House carving, the art of decorating a wooden house
House carving, the art of decorating a wooden house

Rus wooden… From time immemorial, houses, huts and entire farms were built from wood. This was done for the sake of human life, so that there was somewhere for a Russian person to bow his head, and to spend the winter warm. And live on your own, and attach cattle. And the stone was in abundance, and there was enough clay, but everything was built from wood, since wood is a warm, lively, infinitely grateful material, it is cool in the hut in summer and warm in winter. And so appeared in the expanses of Russians whole wooden cities, villages and villages. And where people live, churches are built there, large and small, cathedrals with chapels, parishes and presences.

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Life requires beauty. The peasant's wooden house, although well built, looks simple and unpretentious. Carpenters began to invent decorations, compose ornaments, boards with carved patterns, “towels”, valances and berths. There was a house carving. Of the tools, the architect had only one ax, and a chisel with a chisel. However, hunting is worse than bondage, since you really want to cut something beautiful, then the hatchet can be sharpened so that it will ring, and the carving from under it will come out thin, but intricate. The real masters appearedfinishers and with them house wood carving, applied art, which gave carvers a wide field for creativity. The competition has begun, who cuts wood better, cleaner and faster.

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It was all in time immemorial. Today, wood carvers, specialists in such an art form as house carving, have a wonderful set of tools, and there are no impossible tasks for them. The technologies of fine artistic processing of wood are diverse, from simple flat-surface carving to through ornamental carving with the most complex interlacing of patterns. The method of artistic carving "Tatyanka" is indispensable for the embodiment of natural scenes with leaves, grass, flowers in a tree. Baroque carving is used to frame church iconostases. And the facades of residential wooden houses are decorated with slotted valance boards.

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Every owner of his own house is concerned about the attractiveness of the facade of his home. I would like the house to be decorated according to the principle of exclusivity, with unique carved patterns. The greatest degree of uniqueness is given by the so-called Gorodets house carving. This technique combines the dull embossed "Tatyanka" with its inherent natural scenes, which are reflected in the Gorodets carving in the form of floral ornaments. The rich plant content of the Gorodets carving is the most in demand when finishing the facades of wooden houses.

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Some masters also willingly use style ornaments in their workArt Nouveau from the order of stone architecture. Their elegance and practicality are the best fit for finishing wooden houses.

Wooden carvings in the form of bas-relief sculptures carved from hardwoods are currently in vogue. The image is half-recessed into the surface of the wall or panel of the house. The visual surround effect is amazing. This technique makes it possible to reproduce bas-reliefs on any topic, Chinese and Japanese, African and Latin American, the choice of subjects is not limited. Sculptural bas-reliefs can be combined with other carvings, such as artistic openwork. Also, for the exterior design of the house, an overhead house carving without a through cut is suitable, the elements of which are glued with waterproof glue.

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