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History of checkers: origin, types and description, interesting facts
History of checkers: origin, types and description, interesting facts

Checkers is an entertainment designed for two people who, by moving their pieces on the field, try to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. Thanks to the spirit of competition, the game does not lose its relevance for both adults and children. Many parents offer such a pastime even to preschoolers, which has a positive effect on the mental development and logical thinking of the child. Also relevant are the games of parents with children, for example, in a quiet family evening. This kind of relaxing holiday helps bring generations closer together and increases a child's curiosity.

This is how we know checkers today. But what is the history of checkers? What was this game like before and how exactly was it played?

The history of checkers is interesting. Many adults know her. The article will tell about the tricks of the game and the history of checkers. For children and their parents who are just delving into the rules, it can also become educational. Let's talk in more detail about the main points of the game.

How to explain the game of chess to a child

History of checkers for preschoolers

So, two popular games that everyone has heard of, butsome even played. Checkers and chess, whose history of origin is very ambiguous, appeared quite a long time ago. Let's take a closer look at them.

Let's start with checkers. The history of the origin of this game originates in ancient Egypt. It is he who is considered the true birthplace of this entertainment. It was believed that it was checkers that were one of the most favorite pastimes of the pharaohs, since images of checkers were found in the pyramids of the dead. Apparently, the Egyptian rulers loved this sport so much (which at that time did not apply to competitive events) that they wanted to do it even after their own death.

It is also impossible not to mention that during the wars, when there was nothing left to do but stay locked up, prisoners tried to pass the time by playing checkers. The convenience was that it was possible to build a playing field from improvised means on absolutely any surface.

One of the stories of their origin, the most popular in the 20th century, says that the game itself originated in Russia. It is believed that the history of Russian drafts originates in Russia. In our country, the game is associated with Prince Monomakh. However, it is impossible not to mention that even before the reign of the prince there were references to chess. So the version is rather dubious.

Nevertheless, one cannot fail to say that this popular game has always been found in almost every corner of the earth, be it Europe, Asia or even Africa. Everywhere people tried to have fun by learning this kind of concentration of thoughts and serious thinking.

Secrets in checkers


Every culture plays this game differently. There are many options. There are Russian, different European and Asian species. And they all differ in scheme and variations of moves.

Let's take a look at some of them.

For example, we all know Russian drafts. They represent a field where the chips of two players are collected. One by one, the participants begin to walk. The task of the game is to "eat" all the opponent's chips, ahead of him. There are also additional functions, the rebirth of a checker into a king. Having reached the end of the opponent's field, the chip becomes her. Kings get more advantages and can "eat" opponent's chips twice as fast.

The Chinese type of checkers differs from the Russian one in the first place by the fact that there can be more players than in Russian ones. The field itself is represented as a star. In this case, you do not need to beat the chips. Objective: Be the first to change into a star shape on the opponent's field. If you think that it is very simple, then you are mistaken. Every game has its pitfalls that make it difficult to win easily.

The Brazilian kind of game is similar to Russian. The differences are that the players occupy the positions of black cells. The white pieces move first. Then the action takes place in turn. Task: to be the first to beat all the checkers of the opponent. Kings are best played in this form, they try to save them and do it as much as possible and faster than their opponent.

Where did checkers come from?

Secret moves and strategies of the game

In order to win any game, you need to think in advanceevery step and responses of the opponent. Then the win will definitely be guaranteed. So it is in chess. There are some tricks and combinations to win.

A few top life hacks

From ancient times came the rule of building a row of chips, surrounding the opponent. Thus, even if he "eats" you, you will have something to fight him off.

Another subtlety of the game - do not hit in vain. There are players who prefer to hit blindly in order to pick up all the chips faster. You should not do this, as the opponent can take your chips immediately after you did it. There is no point in sacrificing them if there are no more left.

Always keep an eye on all your checkers. After all, you may not even notice how your opponent looks at them. Don't play with only kings, because you can lose a lot more.

Tricks used in the game

Try to think at least one step faster than your opponent. Let the strategy be not for the long term, but you will think ahead, which will undoubtedly become your advantage.

