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How easy is it to disassemble a metal puzzle?
How easy is it to disassemble a metal puzzle?

Puzzles are an exciting activity for both children and adults. Some take less than 10 minutes to solve the most difficult problem, while others take hours to find the right solution.

What are puzzles?

Metal puzzles are gaining popularity, because they are very difficult to play dishonestly, and even the use of force will not help. They are also attracted by their diversity and unusual forms, which, it would seem, cannot be assembled in any way, and it is not so easy to peep the solution. Another advantage of metal puzzles is the many ways to solve them. But sometimes patience comes to an end, and you want to quickly find out what the solution will be.

Puzzles various

How to disassemble a metal puzzle?

There is no exact rule on how to deal with metal puzzles. But it is believed that if you were able to disassemble and assemble it in its original form, then you solved the problem. More often puzzles consist of two parts, and the result can be obtained by carefully threading one element through the other. It is important to work in good light on a level surface.surface, so that nothing distracts, and the solution of the problem is a pleasure.

Metal ring puzzle

One of the most popular types of metal puzzles is "rings". How to disassemble a metal puzzle with rings? Usually such a game consists of 4 rings. First you need to consider the rings, understanding how they are connected to each other, break them into 2 groups: “with checkmarks” and a slight bend. The checkmark rings must be stacked on top of each other so that the larger one is under the smaller one.

On one of the rings with a bend, you need to find a small notch. This ring must be superimposed on those "with checkmarks". You will determine the correctness of the actions by the existing 3 parallel lines, which will be located on the side opposite to the drawing of the rings. Having obtained the correct composition, on the three rings you need to find a notch line by superimposing the back surface of 4 parts on it so that this line tightly fills the missing space among the 3 previous rings.

Puzzle "rings"


Puzzles are an indispensable and exciting thing that helps develop logic and patience. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

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