Little magician: do-it-yourself costume for a boy
Little magician: do-it-yourself costume for a boy

Magicians have always surprised people of all ages. Card tricks, moving objects and much more are commonplace for them. If your child is fond of such fun and likes to arrange home performances, then you should know how to make a magician costume for a boy with your own hands.

magician costume

Basics of the look

So, what will our costume consist of? It all depends on your capabilities and desires. Here is a list of the main details of the image:

  • suit, preferably three piece;
  • cape;
  • cylinder;
  • additional attributes.

As you can see, the list of the main components of the image is not so great. If you are determined to create a costume with your own hands, then having made all of the listed details, you will get a great magician. The costume and the rest of the clothes will be discussed later in the article.


Ideally, the magician is dressed in classic black trousers with arrows, a white shirt, a red vest and a tailcoat. But you can change these details to the best of your ability. That is, if there are such things in the baby’s wardrobe, then you won’t have to buy or sew something on purpose.

From everythingof the above, trousers and a shirt are mandatory, which, as a rule, are in every wardrobe. If you still have a jacket, then instead of a vest, you can use a red bow tie. And if there is a vest, then it is not necessary to wear a jacket. This does not mean at all that if you have a three-piece suit, you cannot complement it with a butterfly in the color of the vest, on the contrary, the more details, the more realistic the outfit will turn out.

If, nevertheless, you decide to sew a magician's costume for a boy with your own hands, then we advise you to choose black satin for this. The brilliance of this material will add luxury and festive mood. In the photographs that are in the article, you can see examples of the appearance of a magician.

do-it-yourself magician costume for a boy


This is an obligatory part of the image, without which the magician does not go on stage in front of the audience. The cape can be easily sewn at home, the main thing is to correctly measure the height that our magician has.

The costume that we described above is chosen in black, the cape, respectively, too. But a combination with red is allowed if the suit has details of this color. It can be a vest, a bow tie or a handkerchief that sticks out of a jacket pocket.

Satin is better for sewing a cape, this material does not wrinkle and looks spectacular. If you decide to use two colors, make the inside red and the outside black.

Our cape will be fixed with the help of braid or ribbons that are sewn to the neck. Cape looks perfectwhich is knee length. That's why we focused on measuring growth.

You can choose a patterned fabric for the cape, it can be stars or polka dots. Due to such an unusual coloring, a non-standard and bright magician will turn out, whose costume can be made of the same material.

children's magician costume


Well, we have come to the end, our image is almost ready. One of the main attributes is missing. No children's magician costume can do without a top hat. This headdress plays an important role in the image, because it is from it that magicians get a hare and show a lot of interesting things.

The cylinder can be purchased ready-made or you can make it yourself. It will be great if you sew a cape and a top hat from the same material.

In order to make a magician's headdress, we need ordinary cardboard, glue, black cloth and thread with a needle. First, cut out the frame from cardboard, it consists of two parts: the side and the cylinder itself.

Using a compass, draw a circle, and inside it is another smaller one that needs to be cut out. We got the side of the hat, now we move on to the cylinder. To do this, cut out a rectangle of the required height from cardboard, and measure the length by the diameter of the side. We glue the resulting cylinder and attach it to the board with glue. It remains to glue a circle of cardboard on top of the cylinder, and the frame is ready.

Now let's move on to the main part, sheathe the cardboard blank with a cloth. To do this, you can use a stapler or thread with a needle. like thisThus, we have a top hat worn by a magician. The costume is considered ready, but if you wish, you can add unusual attributes to it.

New Year's magician costume for a boy

Additional attributes

Well, what magician does not have a magic wand in his arsenal? That is what we propose to choose as an addition to the image. You can make it yourself from wood or plastic, painting it black, and the tip gold.

If you decide to sew a New Year's magician's costume for a boy, then you can decorate it with tinsel, which is sewn onto a top hat or cape.

As an addition to the costume, you can use the image of a white hare. It is sewn on the pocket of a vest or jacket. Or you can use a soft bunny toy.

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