How and which lens to choose
How and which lens to choose

Once a beginner photographer has more or less learned how to use a camera, he begins to want something more. To improve the quality of his work and further development, he will probably decide to acquire new optics. And immediately the photographer faces the dilemma of which lens is better. The market is full of a variety of models in a variety of price ranges, but how do you decide what exactly you need?

which lens to choose for canon

First of all, you have to decide what exactly you want to shoot. This is really important, since most professional lenses are strong in some technical areas, but are not suitable for all purposes. Therefore, before deciding which lens to choose, decide for yourself what you want from it.

Suppose you want to shoot macro subjects. This requires optics that can magnify the subject many times, while creating a beautiful blurred background. And this is already an important step in determining which lens to choose. For Nikon, the NIKON AF-S 105 mm f / 2, 8 model is suitable, which, due to its high light sensitivity, can create sharp andhigh-quality images of small objects. If you are interested in which lens to choose for Canon, then the Canon EF 24-105mm f / 1, 4 will be an analogue, which has approximately the same parameters, but is not a fix.

which lens to choose

When choosing a lens, consider its aperture. This is the most important optical index, and it has the biggest impact on image quality. If possible, try to choose a faster lens, regardless of your goals. It can help you out more than once in an unforeseen situation, plus it gives a small bonus in the form of a beautiful bokeh (blur pattern).

When deciding which lens to choose, pay attention to the focal length. Lenses smaller than 50mm are considered wide angle lenses. Moreover, the smaller the focal length, the stronger the distortion (distortion of horizontal lines). Such models are used for shooting landscapes, panoramas, interiors.

50mm to 80mm models are good for portraits. If you're planning to shoot in a small space, a 50mm lens is more suitable for you. If you have the opportunity to move away from the model for a long distance, you can also choose an 80 mm lens, which gives a more beautiful blur.

which lens to choose for nikon

If you do not know which lens to choose for reportage shooting, you should consider models with a focal length of 100-200 mm. They are also suitable for macro objects due to the possibility of multiple magnification.

There are lenses withmanual and auto focus. If you have already had to deal with photography, you had to decide which one is more convenient for you. A beginner can be advised to use optics, where there are both types of focusing.

Another of the technical parameters that will help you decide which lens to choose is the presence of an image stabilizer. It is designed to smooth and soften camera shake. Especially useful in long focal length lenses. And also never be superfluous if you shoot without a tripod.

After reviewing these parameters, you can start choosing a lens.

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