Poker set. The value of the combination and photo
Poker set. The value of the combination and photo

Those players who already have some experience in Texas Hold'em know what a set is and know how to behave in the game with such a hand. But for beginners, just mastering the game, this concept is still vague. We will try to give a complete description of the nuances regarding the set; Let's explain the concept of "set in poker". Breaking into the game, a beginner must know the basic statistical probabilities in order to somehow plan their actions. So what is a set?

What is a set in poker

Let's get it right. A poker set or trips are alternative names for a combination such as a three of a kind. That is, if a player has collected 3 cards of the same value, he already agrees to usually participate in the bank draw.

The rest of the cards don't matter. But sometimes these "extra" single cards decide the fate of the game. They can play the role of kickers.

Difference between trips and sets

In Texas hold'em, the deal (or hand) called three of a kind is divided into 2 concepts: set and trips. It's like two twins, each with its own "character". Essentially, both are the same trio, but the difference lies inhow the combination is assembled.

The first way to get is called a set - a combination of 3 cards, 2 of which were already in the player's hands. These cards are called pocket cards. The third card is revealed on the general table.

set in poker. Photo

The second way to get a three of a kind - 1 pocket card, and 2 pair cards, respectively, are opened for everyone. Such a three of a kind is considered trips in professional Texas poker.

Let's take an example of a 4-person hold'em game. According to the rules, 2 cards are hole cards and 5 cards are on the flop. Turn and river are not considered yet.

Set in poker

What will happen if there is, for example, such a poker situation? A poker set is clearly visible here. The photo will help to present in full all the information that has developed on the flop. In this situation, player number 1 has a set of 3 jacks. When you open pocket cards, you will find a set, a poker combination that in this game brought the pot to this particular player. Although player 3 has a higher pair.

Set benefits

Recall that the three of a kind is higher in value than 1 pair or 2 pairs, and this layout is already considered winning. Even if a player has made such a set in poker as 3 deuces, he has a chance for further competition. But which is stronger: a set or trips? To answer this question, we start from statistics. The chance of hitting a set is 10.78%; and collect thrips - only 1, 35%. That is, a set is a more likely combination, and because of this, a player with two cards in his hand is already stronger. Buying a set on the flop - the probability of this, of course, is higher - 12%.

Another nuance is the possible competition in seniority of thrips. After the showdown, it may turn out that there are 2 triplets, since 1 card is common. But the set in this regard is stronger. When a set is made in poker with only one card from the flop, the player can feel confident. He is no longer with the lowest hand, but with an average one.

same set in poker

Some players, having collected a set, fold on the flop, fearing that one of the players was able to collect a full house or a straight. But the probability of a straight is low - 1.3%, and to collect a full house of 7 cards - the probability is completely miserable. With a pair on the table - 0.74%, and if a 3 falls on the table - 0.25%.

How to behave after collecting a set

Should I be careful or more aggressive when I've already made a set? Poker is interesting in that it is absolutely impossible to predict who has what cards. And each player chooses a game strategy for himself, only based on his own two cards and his experience. Quite often, players are faced with a set layout. A poker combination that has developed in poker does not guarantee anything. We can only predict the probability of an event, but not the event itself.

On the preflop, the first conclusions about the opponents' cards are made. This can be seen based on their reactions and bets. You should not overestimate your own rate ahead of time. The flop decides everything. It is best to make the main decision on the flop regarding further play. What to do with a set in hand?

Raising only makes sense when holding a big set, starting with a queen. And if the set is small, it is enough just to support the bet, that israise.

Let's see what are the chances of getting a full house combination at different stages of the game that will beat trips if the opponent already has a set:

  • only 13% chance on the turn;

  • on the river - 30%.
Set in poker. senior card

When you see that there are 3 cards of the same suit on the flop or even a weak three of a kind, then this situation is threatening for your combination.

But when the flop is rather weak off-suit and “off-gauge” cards, you can take risks and raise the bet a little. If you play on the turn, then your chances are noticeably reduced. On the turn, the chances are increased that one of the opponents will collect the best combination, for example, a straight.

Opponent's set

To calculate the set from the opponent, you need to be attentive to his behavior during the preflop and especially the flop. If he actively raises on the flop when there are 3 completely different cards on the table, and not very large ones, it is likely that he has hit the 3rd card for a set. This is especially noticeable when he hesitates for a long time with a preflop bet.

Set. Poker. Combination

Thrips is not so noticeable, and they are still less happy about it. Since you need good big kickers to win with a combination of trips.

Role of kickers

Cards that are not able to create any combination, but decide the course of the game in disputable situations, are called kickers. If you decide to play with a bad three of a kind, then it is better to have good kickers in reserve - a king or an ace.

When 2 players collectthe same set in poker, the higher card of the two then determines the winner. If a situation arises when two players have the same set in poker, and the kickers are also equal, then the pot is divided into two participants. But this almost never happens in practice.

If you have trips in your hands and you open on the flop, then the probability of winning on the kicker is 30 to 70. Each player must take these probabilities into account, and the decision must be made quickly.

Should you bluff with a three of a kind and a weak kicker? Bluffing is fine if there are 3 people in the game. When the number of players is greater, any of them may have stronger cards. And here the bluff is powerless.

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