Knitted boleros are an important element of the wardrobe
Knitted boleros are an important element of the wardrobe

Recently, knitted boleros have gained particular popularity. These products can be of the most diverse colors and sizes, but at the same time they always emphasize the image of a girl or woman. You can link them in a variety of ways. Everything will depend on which technique you prefer.

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Crochet products look especially beautiful. They differ in filigree and originality. Most often they are made on the eve of the summer season or visiting a holiday. In the latter case, even very thin yarn with the addition of Lurex is purchased. Often, such knitted boleros can become the main decoration of a festive outfit. You can wear it with a simple straight dress. This will give the image a special sophistication and emphasize the style. Many brides, planning their celebration, order similar products for themselves, which are in harmony with the wedding dress, warming and making the image complete.

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If there are no special requirements for clothing, many women dress inknitted bolero going to work. Such a product can seriously compete with a business suit, especially if it is made with high quality, fits perfectly in size and has long sleeves.

You can knit these products from a wide variety of yarns. If it is intended for cold weather, then thicker threads should be preferred. They will allow you to create a voluminous warm product that will pleasantly warm your back on a cool evening. For summer, of course, it is better to choose thinner threads. Of course, knitting in this case will take longer. But the resulting product will amaze everyone around with its airiness. Especially if you have chosen a hook as a working tool. With it, you can easily create an openwork model that will be in harmony with your summer wardrobe.

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If we talk about styles, then knitted boleros can be different. If you are a beginner needlewoman, then you can easily make a model consisting exclusively of sleeves. To do this, you will need to knit a rectangle, the length of which will be equal to two desired sleeve lengths and back width. The width should be greater than the circumference of the arm in the widest part. Having connected such a rectangle in any convenient way, it will be necessary to sew it on both sides (to get sleeves). The unstitched part can be tied in any convenient way.

Experienced needlewomen can pay attention to more complex models. In this case, bolero knitting patterns will certainly help to cope with the task. Particularly elegantmodels made with the formation of an armhole look. They are perfect for business suits and evening dresses.

You can choose the right product by studying the relevant resources on the Web or magazines that traditionally publish not only an image, but a detailed description of it.

Now you know a lot about how to choose and create knitted boleros! Photos and diagrams will help you in this process! Good luck! Compliments and admiring glances guaranteed!

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