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Gypsum flower: necessary materials, job description, photo
Gypsum flower: necessary materials, job description, photo

Very often you can see plaster bas-reliefs on the wall in the interior of houses. Or cute figurines made of similar material, chic candlesticks and much more. This beauty always delights and makes you want to have such decorative elements in your home. This begs the question: how much does it cost and is it possible to make such beauty with your own hands? Of course you can. There are several simple options for making plaster figures. This article will provide recommendations to understand how to make plaster flowers at home.

First option: artificial flowers

To make flowers at home we need:

  • Artificial flowers.
  • Powder gypsum.
  • Dyes for flowers.
step by step work

All of these items can be found at any hardware store. Flowers can be from any material. It can be both specially purchased and unnecessary,from any outdated songs.

First you need to prepare a workplace where the production of flowers will take place. Prepare plaster according to package instructions. Stir the solution carefully and slowly so that bubbles do not appear. You can immediately add the dye to the mixture to get a fully colored flower. Attach a wire to the prepared flowers so that it is convenient to hang for drying. After all the preparations, the artificial flower is completely immersed in the gypsum mixture. Carefully take out and hang to dry.

drying flowers

After our gypsum flower has dried out, it can be additionally painted over, sparkles or artificial dew drops can be added. After finishing the decoration, you need to varnish the product.

Second option: use silicone molds

He is also very simple. Thanks to a simple process, children can be involved in the work. Such a gypsum flower will rightfully take its place in the children's room, and the child will be able to show it to his friends. For work we need:

  • Gypsum or alabaster.
  • Paints.
  • Silicone flower molds.
  • Paints and decoration items.
Silicone molds

As in the previous example, all the necessary materials can be purchased at the store. Pour the prepared mixture into molds. You can immediately attach pieces of thread if you later want to hang the products on the wall. After drying, we take the flower out of the mold and decorate with paints, sparkles, rhinestones, etc.

Bas-relief onwall

To decorate the walls, many resort to bas-relief. If you want to do everything yourself, you need to be prepared for the fact that this is a very laborious process. It may be better to use the services of professionals. If you decide to make gypsum flowers on the wall yourself, then you can use stencils and molds that are sold in hardware stores. Following the instructions, we bring our work to life.

application on the wall

This composition will look amazing in your room and bring style and richness to the interior. You can also make a wall composition yourself, without templates and forms. To do this, it is enough to cut out the necessary details of flowers, leaves and additional accessories from cardboard and foam. Plaster everything and use glue to assemble a bas-relief on the wall. If the parts are quite large, then a wire must be placed inside, it will act as reinforcement. Small details can be molded by hand and also attached to the wall. It can be small leaves, berries, bunches of grapes, etc.

The next step is to seal all the seams. They can be hidden with both plaster and white sealant. We process the finished product with a primer, it will not allow the bas-relief to get dirty and crumble.

plaster pony

Garden Sculptures

When summer comes, we all try to decorate our backyards, dachas or houses - we plant flowers and buy all kinds of figurines or lanterns. You can make a decorative flower with your own hands, which will give the landscape an additionalchic. In order to make a large gypsum garden flower, we need to purchase the appropriate material and potting mold.

garden flowers

Also we can use children's sand pyramids. After our flower hardens, we take it out of the mold, sand it with sandpaper and paint it with acrylic paint in several layers. If necessary, add sparkles or rhinestones, which we glue with glue, and complete the whole process by applying varnish. Our plaster flower is ready.

Such sculptures will complement the living composition on the flower bed or will be a wonderful decoration of the porch. You can beautifully arrange a playground for children. As shown in the photo, gypsum flowers will fit beautifully into your landscaping.

Crafts from plaster flowers

Do-it-yourself flowers in plaster not only look gorgeous on their own, but can also be a component of many compositions. For example, you can decorate a photo frame with many small plaster flowers, or create a beautiful candle holder in the form of a blossoming flower.

gypsum flower candle holder

Flower plaster stand can be a great housewarming gift. With such colors and additional elements to them, you can decorate interior arches or cornices. Caskets or jars for all kinds of women's little things look very nice. If you make the lids of small jars in the same style, they will look harmoniously on the dressing table in the bedroom.

crafts on the wall

Dried flower incast

For the manufacture of plaster flower arrangements, you can use not only molds and artificial plants. Dried flowers prepared in advance are also perfect. Did your loved one give you a bouquet of gorgeous roses? Over time, the flowers will wither and fall off. To keep it for a long time, the flowers can be dried and used for interior arrangements:

  1. Dilute gypsum in warm water to the consistency of sour cream.
  2. Dip each flower into the solution and hang on a string to set the plaster.
  3. After drying, the bouquet can be painted and brought into the proper form.

Now just put the composition in a vase, and your bouquet will stay with you for a long time.

Plaster wreath

In the New Year holidays, you can decorate the house with themed crafts. Plaster pine or spruce branches and arrange a New Year's wreath with a beautiful candlestick and New Year's toys. Such an element of decor can be placed on a chest of drawers or a fireplace. Involve children in the work, this will help develop fine motor skills of hands, develop a sense of color and aesthetic taste.

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