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Photo shoot ideas at home
Photo shoot ideas at home

Most people don't like to be photographed at home because of the routine. However, scenery is often used for shooting, and the setting of a home in this sense is not the worst option.

A photo shoot at home is often perceived as an amateur action, as a result of which beautiful pictures will never turn out the same as in magazines or on professional websites. It's not like that at all. The lens sees the surrounding reality differently than the human eye. In addition, if anything in the house causes complete emotional rejection, you can simply not film it.

How to shoot?

Although the pros will start listing many different technical tricks, there is only one main condition for a successful photo session at home. The photo must be of the model, not the setting.

Look at the display

That is, with a single shot, you do not need to photograph the walls,furniture, floor, ceiling, radiators or something similar. The person should be filmed. Most photography enthusiasts, hearing about this, shrug their shoulders in bewilderment - “you can crop the picture.” It is possible, but it spoils the quality of the photo and deprives the frame of the original proportional relationships. And not everything can be cut. A photo session at home should be initially filmed not in the form of “the one who was filmed is sitting somewhere in the far corner”, but whitewashed. It is easy to achieve the desired quality in terms of the relationship between the situation and the model in the frame. It is enough just to take your time and look carefully not at the objects of shooting, but at the display of the camera or at the window of its lens. This is necessary, as technology and eyes perceive the same thing in completely different ways.

The same requirement applies to any other shooting, with the exception of general panoramic views or landscapes. Whatever is shot - still lifes, portraits, group "life" - most of the frame, at least ¾, should be occupied by the objects of the photo shoot.

Do I need light?

Thinking about how to make a photo shoot at home, so that the result does not differ from studio shooting, sooner or later everyone faces lighting issues.

Light is important. It is not for nothing that everywhere, from filming scenes of domestic series to television studios, there are tripods with spotlights. If you look into any photo studio, then there will be quite a lot of them.

In an apartment, you can use table lamps for this purpose. And the role of the "umbrella", that is, the element that enhances the flow of light and prevents it from scattering,or a regular, non-reflective limiter can also be made by a lampshade.

Light is important for shooting

Light allows you to solve many problems. And you can use it regardless of the time of day. Of course, if the shooting is supposed to be near the window, where the morning rays fall beautifully, then you can do without additional lighting.

Light, for example, directed at the model's face, "knocks out" all minor defects, which is especially important for a photo shoot of girls at home. Defects should be understood as wrinkles, pimples, spots, uneven make-up, “undereyes” and much more that the fairer sex always tries to remove with the help of various editor applications. In addition, light allows you to achieve many other effects. You need to experiment with it, trying to bet in different ways.

Flash and light are different concepts, and one does not cancel the other. Moreover, their combination and opposition in the direction of illumination give a very interesting result.

Shooting towards the light or against it?

This question is asked by everyone who needs a high-quality, indistinguishable from a professional photo session at home. As a rule, when preparing, a large number of works by various photographers are viewed, and an attentive person simply cannot help but notice a completely different direction of light in them.

You can also shoot along the line of light, taking a position behind its source, or on a par with it. Or maybe against the world. It is also possible to use side lighting or coming from below. SoYou should experiment with light and determine the most advantageous location in a particular frame directly on the spot.

Making decorations is easy

The only thing to avoid is top center lighting from a single source. The light coming from the chandelier is exactly what gives out their home origin in the photographs. None of the studio shooting has such a lighting effect. And fixing several spotlights on the ceiling is quite difficult and troublesome, so it’s easier to turn off the chandelier or dilute it with powerful rays from a lamp directed in the right direction.

What style to shoot?

There is only one answer - in which there is a desire. Very often you will come across advice that ideas for a photo shoot at home should be based on the situation.

This is not to be taken literally. That is, if you want to be photographed in the genre of historical romanticism, you do not need to do it while sitting on a sideboard, released in the Soviet years and left over from your grandmother. But decorating an armchair or a simple chair, sitting by a window or in a corner near empty walls, or lying on a carpet is quite acceptable. That is, it is not the situation that dictates the conditions for determining the style in which the photo shoot will take place at home, but your own desires. In fact, in absolutely every apartment you can shoot photosets of any genre. You just need to think about how to do it and try to put it into practice.

How to dress?

Even if there is a clear idea of ​​​​what style direction the home photoset will take,the issue of clothing still remains relevant.

