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"Wind and Sparks" by Alexei Pekhov: heroes, review, impression
"Wind and Sparks" by Alexei Pekhov: heroes, review, impression

The collection of books "Wind and Sparks" by Alexei Pekhov has been repeatedly called a novelty with the greatest potential among Russian fantasy. Two books in this series were awarded the Silver Caduceus at the Star Bridge Festival.

The author presented a completely classic idea with spices in the form of charismatic and interesting characters, extraordinary antagonists with serious problems. There is an adult creation that is interesting to read, return and immerse yourself in the created world anew, experiencing all the hardships along with the characters.

Book setting

Tetralogy "Wind and Sparks" by Alexey Pekhov is completely finished at the moment. The books are long but easy to read. The main merit in this belongs to the setting created by the author. It is no secret that Alexey Pekhov's cycle "Wind and Sparks" is a kind of continuation of the "Chronicles of Siala". The protagonist of that series named Garret created the world of heroes from the tetralogy. At the beginning of the first book, he wonders what the Creator is capable of being a thief, after which the story begins.

wind and sparks by alexey pekhov

The story is told from the perspective of two heroes - Gray and Weasel. In addition, periodically the right to conduct a conversation passes to the antagonists of the series. The world of Hara is divided into two continents and inhabited by several ethnic groups of anthropomorphic creatures, including elves. Once people owned a magical gift, a spark, commanded the elements and the power of all the Great Houses. The color of their abilities was gray, later the Sundering occurred, dividing the world and the mages in two.

Time Period

Events are unfolding on the Eastern continent of Hara. There is a period that can be correlated with the late Middle Ages. The crossbow and siege weapons are invented, the lords sit in stone castles, therefore, technological progress does not stand still.

alexey pekhov spark and wind

After the spark in people almost died out, magic remained the lot of a select group, including the Damned, who pose a serious danger to the world. They are an organization of renegades who have studied magic for a very long time and turned their abilities against humans.

World and history

Once at the dawn of history, magicians were divided into two camps - light and darkness. The latter were called necromancers for their ability to revive the dead. The first were divided into Walkers, capable of using the Paths to the Great Houses, and Ogonkov, whose light gave strength to the brother and transmitted magical power to him. Only women could find the Path, both men and girls could warm. These are the events of the first war, the consequences of which were a scorched continent andthe formation of four great powers in the south and north of the only habitable territory.

Rise of the Sculptor

The sculptor is a great magician who discovered in himself both a light and a dark gift. He created fortresses and cities, which were impossible to take by siege. He invented the Petals of the Path, a teleporter that became almost a legend by the beginning of the story.

alexey pekhov wind and sparks tetralogy

In an attempt to convince the brethren of the futility of stubbornness regarding the correctness of the division, the Sculptor and his students were killed. His notes have been destroyed, all but the three volumes that the first Damned de alt with.

The Damned and their impact on the world

It is not known who the original Damned were. They say that Cherkana and Oso, walking, became those who discovered the truth about what happened. They discovered a dark spark in themselves, after which they began to teach this art to others. The Empire and the Circle of Magi turned against them, killing them all. Eight of the Damned managed to escape, who later became known by such names: Measles, Cholera, Plague, Typhus, Smallpox, Consumption, Fever and Leprosy.

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The cycle "Wind and Sparks" by Alexei Pekhov describes the third war, when the remaining six of the damned teamed up with necromancers to win a long conflict that has been going on for over 500 years.

Key characters

It is difficult to cover all the main characters of the world of "Wind and Sparks" Alexei Pekhov in one article. It is worth dwelling on someof which:

  • Ness (Gray). A magnificent archer who once served in the Empire. He got his nickname for the color of his eyes and hair. He worked as a hired killer. Amazingly cold-blooded and prudent, he has a friendly relationship with the god Garret. Very attached to his wife.
  • Laen (Weasel). Gray's wife. It has a pure spark that has not been cursed, and therefore has access to the High Houses. Potentially one of the strongest holders of the Gift in general. She was a student of Cholera, who was considered dead or missing. Dies and then resurrects. She is very devoted to her husband and appreciates him.
  • Shen. The first male Healer, i.e. Strong Sex Walker, in a thousand years. Treasure of the Tower and chief disciple of its head. Later, he realizes how wrong is the path of concentrating exclusively on the light spark and rejecting the dark one. His character changes throughout the cycle of "Wind and Sparks" by Alexei Pekhov. Turns into a wise man. The Sculptor's Heir.
  • Ron. A walker reforged by Leprosy. The Damned wanted to get a devoted student, but Rona refused to study the Darkness. Due to her lack of experience, Leprosy almost went beyond the brink of insanity, but returned. Shen healed her completely, later she fell in love with him.
  • Damned. Each Damned has its own area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest and heraldic color. Typhus becomes the first Walker the reader meets. It was her image that showed that not all the Damned are exclusively negative characters. So, for example, Typhus entered the House of Love through self-sacrifice,and Cholera helped the protagonists in the fight against their brothers by teaching Weasel.
spark and wind Pekhov Alexey Yurievich

The characters in the cycle "Wind and Sparks" by Alexei Yuryevich Pekhov turned out to be very interesting and entertaining. The reader will not get bored and pore over the next page, because a completely new world will open before him, full of magic and powerful heroes, who in the end will turn out to be just as simple people as any other.

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