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Antiques is a privilege for the we althy or a profitable investment for everyone?
Antiques is a privilege for the we althy or a profitable investment for everyone?

The concept denoted by the word is quite broad. An antique is an old thing that has a significant value and is an object of collection and trade. This word comes from the Latin antiquus - “old”, “ancient”.

Under this concept, almost any item can be combined, but most often it is furniture, paintings, books, household utensils and household items.

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The difference between antiques and rarities

How old should a thing be for it to be considered antique? This setting varies by country. In most countries, an antique is a thing that is at least sixty years old. And in the US and Canada, this category includes only things made before 1830 and 1847, respectively.

However, it is not enough for a thing to be just old and have a certain age. One of the signs by which they determine that a thing is an antique is a connection with a certain historical era, memorable events, a reflection of the fashion trends of an era, rarity and uniqueness, cultural, artistic and material value.

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Many people confuse the concepts of "antiques" and "rarity". The word "rarity" means rarity, i.e. this is almost a piece item, produced in a small edition, but it can be both old and modern.

Reason for the popularity of vintage items

Today, the possession of antiques is considered prestigious, as these are exclusive things, often existing in a single copy. The possession of such an object gives a certain elitism, belonging not only to the class of we althy people, it is designed to emphasize refined taste. Also, antiques can serve as a link between generations, inspire pride, be a reminder of their ancestors.

Antiques serve as a great interior decoration. Antique items can be of particular value due to a special manufacturing technology that is not used or is lost at the moment.

Buy or sell

Antiques are in great demand on the market. Buying it is not the privilege of exclusively rich people. Buying antiques can be just a whim, a craving for collecting, or an investment of money, a kind of investment. Also, many consider antiques as a business and open their own antiques shop.

The most promising in terms of investment are painting and sculpture. They are followed by such areas as secondhand books (collecting books) and numismatics (collecting coins). The next place in terms of sales is occupied by interior items and furniture, jewelry and

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Own business selling and buying antiques can be quite profitable. In terms of income, this business is in third place after the trade in oil and diamonds. However, it is impossible to give exact amounts, since most of the sales are confidential. This business can be quite risky, as the number of fake antiques on the market reaches 50%. Therefore, first of all, you need to have great knowledge and experience, or enlist the support of a professional. Even a small mistake can bring big financial losses. Also, do not forget about a good reputation and personal connections, as most clients come through referrals.

Collecting is a profitable strategy

A collection of vintage items is valued much more than a single item. Of course, individual things can also be expensive, but this depends on their number in the world. The rarer the item, the higher the price. The most popular antiques for collecting are money: coins and banknotes. In addition, collecting stamps, household items, dishes, toys is common. In the last category, dolls are most often considered collectible antiques. Cars are also gaining popularity among hobbyists. Such a collection takes up little space and looks good in the interior.

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Fashion for collecting antiques

Even in a business like selling antiques, there are fashion trends.They are impossible to predict, and each country has its own national differences. A trend can greatly affect the value of a thing. In the realm of antiques, fashion is more fleeting than anywhere else. Things that were popular yesterday may be of no interest to anyone today, and all investment potential is lost. Today, the most popular are old paintings and weapons. However, there are still famous antiques, the price of which is growing from year to year, and they do not lose their relevance. True, the price tag of such exhibits will not scare away only a very solid investor.

Antiques is a whole world that includes history, art, aesthetic pleasure and some part of the risks. It is not necessary to have a fortune to join the world of antiques. You can start small.

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