cheer you up!

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