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How to quickly make a pom-pom out of yarn with your own hands
How to quickly make a pom-pom out of yarn with your own hands

Pom-poms decorate hats, scarves, socks, mittens. They make blankets, rugs, toys, pillows, crafts, panels, Christmas wreaths, garlands, Christmas tree decorations. Pompoms can be multi-colored, curly, plain, loose, dense, large, medium, small. Let's look at six ways to quickly make a pom-pom out of yarn without special tools.

The classic way

In the classic version, you need to draw two identical cardboard circles with a compass. From the same central point, you need to measure a smaller circle, cut it out. It is the length of the remaining circle that will correspond to the radius of the ball.

How to quickly make a pom-pom from yarn with a cardboard blank:

  • Insert a long thread around the circumference (closer to the center) between the circles, crossing the edges at the base.
  • Hold the cardboard blanks firmly so that the thread does not move.
  • Wrap the template with yarn so that the threads lie flat, tightly to each other. In this case, you can wind with multi-colored sectors or layers.
  • At the ends of the thread, drag the scissors, cut along the outer edgecircle without touching the hidden edges.
  • Gently push the cardboard blanks a little, bandage the middle.
  • Remove templates. Fluff the pompom, cut off the excess.

This method is one-time, as cardboard circles are easily deformed. But handicraft shops already sell detachable plastic devices of different diameters for making pom-poms.

"Multi-machine" method

To get a lot of balls in a short time for original scarves, making a Christmas tree or a garland, a blanket, take a children's table, threads, scissors.

How to quickly make a pom pom out of yarn

How to quickly make a lot of yarn pompoms:

  • turn the table upside down;
  • wrap two table legs with thread;
  • try to wind the thread in one circle;
  • get two windings;
  • wrap strong thread around the leg several times, tie in a knot;
  • step back a couple of centimeters, tie the strand again;
  • do the procedure around the whole yarn;
  • remove the tied strand;
  • cut the threads in the middle of two windings;
  • do the procedure to the end;
  • fluff the resulting lumps, trim.

Pay attention to the following little things. The thicker the legs of the table, the more convenient it is to haul the wrapped strand. The shorter the distance between the bands, the smaller the pompoms. If you need elastic balls, then take thick threads, while tightly tying the winding.

How to make small yarn pompoms quickly onfork

When you need miniature pompoms for panels, crafts, New Year's wreaths, you need forks. It is more convenient to make a ball on a large kitchen fork, since the middle is empty. In this case, balls with a diameter of three to four centimeters are obtained.

how to make pom poms out of yarn
  • Step back ten to fifteen centimeters from the edge of the thread.
  • Wrap the thread around the fork, being careful not to move the strand.
  • Cut the thread from the ball.
  • Next, cross the two ends of the winding, rewind tightly in the middle, tie into a knot.
  • Take a clerical knife, cut the strand from the fork on the sides.
  • Fluff the ball by rolling it in your palms.
  • Cut the edges with sharp scissors.
  • If pom-poms need to be tied up, then do not cut the ends of the dressing.

How to quickly make a pom-pom out of yarn on a dinner fork:

  • wind the yarn around the fork, remembering to leave the end of the thread;
  • Pinch the base of the fork with your fingers to prevent the strand from flying off;
  • pull the bottom edge of the thread towards you between the two teeth of the fork;
  • the top edge of the thread also through the middle bring to the opposite side;
  • lift up the ends of the threads, cross them and tie tightly in the center several times;
  • next remove the strand, straighten it;
  • cut the resulting lump in the middle, shaping the pom-pom.

On a table fork, two to three centimeter balls are obtained. For convenience, the middle teeth can be removed with wire cutters. To get pompoms less than two centimeters, leave onlythree cloves, and wind on the next two.

How to quickly make a pom-pom out of yarn with your hands

The ball is obtained from the winding of thread, tied in the center and cut along the diameter of the circle. Therefore, the balls can be twisted on your fingers, paying special attention to the pulling force of the winding center. The number of fingers on the left hand determines the diameter of the pom-pom. Therefore, with the help of a hand, you can make balls with a circumference of two to eight centimeters.

How to quickly make a lot of pompoms from yarn
  • Leave the edge of the thread so that it is convenient to drag and tie a thick winding.
  • Wrap the threads around the desired number of fingers.
  • Do not overtighten your fingers, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the winding.
  • Watch the amount of winding. The more threads, the more magnificent and stiffer the ball, but the more difficult it is to fix the thread in the center (you can additionally sew the junction with a needle).
  • Count the number of turns to experimentally obtain the necessary density of the pompom.
  • Remove the winding carefully from your fingers, cross the ends of the thread, tie off the middle.
  • Spread the winding around the circumference, cut along the edges.
  • Shape into a ball by trimming the ends.

Cardboard Templates

With the help of cardboard, you can make balls of different diameters. For example, make a circle as in the classic version, only cut off one centimeter in one place. This distance between the edges of the circle simplifies the process of winding and tightening the ends of the thread in the center of the pompom.

If we take a rectangle and shortcut narrow triangles in the middle, then the ball is made, as on a hand. The ends of the thread are fixed at the vertices of the triangles, and the yarn is wound between them. Cut off the sides, and tie the threads. A simple rectangle is used to make the tassel pom-pom.

how to make pom poms out of yarn

How to make yarn pompoms quickly:

  • along the length of the rectangle, put the thread to tie the crown of the tassel;
  • wind the threads in the middle of the rectangle (this is the base of the pom-pom);
  • tie the top of the head with a thread;
  • remove the winding, step back a centimeter, pull the brush with a thread;
  • at the long edge of the winding, cut the middle, adjust the ends.

These tassels are used to make ritual dolls.

Colorful pom-poms

To create fruits, berries or animal faces, you will need a cardboard horseshoe blank. Winding goes with different threads in the center of the template. If you need to get long threads, then pencils are superimposed, which are wrapped around the pattern. Then pull the yarn and cut. By trimming the pom-pom, any shape is obtained.

how to make small pom poms out of yarn

Let's consider one example of how to make pompoms out of yarn quickly (photo of berries with fruits). Wind the red yarn, make some white stripes. Cover with red winding on top, wind green yarn at one edge. Pull off the wound pompom, cut the sides, adjust the shape of the strawberry. At the same time, the greens are longer than the red yarn. In the same way you can dokiwi, pomegranate, watermelon, pineapple, orange.

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