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Pullover for a boy - a few recommendations for knitting
Pullover for a boy - a few recommendations for knitting

Knitting is a rewarding activity. With the help of threads and knitting needles, as well as diligence, you can create beautiful unique things for all family members - both large and small. For example, a pullover for a boy will become a useful and elegant thing if his mother or grandmother knits it.

Neck by age

Children grow up and the things they wear also grow and change, because the clothes that fit a one-year-old baby do not need a grown-up three-year-old explorer. And, it's not about the size. A pullover for a boy of a certain age must meet certain requirements.

The clothes of young children who absolutely do not like to be dressed (especially things over their heads) need a wide neck. But after all, a pullover is a warm thing, which means that the neck and breast of the crumbs should be covered first of all. To make life easier for parents and not to torment the baby with uncomfortable clothes, a pullover for a little boy, and a girl, of course, needs to be knitted with a specialclasp at the shoulder seam. A polo clasp for babies is unacceptable, since a baby can put a button in its mouth, and it can come off. Older children do not need clothes with a fastener along the shoulder seam. For them, a badlon sweater will not be a problem.

pullover for boy

Fancy pullover for baby

Children's clothes should be smart. This applies not only to holiday sets, but also to everyday blouses and panties. Children are the most positive creatures in the world, they enjoy the world around them all the time, and kids need the same joyful clothes. But a pullover for a boy of 3 years will be different from similar clothes for a schoolboy.

Pullovers with drawings depicting heroes of favorite cartoons and fairy tales in gentle, light colors will suit the baby. An older boy will probably prefer drawings with the symbols of a sports team or a computer game. Pullovers with a truly masculine ornament will look beautiful on boys of any age - "braids" and weaves, Scandinavian patterns borrowed from men's models.

knitting pullover for a boy

Drawing picture for baby

Knitting a pullover for a boy with knitting needles will be much easier if you use a knitting pattern borrowed from a popular needlework magazine or recommendations from experienced knitters. The drawing can be anything, it all depends on the desire and skill of the needlewoman in working with colored threads and complex patterns.

The drawing can be developed independently, if you put the picture you like on the diagram-grid. It should be noted that for the drawing you should not take the markup from even squares, as on a school notebook in a box. It is best if the cell size is equal to the ratio: 1 part in height and 1.5 parts in width - it is more suitable for knitting. You can use special computer programs that help needlewomen process drawings in various ways and for a variety of needs.

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How to work with a colorful pattern?

A knitted pullover for a boy will be a real gift for a child, if a pattern is made on it at the request of the baby, it will be convenient to put on and take off, the yarn will be soft and will not prick. In addition, the work must be as accurate and of high quality as possible. To make a pullover for a boy neat, you need to remember to make flips at the junction of two colors, then there will be no gaps between the individual sections of the pattern, and the pattern will be neat. If broaches are needed according to the drawing, then the thread cannot be either tightened or greatly loosened. In one case, the place with the pattern will be very tight and smaller than the rest of the canvas, in the other case, long broaches will interfere with putting on and taking off the pullover, and the loops will eventually crawl out into real holes when worn and washed.

pullover for a boy 3 years

Men's classic

Pullover for a boy, even the smallest, can be knitted like a real men's sweater - with Norwegian "braids" and jacquard. Braids must match the size of the pullover, because ona pullover with a large-scale weave of strands of a knitted "braid" across the entire width of the fabric will look incomprehensible and rude to a crumb. Small "braids" and weaves, pattern "beads" or "rice" will harmoniously decorate a knitted pullover for a boy of any age. And if mom knits a classic men's pullover for dad and son in the same color scheme and the same pattern, then they will look great, causing the envy of everyone around.

children's pullover knitting for a boy

Pullover pattern - it couldn't be easier

Those who love and know how to knit know that in order for the work to turn out to be a joy, you need to strictly follow the knitting pattern. This applies not only to the pattern, but also to the size of the thing. To use the developed description of a particular model, you should choose exactly the same threads that are indicated in the description, and exactly the same knitting needles. Then the pullover for the boy will be knitted exactly in size. If you want to choose threads thinner or thicker than indicated in the specific description for a specific size, then you should change the scheme by counting the loops according to the sample, or use the description for other sizes - more or less, respectively. You can knit a children's pullover with knitting needles for a boy or girl from 4 main parts - rectangular back and front with cutouts for the neck and trapezoid sleeves. Knitted parts are sewn together with matching threads, and then the neckline and straps are tied under the fastener, if it is provided according to the scheme. For babies, models with a similar shoulder clasp are the most preferred option.

pullover for a boy 3 years

If a pullover for a boy is associated with love, thought out for a child in every detail, then the baby will be happy to wear a knitted item.

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