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Do-it-yourself photobook: beautiful design of unforgettable moments of life
Do-it-yourself photobook: beautiful design of unforgettable moments of life

The first photobooks appeared in Europe and quickly became popular and in demand. With an original design, specially glued large-format shots together are a great way to decorate.

do-it-yourself photobook

Photobook is the best place for photos

With the help of a photobook, you can beautifully and originally arrange digital pictures. This will help organize a large number of photos and capture the happy moments of life on colorful pages. There are many reasons for such a creative impulse: a wedding, a trip, the birth of a baby, a prom, a night out and much more.

You can capture in an interesting way the history of the family, thematic photo session, the achievements and successes of the child, beautifully arrange a variety of creative works or drawings. A handmade photo book is also a great gift for friends or relatives.

Having decided on the theme, it is worth thinking about the design and design, as well as the size and format. The book can be ordered from professionals, or you can make it yourself, do this lessonexciting hobby or even turn into a profitable business.

how to make a photobook with your own hands

Photo album and photo book: which is better?

Probably, there is nothing simpler than a standard album: you just need to print out photos and insert them into transparent pockets. Easy and boring. Another thing is a photo book, which can be arranged in any way, choose colors and backgrounds, frames and interesting patterns, the number and size of pictures. Holding it in your hands is much more pleasant than flipping through an ordinary album or looking at photos on a computer monitor.

It is very easy to make a photo book with your own hands, and it is not only exciting, but also profitable. You can even save on printing services and glue the book yourself, after mounting it on your computer. The layout of the book can be created using special computer programs and editors that make the process more interesting and easier. Standard photo albums are slowly fading away, giving way to more interesting ways to decorate memorable moments of life.

do-it-yourself photobook master class

Original album-book: where to start?

How to make a photobook with your own hands? Yes, very simple. First you need to stock up on the electronic version of the photos. In the computer of a modern person, there are at least several thousand of them, or even more - there are plenty to choose from. In another option, you can scan the pictures of interest or arrange a new photo session. Interesting options are obtained in any case. The only negative: after scanning, the image quality may deteriorate. But atusing modern cameras with quality issues should not arise.

Followed by choosing a topic and searching for a program on the Internet. A do-it-yourself photobook still involves the use of editors. Such programs offer the layout of future pages on which the pictures are superimposed. The user himself chooses the size and number of photos, as well as pictures, frames and backgrounds. It is possible to take notes or print the whole story in different fonts.

do-it-yourself photobook

"Photoshop" to help you

How to make a photobook with your own hands? There are a huge number of websites and programs offering assistance in creating and printing. The process of working with the simplest of them is to drag and drop photos into the editor, select the background and design frames. The famous photo editor Photoshop is an excellent program for editing digital photos, as well as creating all kinds of collages and photo books. However, some knowledge, skills and abilities when working with this editor are worth acquiring. However, any skill comes with experience.

do-it-yourself photobook program

How else is a do-it-yourself photobook made? Luma Pix Foto Fusion is also useful and easy to use. It allows you to create a book from the proposed photos automatically. The editor contains a huge number of colorful ready-made templates, a lot of ways to decorate and transform pictures. The program is mastered quite simply with the help of video tutorials. Photobooks are really colorful and interesting to look at.However, the program requires activation, otherwise the result of creativity will overlap the watermark.

DIY photobook templates

There are also programs that do not require activation. Their download is offered by sites that print photo books. These include Myfotobooks, Fotoboo, Imagebook, Printbook. After creating a virtual album, the program itself sends it for printing. Also there you can find a lot of interesting information on the topic "Photobook with your own hands." A master class in this process inspires creativity.

do-it-yourself photobook

The electronic layout of the photobook is ready. What's next?

When the project is ready, carefully reviewed and checked, it is time to choose the next steps. Option number 1 - sending the book to print and ordering binding with further mailing. Of course, this pleasure is worth a lot, but the result of such work is impressive.

Option number 2 - print the pictures and glue the book yourself, as well as pick up a beautiful soft or hard cover. In this case, it would be best to use self-adhesive paper for printing photos, and buy sets of stickers for decor. Both developments are good, but the photobook, created with soul and strength from start to finish, evokes special feelings, although it involves a laborious process.

do-it-yourself photobook

Tips & Tricks

If your creative choice was a photo book created by your own hands, then before designing it, you should carefully studyfeatures of the selected editor. Almost all of them have the function of creating a collage, choosing a design, cropping, and so on. To make a beautiful background, you can search for images of the scenic area, various natural landscapes.

The cover of the photo book deserves special attention. It usually contains the best and favorite photo from the list. Binding options can be very diverse. On the pages of the book you can place notes and comments on the pictures. So even more interesting will be a photo book with your own hands. Album templates are not limited to helping you beautifully arrange moments in your life. Samples can be used to create a portfolio or catalog to advertise any product.

do-it-yourself photobook

In the modern world, photography has acquired the features of a real art, and thanks to new ways of design, various inserts and effects, it can sparkle with new colors. With the development of digital technologies, with which it is much easier to make compositions from photographs, the interest in simply flipping through live pictures does not disappear, and photo books make this process even more enjoyable.

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