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Idea for "Instagram": create and implement
Idea for "Instagram": create and implement

"Instagram" is not just a fashion trend. This is a whole art that allows you to share important moments, mood, or even earn money. Therefore, it must be treated accordingly. First of all, you need to form an idea for Instagram. Unfortunately, many people think that it is enough to get a smartphone with an acceptable camera and a selfie stick in order to boldly post their photos on the Web. This approach is largely doomed to failure. But what are the ingredients that make your page popular?

idea for instagram

Instagram idea is the key to success

Let's take a closer look at the basic principles of creating a photo for the named social network. Unfortunately, many novice users do not find it necessary to bother themselves and come up with photo ideas for Instagram. At best, they take them from the Internet. But how can you do something without understanding what exactly you want to achieve with it? After all, any professional activity or even a daily shopping trip follows a certain plan.actions. Therefore, to create a masterpiece, you must:

  1. Write exactly what you want to get as a result. What important elements should a photo contain.
  2. Determine the location of the idea for Instagram.
  3. Take into account all the technical aspects of the case: clarity, lighting, the presence of passers-by, etc.
  4. Choose the best time to implement your idea.
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No one account

One person - one account. This is how people are used to thinking, believing that scammers create a second account in the same social network. Many users simply find it inconvenient to devote time to two accounts at once. Therefore, often they do not have a common idea for photos for Instagram collected in one place.

The page of such a person is a symbiosis of various areas in which he is interested. Photos showing the results of his professional work are closely intertwined with images of his favorite food, selfies at home and cute cats. Naturally, such confusion scares off potential subscribers. After all, people want to find something that inspires them, and the need to constantly look for a thematic photo among images that are not interesting to them makes them stop viewing such a page.

Photo Ideas for Instagram

Therefore, first of all, you should decide on the theme of your Instagram account, understand what exactly attracts subscribers to it. And, if you have several leading topics(for example, you post photos of your culinary creations and overexposure cats), then you should create a separate page for each direction. That is, for example, on the culinary account you will post everything related to the recipes you have implemented, and on the account with cats - those kids that you want to attach.

Please note that if your professional activity also finds a significant display on your page, and even career growth directly depends on advertising on Instagram, you should create a separate profile for work and a separate one for your hobby.

Natural and minimalist

It has been noticed that the best photo idea for Instagram is the one that combines naturalness and minimalism. Therefore, selfies in nature, photos of animals and impressive landscapes of the native Fatherland or peeped during a trip abroad are always a well-deserved success.

Photos for Instagram ideas

Pay attention to natural light. It is best to shoot during the day in sunny weather.

Do not overload the image with unnecessary details. They will only distract fans from the main idea of ​​the composition.

New original solutions

When creating an Instagram idea, think about how you can look at familiar things in a new way. There are many solutions for creating a composition, but the most popular of them are 4 of them:

  • macro photography;
  • additional details;
  • unusual angle;
  • interesting places.
Instagram photo idea at home

Macro photography allows your followers to take a closer look at miniature things. If you want to surprise the world with your unusual manicure, then take an enlarged photo so that people can see in detail the smallest patterns on the nails.

Often, in order to give originality to the composition and create a special mood, it is necessary to add additional details to it. For example, a music notebook will look very organic next to an antique-decorated pen.

Unusual angle, of course, will make your photo a hit with a lot of likes. After all, the simplicity and at the same time the originality of the new presentation of the old idea will appeal to many subscribers.

Well, the interesting places captured by you are ready-made hits. The brightest photo ideas for Instagram are the old and proven ways:

  • capture the beauty of distant lands;
  • their color;
  • architecture;
  • landscapes;
  • national dishes, etc.

What could be better?! At the same time, images of places from rare exotic tourist destinations are successful.

Continuous development

Can't think of an Instagram photo idea at home? Then subscribe to the pages of those people who inspire you. Looking through their creations, you will immediately see their strengths and weaknesses and understand how best to organize your composition. In addition, this way you can make new friends who are interested in the same things as you.

Don't forget to edit

Even if you are an ardent fighter for naturalness, do not neglect image editors. A small correction of the photo in terms of brightness and contrast will definitely not hurt it. Pay attention to the signatures. They should be memorable and evoke desired emotions. Various funny expressions and aphorisms are especially popular.

Don't forget the humor too. After all, people always lack bright positive emotions.

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