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Piglet bunny pattern: how to sew a soft toy with your own hands
Piglet bunny pattern: how to sew a soft toy with your own hands

Cute and funny bunny with long ears and a timid face is very popular with girls of any age. Each needlewoman can make such a toy according to the Piglet bunny pattern, and without leaving home. The fluffy animal will be a great gift for a child, an Easter decoration or a small cozy attribute of the house.

Funny Bunny

With the help of a piglet bunny pattern, it is not difficult to make a toy with your own hands. The main thing is to decide on the size, material, arm yourself with the necessary fabric and get down to business.

A life-size Piglet bunny pattern will allow you to sew a large toy that will certainly delight kids. In the process of making a fur bunny, use your imagination and skill. Bunny can be big or small, made of fur and other fabrics, with or without clothes.

Easter guest

In some European countries, rabbits are considered a must-have accessory when decorating a home or festive table for Easter. Charming tradition can be brought into every homeand seat a nice guest at the Easter table.

easter bunny

The following materials are needed for sewing an Easter bunny:

  • Piglet bunny pattern;
  • pieces of fur;
  • filler;
  • non-woven;
  • needle, thread, scissors;
  • "eyes" or buttons for the eyes;
  • blush;
  • pieces of fabric for a bunny wardrobe.

Working algorithm:

  1. Before starting work, we take the Piglet bunny pattern and carefully transfer it to the fur fabric. It is necessary to cut out the details, leaving allowances for the seams.
  2. Turn inside out, sew all the details, fill with filler and sew with a blind seam.
  3. Cut out ears from non-woven fabric. We apply them on the same type of fur elements with the adhesive side down. Iron long "ears" through a damp cloth. Filler is not needed: they should hang down. To give the ears an interesting shape, fold the part from the non-woven side of one ear in half and sew with stitches.
  4. The muzzle, sewn according to the pattern of the Piglet bunny, should be sweet and meek. Sew on buttons instead of eyes.
  5. Sew a blouse for a bunny from multi-colored patches. It will be smart and festive.
hare pattern

With a bow around the neck

A life-sized Piglet bunny pattern will allow you to sew a large toy. She will definitely make the kids happy. Among the cute toys created according to the pattern of the Piglet Bunny, there are several interesting creations:

  • Easter Bunny.
  • Simple withbow.

For sewing the second option, the following materials are needed:

  • Piglet bunny pattern;
  • bright fabric for torso and inside of ears;
  • plain fabric such as fleece;
  • eye beads,
  • thread, scissors, needle;
  • sewing machine.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Let's transfer the pattern to the wrong side of the fleece: 2 parts of the ears, 4 paws, 1 muzzle, 1 tail. Transfer other details to the colored fabric: 2 parts of the body, 2 parts of the ears.
  2. Carefully stitch all the details on a typewriter or sew by hand. First, let's deal with the torso of colored fabric. Cut out the details, sew, fill with filler. We sew parts of the paws, seal them, sew them to the body. We sew the details of the ears so that the lower parts are made of colored material. We connect the parts of the head, fill with a sealant. Fasten the ears.
  3. We make out a muzzle: we sew eyes from beads. From a red bead - a nose.
  4. We connect the head with the body with a hidden seam. We will hang a scarf around the bunny's neck, which will hide the junction.
  5. hare pattern

Among soft toys there will be a new "settler", a funny animal sewn according to the pattern of Piglet bunny.

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