Professional photographers often ask their clients not to wear anything. For example, women's shots are always spoiled by tight-fitting trousers or high-waisted "gum" jeans. Of course, if we are not talking about shooting the thing itself. But fashion photography, in which the model does not prevail over the suit, but only complements it, and the capture of a person are completely different things.

As for the color scheme, the camera traditionally does not like herringbone, ripple patterns and other similar options that distract from the model. That is, the most conspicuous component in the frame should be the person being filmed, and his clothes, in fact, are just a wrapper that creates an image, adding certain touches. It is thanks to her that perception arises in one style or another. But the costume should not distract from the model.

What exactly from the wardrobe is optimal, you can only say by putting on this thing and looking at the result already in the frame. Win-win options for girls are one-color men's shirts, a couple of sizes larger, with rolled up sleeves up to ¾ length. Such a thing makes the model much slimmer than she is, and in the frame the girl looks very fragile.

Fabric is a great idea

However, you can focus on the pictures you like. That is, if, for example, you want to get a frame, the same as in an advertisement with a well-known model, then you should dress similarly. If the dream picture shows an evening, completely crazy dress with a long train, you do not need to wear a men's shirt. Quite enoughimitate an outfit, that is, wrap yourself in a strip of fabric, fasten it with pins or thread, leaving a “train”. With a well-exposed light, the result of such a session will be incredible.

How to shoot a newborn?

Newborn photography at home is the second most popular topic on social networks. This is understandable, because everyone wants to share their happiness and pride. However, it often turns out that the angelically beautiful baby in the pictures looks frankly unattractive. This upsets the parents, and the little person is no longer photographed.

However, avoiding such embarrassment is not difficult. Of course, you do not need to put the baby under the light of a lamp or dress up like a doll. Photoshoots of newborns have completely different offscreen nuances.

Firstly, without exception, all the children that young mothers see in advertisements are not newborns. Remove babies after 2, 5-3 months. Secondly, in the most beautiful shots there is always one feature, namely, a close-up. This is the main key to a successful baby photoset.

Ideas for the little ones

For home photography, you don't have to wait until your baby is three months old. A photoshoot of a newly born baby can also be successful.

You can also pick up the baby on the phone

You will need a flat, flat surface, white or very light and large. When entering the frame of the wall, the color and texture should merge with the surface. The size should be so large that the person photographing can lie down. Usually this is done simply - a white thick double bedspreadis laid on the floor, and on the edge of any furniture is decorated with a sheet, although when shooting outdoors, nothing extra usually gets into the frame.

Need a good sunny day and light falling through the window. That is, the room should be filled with the sun. The baby should be put down. And the photographer - lie down to face him. Everything, then you just need to look into the lens and shoot.

If the child is completely "wrinkled" in the frame, then you can put something distracting, such as a bright rubber duck. There is one more thing. The baby does not need to undress or swaddle. The best option for a “suit” would be a plain light-colored vest. You can cover half with a light blanket. There are a lot of entourage options, they should be tried on the spot and see what happens.

Light colors are a must. Dark and overly saturated shades age, and in the case of newborns, they enhance their not-so-photogenic features. Therefore, these colors should be avoided.

Ideas for girls

Ideas for girl photo shoots at home depend on what the girls want to get in the end.

For example, shots at an open balcony door with a beam of light falling into the room look perfect, in which the model is standing with her back or half a turn.

spectacular photo at the open balcony

Shooting under the "Palekh" would be a good option. No need to wear a Russian folk costume, it means how the frame is built. In such pictures there is nothing but the model, she seems to emerge from the darkness. Such frames with an emphasis on the face are very good. Besides, theyallow you to avoid the presence of elements of home furnishings at the back, which is important for some. Technically, everything is done simply - it is removed with a flash, in the presence of dim side light in the room somewhere far from the model and the photographer. That is, the light in this case is needed only for the photographer to see the angle in the display and no more.

Those who do not dislike the presence of domestic elements in the frame can perfectly shoot in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Such sets should be made humorous, with cool content they look much more advantageous than with a romantic facial expression.

The interior does not dictate the genre

The options for taking pictures at home are endless. In fact, every corner of the apartment can be turned into a photo studio for a while. Even without getting out of bed, you can shoot a gorgeous, looking completely professional photoset. The shooter only needs to stand not on the floor nearby and capture half of the bedroom, but on the bed and shoot the model herself from above, a little to the side, and so on.

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