Kanzashi flower - popular needlework
Kanzashi flower - popular needlework

Kanzashi flower today is known to almost all needlewomen. Products in this technique are now more popular than ever. What are these flowers? What materials are used to make them?

kanzashi flower

For real kanzashi tsumami, only natural silk is used, but pieces of any kind of fabric are allowed on it. They mainly use satin ribbons, crepe satin, organza and nylon. Crepe satin has a wide range of colors, and therefore finding the right shade is not difficult. The squares are cut to the right size, so there is no problem with petals of different sizes and the same color.

kanzashi flower

Crepe satin is soft, round petals will turn out more tender, it is easier for him to give any shape. This material is not particularly suitable for sharp petals; the workpiece will have to be ironed when folding. But it all depends on the desired shape of the product. Another disadvantage is that crepe satin turns black when singeing, there will be problems with light shades, so if you decide to make a kanzashi flower in a light shade, then this material is better not to use.

Organza does not change its shape when meltedcolor and melts well. But it frays and is easily deformed, such a fabric must be handled very carefully. Kapron, like organza, melts perfectly. However, there is one difference: it practically does not deform and does not crumble. It is simple and easy to work with it, but it is quite hard, round-shaped capron petals will look somehow awkward, the kanzashi flower will turn out to be unsightly. But for products with sharp edges, it will be great.

kanzashi color schemes

Satin ribbon is scorched well, practically does not deform, cut into squares very easily. Softer than nylon, but harder than crepe satin. It is often used by craftswomen to make a flower using the kanzashi technique. The difficulty will be only finding the desired shade, especially the same color and different widths.

To start making a kanzashi flower, experts advise with a satin ribbon 5 cm wide. Depending on the width of the ribbon, the size of the petal is determined, and the larger it is, the easier it will be to work with it. Of course, you can use any other fabric, but the main thing is that it should not be very crumbly. Additions - accessories, beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins - are added to taste.

It is necessary to stock up on a needle and thread, scissors, tweezers (you need long tweezers with an extended pressure area at the tips). A medical one is suitable - it is purchased at a pharmacy, a sewing one - in needlework stores. A pen, tailor's pencil or bar of soap and a ruler are needed for marking on fabric. A candle for firing edges, glue and pins, and, of course, diagramskanzashi flowers. Before you begin, prepare all the necessary supplies.

To make an original and beautiful kanzashi flower, rice glue is used. It is not difficult to prepare it, but it will take a very long time to dry, and besides, it would be nice to have a little skill in handling such glue. When working, maximum accuracy and perfection of movements are required, only then the kanzashi flower will acquire the desired shape.

You can use hairspray to stiffen the product. Over time, the rigidity goes away, but for fixing the shape during the assembly process, this tool will be a great helper. When using varnish, it's best to test it on a loose piece of fabric first, as some materials may change color. When melted, natural fabrics burn, but do not melt at all. When using a candle, it is better to scorch the fabric where the flame is orange, that is, closer to the base, but in any case it all depends on the choice of fabric.

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