World Photography Day: description, history and interesting facts
World Photography Day: description, history and interesting facts

Art is a rather ancient concept and has many different branches. One relatively young art form is photography (as we know it).

Camera Obscura Features

The very word "photography" appeared before our era and probably had a Greek origin. "Photo" is translated from Greek as "light", and "grafo" - "I write". So the name itself already explains the essence of the process of photographing - drawing with light, obtaining an image on a light-sensitive material.

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For example, Aristotle already in the 4th century BC. e. was well aware of the possibilities of the dark room, the so-called camera obscura. The whole point of this feature is that when light enters the room through a small hole outside, it leaves a light image of existing objects on the wall, but in a reduced size and inverted form.

Some time later, this principle was described by Leonardo da Vinci in several works.

Prototyping photography

Such a phenomenon as photography appeared in our lives not so long ago, less than 200 years ago. Despitethat the prerequisites for its invention arose at the dawn of the current millennium, they were crowned with final success only in 1826.

A certain Frenchman named Joseph Niepce, through long experiments, nevertheless managed to capture an image using a camera obscura on a thin plate of tin covered with a layer of asph alt.

This photo has survived to our times and is called ''View from the window''. It is noteworthy that the image was embossed, which made it possible to copy it. In 1840 they began to take black and white photographs on paper.

Color photography and modern digital technology

Already in 1861, they managed to take the first color photograph using three cameras with color filters installed in them in red, green and blue hues.

For almost the entire 20th century, people used film cameras, developing the negatives themselves in a dark room or taking the film to specialized departments. And then a few days of looking forward to the results.

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In today's world, the vast majority use digital cameras or smartphones.

Digital photography first appeared a little over 30 years ago. But the first full-fledged digital camera was released in 1990 by the American company Kodak.

How World Photography Day came about

Photography is a unique phenomenon, without which no significant event, trip or vacation can do. Often people try to capture every moment of their lives, stagesgrowing up children, the faces of their relatives and friends, beloved pets. With the help of a printed image on paper, you can tell your friends about your surroundings.

It is no surprise that an official celebration dedicated to the aforementioned phenomenon was invented - World Photography Day. It is celebrated on August 19, and it is celebrated not only by professionals, but simply by amateurs, as well as by all those who are not indifferent to this type of art.

World Photography Day was established not so long ago, in 2009, with the light hand of Korske Ara, a well-known Australian-born photographer in certain circles. The date of the celebration - August 19 - was not chosen by chance.

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On this day in 1839, the general public first became acquainted with the method of obtaining a photographic print - the daguerreotype. The credit for this method belongs to Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, a French artist, chemist and inventor. Later, the French government bought Daguerre's rights to the invention and proclaimed it a ''gift to the world''.

Daguerreotype made it possible to capture an image on a metal plate and was, in fact, the forerunner of a full-fledged photograph. Daguerre perfected NiƩpce's way of extracting an image print.

Features of the holiday

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World Photography Day is an event for all those who love to take pictures, for those who do not mind being a model. Of course, a holiday of this nature with the participation of a hugethe amount of creative people just can't be boring. This is always a bright event, where an atmosphere of lightness, fun, ease and positive reigns.

How is World Photography Day celebrated? Its scenario includes, as a rule, the organization of photo exhibitions by freelance artists, managers or agencies, presentations of professional equipment, interesting flash mobs, as well as great opportunities to take unique and vivid pictures. It is celebrated in all countries of the world, because there are activists and fans of this art in every country, in every city.

The holiday is recommended for everyone who wants to have a good time, get professional photos and make friends with the same interests.

St. Veronica's Day, Patron Saint of Photographers

World Photography Day is celebrated on August 19, but there is another similar event celebrated on July 12. It's St. Veronica's Day, patroness of photography (Photographer's Day).

Legend says that during the procession of Jesus Christ to Mount Calvary, where the execution was to take place, many people accompanied him. Among the common people was a girl named Veronica. When Jesus fell, tired of carrying a huge cross, Veronica, filled with pity for the Savior, gave him a drink of water and wiped the sweat from her long-suffering face with a handkerchief. When the girl returned home, she found that the image of the face of Christ was left on the scarf.

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The first mention of Saint Veronica dates back to the 4th century, and since then she has gained more and more popularity.In the Middle Ages, almost every major church had an icon with its image in its arsenal. Now she can safely be called one of the most beloved folk saints.

Photographer's Day in Russia

Photographer's Day has recently been celebrated in Russia. And on this day, photo exhibitions are also organized, various contests and master classes are held.

On World Photography Day, the Internet project was launched. A year later, a large online gallery appeared on this resource, where masters from all over the world got the opportunity to share their works.

This is such an interesting holiday - World Photography Day! Congratulations on August 19 are waiting for all professionals and amateurs to "create with chiaroscuro".

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