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Yury Koval's story "Scarlet": a summary of the work
Yury Koval's story "Scarlet": a summary of the work

Yuri Koval is a famous children's writer. Many films have been shot based on his works, including the story "Scarlet", which tells about the true friendship between a man and a dog. This story has become one of the most beloved not only for kids, but also for adults.

About the writer

The author of the story "Scarlet" - Y. Koval - was born on February 9, 1938 in Moscow. There he graduated from high school and the philological faculty of the Pedagogical Institute. He was fond of the author's song, drawing, the art of sculpture, frescoes and painting. He illustrated his own books and participated in art exhibitions. I started publishing at the institute.

After studying, he taught history, drawing, Russian language and literature in the village of Emelyanovo, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Three years later he returned to Moscow, worked in an evening school for young people and in a children's magazine. His poems and stories for children were published in Smena, Murzilka, Ogonyok, Pioneer.

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About creativity

Yuri Iosifovich lived for a long time in the countryside in the Vologda region. The writer's favorite genre isprose miniatures about the village and its inhabitants, nature and animals. More than thirty of his books were published during Koval's lifetime. The most famous works of Koval:

  • "Scarlet" - short story published in 1968.
  • "The Adventures of Vasya Kurolesov" - the story was published in 1971.
  • The story "Cap with crucians" - was included in the collection "Clean Yard", published in 1970.
  • The story "Undersand" - was published in 1974.
  • The story "Five kidnapped monks" - published in 1976.
  • The story "Sagebrush Tales" - was published in 1978.

More than ten animated films and two feature films were shot according to the scripts of the writer, including the story "Scarlet". Yuri Koval was awarded the Gaidar Prize in 1983, an IBBY diploma in 1986, and a laureate of the All-Union Competition in 1972 and 1987. In 1996, the last book "Suer-Vyer", published after the death of Yu. I. Koval, was awarded the "Wanderer" prize. The children's writer died on August 2, 1995.


Fame came to him after the book "Scarlet". Koval said in one of his interviews that he had written three stories and “Peak”, but all this is not that - weaker than “Scarlet”. The work was published in 1968, and it received support in magazines.

Features of the story “Scarlet”

Koval Yu.I. depicted in this work the animal as a full-fledged literary character, with its own character. The narration in the story is conducted on behalf of the author, he is attentive to both characters - and to the dog Alom,and to Private Koshkin. The reader was hooked by the equivalence of these characters. The thoughts, mood and inner state of both are revealed, which sometimes makes you forget in which case it is about a dog, and when it is about a person.

Border Dog Scarlet book

Scarlet Feelings

This is also emphasized in the plot: “Koshkin began to teach Scarlet”, “the instructor taught Koshkin”. The dog is not just trainable, but learns independently and consciously, like Koshkin: “the puppy began to listen”, “Scarlet grew up, began to understand a lot.”

In the soul of the dog, feelings ripen: “Scarlet grew up and began to obey, because he fell in love with Koshkin”, and he “Loved Scarlet very much”. They even began to think the same way: a jackal ran, the dog thought: “Run, jackal, run,” and the fighter thought: “It’s good that Aly is a border dog, otherwise he wouldn’t leave a stone unturned.”

On equal footing

As the plot unfolds, the dog acquires other qualities, one might say, "human": sometimes he is smarter than Koshkin, calmly accepts the orders of the instructor and does not bite, although he wants to, because he understands that you can't do it.

Out of context it is difficult to understand who Koval is talking about - about Alom or Koshkin, about an animal or a person. In the episode of capturing the spy, only certain words and phrases, such as the word "paws", remind that this is after all a dog.

When Scarlet was dying, he felt sorry not for himself, but for Koshkin.

This scene describes the feelings of both characters, who convince that the animal is not lower than a person, at times even higher. Think about others and not about yourselfeveryone can. To do this, you need to have feelings, soul and talent.

The author throughout the story reveals a world where animals and humans are equal. This is one of the main thoughts of many works by Yuri Iosifovich, as you can see by reading the summary of Koval's story “Scarlet”.

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A cheerful and ruddy boy came to serve at the border. The commander asked him what his last name was, he replied that Koshkin, "fir-trees-sticks." The captain told him that the trees had absolutely nothing to do with it, but the dogs did. And the young fighter went to the school of dog instructors. They gave him a puppy, ordered him to come up with a name starting with the letter “A” and make him a real dog. "Why this particular letter?" thought Koshkin. It was explained to him that it would be easier to find out the year of the dog's birth.

Koshkin brought the puppy to the barracks, where he first of all “made” a puddle, for which the owner immediately poked him with his nose, and then thought about what to name the dog? For a long time he sorted out words starting with “A”, and not only with this letter. Out of curiosity, the puppy stuck out his tongue, and then it dawned on the fighter: Scarlet!

Koshkin began to teach Scarlet, throws a stick and shouts: “Aport!” The puppy does not think to run after her, why would he? Another thing, if the sausage or bone. In short, he was lazy.

School of instructors

We continue the retelling of Yuri Koval's work "Scarlet". The summary of the story cannot convey all the difficulties that Aloma had to endure at school. But the instructor looked at the achievements of Scarlet and punished Koshkin to be more persistent.

And a fightertried. He threw a stick and asked Scarlet to bring it. The puppy got up and ran in the opposite direction, Koshkin followed. He could not catch up with the fugitive and threatened him with his fist. But Scarlet knew that he would not do it, because beating dogs is the last thing, and this Koshkin is a “good man”.

