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Weave anthurium from beads: a master class and a scheme for weaving flowers
Weave anthurium from beads: a master class and a scheme for weaving flowers

Anthurium is also called a flower tail for the unusual appearance of its cob and the original “blanket” in the form of a petal. This interesting flower is rarely woven from beads, but the result is simply amazing!

beaded flowers anthurium

To create it, the French weaving technique is most often used, on the basis of which the proposed master class will be based.

Let's consider another interesting way using the example of the existing scheme, which will help to create an anthurium from beads. The master class proposed in the article will tell you how to arrange this flower arrangement into a beautiful bouquet. Shall we start?

Anthurium from beads: master class

Before you start weaving anthurium, you will need the following materials:

  • green, red and yellow beads;
  • wire for beading - 0.4mm;
  • thick wire for shaping the stem;
  • green floral ribbon (can be replaced with thread);
  • pot for planting a flower;
  • gypsum or alabaster;
  • decor for base.

Weave anthurium flowers

Let's continue learning howweave anthurium from beads. The master class will tell you about the sequence of actions, and you will avoid funny things.

  1. First, prepare a piece of wire about 2 m long and put red beads on it. At either end of the wire, form an axis with a loop.
  2. Put 13 red beads on the axle. Using the prepared thread of beads, make three turns around the axis.
  3. When making the next, fourth, turn, you will need to finish its formation on the fourth bead from the bottom. Pass the wire under the arc and bring it up to the axis.

At the end of such a busy work, we will get a beaded anthurium. The master class presented in the article will help you achieve your goal.

Go to the next elements of the flower:

  1. Creating an anthurium cob - inflorescence. To do this, take a piece of wire 20 cm long and put yellow beads on it. Fold the wire with beads in half and twist.
  2. Anthurium leaf weaving is done in one of two ways: you can use a similar weave or use the French round leaf weaving technique.
  3. anthurium from beads master class
  4. To assemble the flower, take a thick rod. The resulting blanks are wound to it step by step. Attach the red petal and continue wrapping the stem with green threads or floral ribbon.
  5. Take a suitable container for a flower, put a blank of flowers and leaves there. Fill with gypsum mixture and decorate the baseordinary loose beads or decorative stones.

Scheme of flowers from beads. Interesting weaving technique

Let's consider a slightly different technique of weaving flowers from beads. Following the proposed scheme, you will get a pretty beaded anthurium. The master class will help you master a new weaving technique. Let's get started!

beaded flower pattern

The scheme of flowers from beads consists of symbols. For example, "2x" indicates that the loop is performed twice.

  1. The first loop is formed from 25 beads of the main color. On the tip of the wire under the loop, five more beads of the main color should be strung.
  2. Next, you will need to increase the number of beads on the leg under each loop by one bead. Each loop consists of 25 beads.
  3. A loop with a stem of 12 beads must be woven 12 times.
  4. Next, make two loops. When the leg distance is 19 beads, increase the number of beads in subsequent loops to 27 and 29 pieces, respectively.
  5. You will get two blanks of loops for arranging the sides of the flower.
  6. Using the pattern with the pattern, fasten the created loops together. To do this, prepare a piece of wire that will pass through the center of each of the loops. Fill the distance between the loops by parallel stringing the specified number of beads on the wire.
  7. anthurium bead pattern

    All loops are connected with three beads, the next two by 4 and the last - 5.

  8. To prepare the inflorescence, make a thicksegment by tying yellow beads on a wire of smaller diameter.
  9. In the final step, attach the details to the wire piece that serves as the stem of your flower. If desired, you can wrap it with a floral ribbon.


Anthurium is woven from beads in such an uncomplicated way. A master class on making a flower explains the subtleties and complexities of the work. We hope everything worked out for you.

If your beaded anthurium did not come out, the scheme is probably difficult for an inexperienced needlewoman. Practice on simpler elements, weave simple flowers from beads.

Anthurium is a great gift choice. Do not be afraid of difficulties, the souvenir will turn out better than you expect.

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