Before the game, set yourself a specific goal. Maybe you want to make yourself more kings or, on the contrary, act with ordinary chips on the way to victory. It is important to understand this right away in order to avoid losing.

Interesting facts

As for history, we advise you to familiarize yourself with a number of interesting facts about the history of checkers.

The first book about the game was written in the 16th century. It was there that strategies and chances of winning in one case or another could be observed. People could read the book andlearn to win against opponents thanks to competent game management. It boosted their intelligence and improved their mood.

During the Middle Ages, when the religious worldview was especially relevant and the life of a person was determined by the church, there was no fixed ban on this game, despite the fact that other games were considered prohibited.

Also in the Middle Ages, it was believed that all warriors were required to master this game. They had to not just be able to play, but be able to win. A warrior who was successful in checkers was almost always successful in military affairs, as well as in relationships. This strange relationship contradicts a modern quote:

Unlucky in love, lucky in roulette.

There are in our time and international competitions in this sport. They take place in Bulgaria and are considered one of the most interesting types of intellectual wrestling.

In history there were such competitions with speed rules. Participants had to think as quickly as possible, walk, ahead of the opponent's actions.

Now everywhere in our country there are numerous interest clubs, for example, there are establishments where checkers are also popular. Representatives of such communities gather in different places and train in order to participate and compete with other similar clubs.

The most similar game to checkers is chess. Some children confuse these names. That is why it is necessary to understand the difference between these games in order to distinguish them in the future.

How is chess different from checkers?

Historydevelopment of chess

Chess is also quite an ancient game. The history of the development of checkers and chess is absolutely opposite. India is still considered the birthplace of chess, although many sources are ready to dispute this version all the time. It is believed that the raja, who defeated everyone, became bored, and no one could help him. Then an ordinary peasant showed him this occupation.

The difference in the games is that in checkers the pieces on the board must move only diagonally and nothing else. In chess, pieces can only move forward and only one square. Also, the rules for "eating" the opponent's pieces are slightly different.

Types of chess

There are about thirty different types of this game. Like checkers, they are divided into Russian, Japanese, etc. And all have their own rules, board shapes and much more.

The classic Russian look suggests a square field. The goal of the game is to defeat the king by putting him under attack. Players take turns moving forward one square (except for the knight, which moves in a "G"). In the course of the game, much more time is spent on thinking about a move than on actions.

The Chinese view suggests a rectangular field, in the middle of which there is a certain river, which not everyone can cross. Of course, the names of play figures and the starting arsenal are much different.

Also, in addition to the above, there is also chess, the shapes of the fields of which will surprise the Russian people. These are round, and cylindrical, and many others.

Tricks in chess

Game strategies

As mentioned earlier, chess is much more difficult. Due to the slow progress on a large board, the game can stretch out in time for several hours, while in checkers the maximum time for one game is up to half an hour.

Just like in checkers, there is a possibility to surround the enemy with several of his soldiers, but only in such a way that he would not be able to touch them at all. It is very difficult, but as practice shows, it is not impossible.

Next option: block the move. The point is to completely immobilize the opponent. This technique is often used when attacking a rook. This method allows you to completely surround the opponent's queen, which can already indicate a win.

Next: anticipating the opponent's move. If you are a beginner, this will not be easy. But if you have been playing for a long time, then this life hack is definitely for you. This will allow you not only to surround the opponent, but also to save your soldiers. With this move, you can show your opponent not only a competent game, but also your intellectual abilities.

How to play chess

Interesting facts

Chess is played in many different ways these days.

One example is with eyes closed. It's hard to understand, but it's there. People blindfold themselves and still win!

Hours during the game are needed to relieve fatigue. Since the game involves a duration, there were people who simply fell asleep during the game. For this, they came up with such an unusual tool.

The possibilities are endless.It has been scientifically proven that after several moves, opponents are presented with countless different options that can hardly be counted.

How to win at chess

Games now

Currently, chess and checkers are very popular. They are loved by people of all ages and nationalities. They are known all over the world. And everywhere the players have created for themselves a special kind of field at their discretion. Whether it's a square version with a rook or stars in the form of chips. Even the rules and goals of the game are very different from each other.

Experiment, play and, of course, win.

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