Then Scarlet felt sorry for him and ran after the stick. Koshkin was happy as a child, and said that as soon as he received a parcel from home, the first thing he would do was bring Alom a piece of sausage. “While you wait, you will stretch your legs from hunger,” thought the dog. But he was not going to stretch his legs, because the dogs were well fed here, and Koshkin ran to the kitchen at all - begging for bones for Scarlet.

Real dog

We continue the retelling of Y. Koval's story "Scarlet". Soon the dog began to obey the owner, because he fell in love with him. When Koshkin received a parcel, he shared it with Scarlet. The dog, of course, immediately ate it and thought that if someone had sent him some goodies, he would certainly “roll off” Koshkin with “something tastier.”

The instructor looked at what the fighter and the dog had learned and shouted. For days on end Koshkin taught Scarlet. The dog knew almost all the commands, but this was not enough for the private - he poked him in the nose with a rag. Then he called for him, people in overalls were standing in the yard, and suddenly Scarlet smelled - just like the smell of a rag that Koshkin poked him in the nose. The instructor praised them both.

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Somehow the fighter put the dog in the car, Scarlet immediately wanted to bite the instructor, but… it's impossible, so Koshkin said. They jumped out of the cabin near the forest, and the instructor ordered them to detainviolator. Scarlet did not immediately understand who to look for. He just ran along the edge and suddenly felt someone else's smell. Whatever the “violator” didn’t do - he sprinkled the trail with tobacco and dodged, but Scarlet stubbornly ran forward.

Finally, the dog caught up with him. Koshkin let go of the leash, and Scarlet caught up with the intruder and knocked him down. The fighter who came to the rescue barely dragged the dog. The instructor praised them, they got into the car and drove back to school. Koshkin put an excellent cracker into Alom's mouth, and the dog thought that the instructor would probably also like to bite the cracker, but he just didn't get it.

yuri koval scarlet short

At the outpost

The day came when the fighter and the dog said goodbye to school and went to the border. The captain greeted them cordially, but was surprised that the dog's name was Alym. “This is not a school,” said Koshkin, “you see, Scarlet, here they are, the mountains.”

Somehow Koshkin returned from duty, and suddenly there was an alarm. As if the wind had blown away the border guards, only patrolmen remained at the outpost. Took Koshkin Alogo and they went for the intruder. The dog smelled someone else's smell and followed the trail. He stopped at an apple tree and barked. Koshkin raised his head and saw a man there. He said that he climbed up to pick apples, and he himself rushed at Koshkin with a knife. The dog was on the alert - he knocked the knife out of the bandit's hands and knocked him to the ground.

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Bear tracks

We continue the retelling of Y. Koval's work "Scarlet". Autumn and winter have passed. Spring has come. So Aly and Koshkin served together. The boss often sent them in secret. They hid in the bushes and sat with bated breath - the borderguarded. Somehow Aly and Koshkin were walking along the strip and saw bear tracks. But the fighter knew that such marks were left by violators in special shoes. I took the Scarlet trail and went to the bear. The beast rushed at the dog and wounded him.

Carried Koshkin Alogo in his arms to the outpost. The soldier's thoughts were in a ball. He walks, listens to the dog's heavy breathing, hears the dog's heart beating wildly. Brought Alogo to the paramedic. He washed the wounds, sewed them up for a long, long time. And it hurts. Alom even wanted to bite him. Koshkin sat next to him, stroking Scarlet on the head and whispering, as if reassuring him: "Just think, a bear." Then Koshkin took the dog to the shed where the dogs lived, looked after him, brought tasty bones. When the wounds healed, he began to take him out into the yard, to warm himself in the sun. Koshkin sits on a bench, plays the guitar. And the dog sits next to him, sings along. Other soldiers came, listened to Scarlet's songs and laughed.

The enemy will not pass

So summer and autumn passed. Winter came. Koshkin and Aly were on duty and noticed traces. Apparently, the intruder was heavy. They followed the trail and realized that not one person was walking here, but carrying someone else. They caught one, left the fighter Snegirev to guard him, and they themselves ran after another. He had to be looked for. They saw the house, entered, asked the old man if he had seen anyone? Grandfather pointed to the window, Koshkin looked out - an intruder was descending from a steep slope.

yuri koval scarlet summary

The water rumbles over the stones, no footsteps are heard. But Koshkin steps carefully, he is afraid to frighten him away. Scarlet smells the enemy, is torn, but the soldier holds the leash andwhispers that it's not time yet. The intruder stopped at the stream, the dog curled up into a ball, Koshkin released him from the leash. Scarlet spread out in a jump - and collapsed on the intruder. The weapon flashed, the enemy fired several times. But the dog snatched the gun out of his hands with his teeth. Koshkin ran up, tied the intruder - the second one was caught. He looked at the faithful dog and was stunned: he was lying motionless, blood was flowing from the wounds, filling the snow.


Completing the retelling of Yuri Koval's story "Scarlet". The summary will not be able to convey the pain of parting between ordinary Koshkin and Scarlet, for this you need to read the original.

Carried Koshkin Alogo to the outpost in his arms. The paramedic said that the dog would not survive - the wound was too severe. But Koshkin did not believe him, sat near Aly, stroked him, promised, as soon as the package arrived, to give him the sausage. The dog's eyes dimmed, then brightened.

Alom was pleased to listen to Koshkin, but the dog's head began to spin, the birds swam and his head became heavy. The dog could not hold it and dropped it on its paws, shuddered and died. And Koshkin was still sitting, stroking Scarlet and saying: “And sausage, and shortcakes, and lard.”

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