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The best patterns for children's things with knitting needles
The best patterns for children's things with knitting needles

Knitting is one of the most useful and exciting women's home hobbies, especially when there are small children in the family. After all, children's things are quite expensive, and threads and consumables take just nothing. Patterns for children's things with knitting needles are quite light, so even beginner needlewomen will not have problems with knitting. Plus the small sizes won't create a long front of work.

Choosing yarn for the little ones

So, the choice of yarn for children should be given special attention. Firstly, the threads must be made from natural materials, without synthetics or with a small percentage of them (for example, 20% acrylic). It is preferable to choose organic or mercerized cotton, burette silk or linen.

Wool should be used with great care, because it can cause allergies in a child. It is best to give preference to eco-threads, merino or alpaca. They are considered one of the best types of yarn for their high heat-saving properties and are distinguished by amazing strength. Contrary to the common misconception that wool is scratchy and unpleasant to the naked body, merino or alpaca wool is very light and soft.

Actually, any craft store sellsspecial "children's" yarn, consisting of just the above materials with small impurities of acrylic.

patterns for children's things with knitting needles

Preparation for knitting

Any thread before knitting should be washed, especially if the future thing is for children. So, on the one hand, you will disinfect them, on the other hand, they will shrink a little, and you will be able to see the actual size of the bundle.

Before choosing patterns for children's things, the yarn should be placed in warm (not hot) water and add a soapy solution of laundry soap to it, which was previously grated and dissolved in hot water. In this solution, the threads are gently rinsed without twisting or rubbing so that they do not fall off. When the paint and dirt come off, they are immersed in clean warm water and rinsed, changing the water several times. Then they should be dried naturally, and only then get to work.

Now let's look at what children's things with knitting needles or crochet can be knitted without much difficulty on their own.


Perhaps the most necessary and easiest element of a child's dowry to work with is a knitted blanket. It can be used as a blanket in a crib or stroller for a baby, as well as an envelope for discharge from the hospital. Depending on what time of the year it is to be used, either summer cotton yarn or warm woolen winter yarn is chosen.

knitting baby things

Patterns for children's things with knitting needles and crochet, especially for a plaid, can be very diverse, there are no restrictions. originalgentle tones look (light blue, pink, light green, cream and others) with a delicate openwork pattern. For example, leaves, flowers, hearts, diamonds and more. The thinner the knitting pattern, the more interesting the plaid will turn out.

Blouses and bodysuits

Knitting clothes for babies is somewhat more difficult than a flat product, but you can choose simple patterns for knitting children's things - for example, stocking or garter stitch, English elastic. Anyway, the product will be comfortable and original.

patterns for children's things


A mandatory element of a baby's clothing is a cap, and not only in the cold season. A light crochet bonnet is also useful in summer or spring. Patterns for children's clothes can be seen below.


One of the simplest knitted products are woolen socks on stocking needles. The initial row is usually dialed in multiples of four, and for a child's leg, 28 or 32 loops will be enough. Knitted with five needles.

First, 5 rows of the facial loops of the bootleg are cast on, knit the heel with 3 knitting needles with the front stitch, and then the sock is displayed with the loops reduced by 6. A more detailed drawing can be seen in the photo below.

In addition to these products, summer suits are knitted with shorts and a crocheted T-shirt and knitting needles, sandals, mittens for the winter, overalls, booties and even amigurumi toys.

knitting patterns for children's things

Features of children's drawings

In addition to the correct choice of yarn, you need to consider the so-called softness of knitting.Patterns for children's things with knitting needles and crochet should not be knitted too tight and hard so that the child is as comfortable as possible.

Preference is usually given to either an elastic band (front and back surface), which stretches well, does not create discomfort when moving and does not rub, or an openwork pattern.

patterns for children's clothes

Adult patterns for children's knitwear, such as braids, Irish aran, plaits, are more suitable for outerwear - boleros and jumpers.

knitting patterns for children's things

Girlish dresses and sweaters will be decorated with drawings of openwork flowers, butterflies, leaves. Ornaments, vertical paths, zigzags, jacquard patterns are more suitable for boys' clothes. By the way, boyish things look good with any geometric pattern, it is enough to alternate the front and back surfaces. An example of such knitting can be a checkerboard pattern or zigzags.

patterns for children's clothes

Do not forget about the decorations of clothes, which are especially suitable for the little ladies. All kinds of knitted flounces, pompoms, twigs, bumps, ruffles will be a great addition to an openwork dress or tunic. An intricate pattern can be supplemented with buttons, rhinestones and sequins. Such decorative elements complement simple knitting especially well.

In general, for every mother who is on maternity leave, it will be a pleasure to create an original, convenient and useful baby thing with her own hands. And today it is not difficult at all, thanks to many lessons,training workshops and a huge number of patterns and drawings invented by craftswomen.

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