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Holiday, evening, family, and for a child… bingo
Holiday, evening, family, and for a child… bingo

It's time for long winter evenings in the family circle. The time of the New Year holidays, gatherings around the festive table and not only. Since this is a vacation period, many parents are interested in the question of what to do with their child, and preferably for the benefit of mental development. This is more relevant than ever in the digital age. It is less and less possible to find a child reading and more and more often - at the monitor of the phone, computer, TV.

It is noteworthy that today's children differ from our contemporaries once upon a time in everything, down to temperament. And this makes it much more difficult to find activities that will captivate the younger generation. Moreover, this issue is relevant with children of different ages.

Let's talk about the little ones

The younger the child, the more receptive he is to learning and everything new. Perhaps that is why British scientists strongly recommend developing children from the womb: putting on classical music, talking, singing and reading - in order to develop mental abilities, activate brain activity. In other words, prepare the child for the arrival inthis world.

Then the parents face the difficult task of introducing the young explorer to the outside world, allowing him to know all its features.

The first years of a baby's life are the most important and eventful. This is an acquaintance with the visual part, tactile sensations, first words, steps.

To help a child discover the full range of feelings, a variety of objects are used.

The market for children's goods is very extensive

It will meet the requirements of any consumer. But there are basic toys that only change over time, without losing their functionality. For example, a lotto game for children.

lotto for kids

When this phrase sounds, the image of wooden barrels, canvas bags and paper cards with coins immediately appears in my head. But creative developers, if psychologists and educators can be called that, who have been inventing interesting ways to entertain children for years, went further and came up with a children's loto. In doing so, they turned the gambling game of the 16th century into an educational activity.

There are many types of lotto for a child

This is a lotto with the image of groups of objects ("Mammals", "Insects", "Animals", "Birds", "Vegetables", "Fruits"), with colored geometric shapes, alphabetic, foreign language, digital. Such a game form helps children to learn and remember new things more easily, which means it better adapts them to later life in society.

children's lotto with the image of animals

The bottom line is this

Each player has a main picture (photoanimals in a zoo cage, a scene from a fairy tale, an underwater world…) and smaller cards, each containing a part of the overall image.

The number of players can be either 2 or 6-8 people. The cards should be shuffled and face down on the table. Alternatively, you can pour them into a bag or a hat. One of the players takes out a card and shows it to those present. The one to whom she fits, takes her to himself. The game continues until one of the players fills up the entire image.

types of lotto

Educational lotto advantage for kids

It is that the game is ideal for group activities, such as kindergarten. But at home, with the family, it will also be interesting to spend time doing this.

Lotto for a child, depending on its variety, will help to establish contact, develop perseverance, logical thinking, horizons, memory, fine motor skills.

The optimal age for playing loto is 3 years old. But you can start earlier, from a year and a half, if the baby expresses interest and imitates you. After all, learning is best given in the form of a game.

But it is not necessary to purchase a loto for a child. Depending on the interests of your baby, you can make it yourself. The process of creating a loto for children with their own hands can also be turned into an instructive game.

There are many topics for homemade lotto

Christmas children's lotto

It could be:

Christmas theme (or any other holiday);

rainbow colors, seasons, clothing items;

works of art, wonders of the world, household items;

transport, professions, wildlife, dinosaurs;

vegetables, fruits

In general, everything that may interest a little connoisseur.

You can even make a lotto with tasks, in which the cards correspond, for example, to trees, and the chips to fruits. For example: a card - an apple tree, chips - a lemon, an apple, a cone, a pineapple, etc. To learn the alphabet, you can select a word for a letter that begins with this letter (for example, "A" - watermelon). For the development of horizons, cut out pictures with cars from magazines and separately icons from their names, and invite the child to identify them on their own. Girls can offer a similar option in the form of dolls from different eras. We sign the year and give out assignments to match the image to each picture with the date.

To the numbers you can pick up pictures with dots, sticks, figures in the appropriate amount. In general, there are a lot of variations.

So we came to the classic conclusion that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Well, or modified. Therefore, even though the age of digital technologies is outside the window, there is always a place for family evenings, creativity, cohesion and mental development. Educate kids in a fun way. Lotto lessons for a child are a great way to gather loved ones on a cozy winter evening.

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