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Remake: Jeans bag. Jeans bag pattern
Remake: Jeans bag. Jeans bag pattern

Today, in almost every home you can find 3-4, and more often even more pairs of denim trousers or other denim clothes that have worn out or become small for its inhabitants. Often we are talking about favorite things that are difficult to part with, so an article that tells how to sew a bag from jeans with your own hands (patterns are attached) will be of interest to many.

Option 1

If you have minimal sewing skills, you can easily make an original bag with a handle from a bright multi-colored scarf. For this, any trousers that have belt loops are suitable, preferably large, otherwise the product may turn out to be too petite.

The pattern of a jeans bag for such a model is presented below. Required:

  • Cut off the top of the trousers 3-4cm below where the zipper begins.
  • Slightly round the cuts in the area of ​​the side seams, stepping back from the edge by 3 cm.
  • Twist a bright scarf or shawl.
  • Cut fromone of the legs has two identical parts in the form of an elongated oval, the length of which should be 29 cm and the width 18 cm.
  • Sew one of these pieces to the bottom of the bag. Gather the edge of the top of the trousers first. As a result of these operations, the seams should be on the outside.
  • Sweep the second oval along the cut. Put on the first. Sew so that all the raw edges of the fabric are enclosed between two oval parts and a clear and neat outer stitch is visible, with an indent of 3-5 mm from the edge of the bottom.
  • Thread the tourniquet through the loops and tie in a knot.
jeans bag pattern

Option 2

Such a small but bright accessory for a young fashionista will turn out both from large trousers and from a denim skirt. You don't even need a pattern for a bag of jeans with a flower. It is enough to cut off one rectangular piece from both legs. In this case, the side seams do not need to be touched, and the internal ones should be torn open. Then you need:

  • connect two parts together to make a large ring;
  • fold in half so that the edges are the outer seams;
  • connect the resulting rectangle on the sides;
  • cut two stripes from bright fabric;
  • fold each lengthwise and stitch to make bag handles;
  • cut another strip of the same fabric twice the width of the bag and 6-7cm wide;
  • sew along the top edge of the product, hiding the edge of the handles under it;
  • make a flower from a fabric of the right color and attach it on a pin.
jeans bags patterns

Option 3: what you need

Do-it-yourself bags from old jeans (patterns can be both simple and very complex) are especially beautiful if you use several colors of denim.

For example, magnificent products can be made using patchwork technique. The pattern of a jeans bag with a flap decorated with such an ornament is quite simple, which cannot be said about the work on the decor, which will require a lot of patience and time.

You will also need:

  • flaps from 2 pairs of jeans in contrasting colors;
  • threads with needles;
  • scissors;
  • non-woven;
  • zipper;
  • lining fabric;
  • paper;
  • tracing paper;
  • ruler.
bags from old jeans do-it-yourself patterns

Option 3: valve manufacturing

First, you will need another pattern for a jeans bag, or rather, its valve. It is a copy of the one shown in the photo above, however, it has a width of not 27, but 25 cm, with the same length of 26 cm.


  • measure the inner squares and, taking into account the allowances, cut out 2 strips, from which to sew a two-color square;
  • fix it in the center of the paper base with pins, aligning the lines of the central lines with the same lines in the picture;
  • measure one of the triangles that follows the central square, add seam allowances and cut out the same shape from the fabric of the desired color;
  • pin up,sew, turn, iron and straighten;
  • do the same with the rest of the triangles;
  • after finishing the first row, do the same with the rest of the rows;
  • every detail is ironed;
  • remove paper;
  • fix the patchwork detail on the adhesive non-woven base;
  • make a decorative stitch;
  • customize the valves according to the pattern;
  • sew on a solid edging;
  • cut out denim lining;
  • impose her detail with decor;
  • sew.
sew a bag from jeans with your own hands patterns

Option 3: prepare other ingredients

Next, you need a pattern for a bag of jeans (photo posted above), according to which you need to cut 4 parts from denim and lining fabric. On one of them (this will be the back) you can make a pocket. Then:

  • prepare a handle for a bag 1 m 20 cm long and a strap (11 cm) on which the buckle will be fixed (the width of both parts in finished form is 2 cm);
  • make denim inserts by cutting 6 x 6 cm squares and folding them in half;
  • sew in a handle and strap;
  • turn to a special workshop, where the necessary metal fittings (rivets, buckles, eyelets and other metal parts) are fixed on the parts.
jeans bag pattern photo


The final stage of sewing a jeans bag (patterns and photos are presented above) begins with overlapping the front sides of denim parts on top ofwith no pockets.

After this:

  • transfer the line of the inseam from the pattern to the fabric;
  • stretch;
  • take the detail of the back of the bag and measure 3 cm from the top;
  • draw a line;
  • apply a ready-made valve to it;
  • stepping back from the edge of the valve 0.3 cm, attach;
  • pin the crossbars for handles at a distance of 3 cm from the top edge of the back of the bag;
  • apply the same "back" to the lower panel of the central part;
  • sew them together (for convenience, we tuck its edge and pin it with pins);
  • turn inside out, making notches in the corners;
  • pin the edge of the back finished half;
  • put the front of the bag on it;
  • we sew;
  • cut corners;
  • turning out.

To make the lining, fold 2 cut pieces face to face and sew around the perimeter. Do the same with 2 other parts.

It turns out 2 bags. The entrance to each of them is tucked 1 cm and basted. Next:

  • take a zipper, apply to the entrance to the bag;
  • add 5-6 cm;
  • cut off;
  • at the top of the bag from 2 sides of the side seams measure 1.5 cm to the center;
  • make a mark;
  • pin the zipper;
  • sew;
  • tuck 0.7-0.8 cm inside the edges of both sections of the denim bag;
  • basting;
  • take lining bags;
  • invest in each section of the bag;
  • basting;
  • do byfront side of each department stitching.
patchwork bag

Now you know how to sew a bag out of jeans with your own hands. The patterns presented in this article will make your task easier and allow you to create original accessories for your wardrobe.

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