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Crochet socks: instructions
Crochet socks: instructions

What is the technology of crochet socks? If you ask this question to several needlewomen, it turns out that there is no consensus. There are many ways to make socks with this tool. And the task of each needlewoman is to choose or come up with her own. In this article, we will look at the most popular methods so that the reader has his own idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow to crochet socks.

What measurements need to be taken

Almost any thing that is planned to be knitted with a special machine, knitting needles or hook requires preliminary measurements. Otherwise, if you knit by eye, the finished product may not fit in size. In order for the procedure for crocheting socks to be successful, and the finished product, made with your own hands, to fit exactly, you should get an elastic centimeter and take the following measurements:

  1. Foot length. To do this, without pulling the centimeter, determine the distance from the thumb to the heel.
  2. The starting point of the ascent. It is measured from the tip of the thumb to the middle of the foot.
  3. Girth of the foot. To find outthis parameter, you need to measure the instep of the foot.
  4. Finger width. We put a centimeter on the foot at the base of the fingers and look at the distance from the outer part of the thumb to the outer part of the little finger.
  5. Ankle girth. Another significant indicator. If you calculate it incorrectly, the sock simply will not be put on. It should be measured at the base of the leg through the bone.
  6. Toe height. This parameter can be varied, focusing on your own wishes. The only thing, many experienced needlewomen note that it is better to make warm socks quite high. But spring or summer, made of fine yarn, and especially openwork, it is wiser to knit short ones.
how to take measurements for crochet socks

How to make a toe

The initial stage of crocheting socks is very important. In many ways, it is he who determines the success of all work. So, in order to perform the toe correctly, you need to carefully examine the scheme proposed below.

crochet socks pattern

However, it must be started and carried out in a special way. More details below:

  1. First of all, you need to wind the prepared knitting thread three times on two fingers - index and middle.
  2. Now carefully hold the resulting ring and tie it, making seven single crochets.
  3. Then slowly tighten the ring so that the loops are tightly pressed against each other.
  4. Further, crocheting socks occurs according to the above pattern. First we knit from the loops of the previous rowfourteen new ones. To do this, we draw two from each subsequent loop. We move in a spiral, no lifting loops need to be dialed.
  5. In the third row, we will alternate and knit new loops not from all, but from every second. As a result, we will add seven loops, and in general there will be twenty-one loops in the row.
  6. In the fourth row, to get an even and beautiful toe, knit, skipping two loops. That is, pull out two new ones from every third of the previous row. As a result of these actions, we will also add seven loops. In general, in the fourth row we will get twenty-eight loops.
  7. On the fifth row, we only need to add four stitches for a total of thirty-two. To do this, we will knit two loops every six.

When the above steps are completed, you need to measure the diameter of the circle. The resulting value should be equal to the width of the fingers. If this is not the case, you should not proceed to the next step in crocheting socks. You need to complete a few more rows, for example, in this way:

  1. On the sixth row, inc four new stitches every seven.
  2. In the seventh, four every eight.
  3. In the eighth - four every nine, etc.

How to knit the front of the sock

Let's start with an explanation that the above term should be understood as part of the toe from the toe and before the start of the lift - approximately to the middle of the foot. It's very easy to do:

  1. First, we measure the diameter of the resulting circle. Recall that he mustfit the width of the fingers.
  2. After that, just knit in a spiral, gradually reaching the desired lifting point.
how to crochet socks

How to knit a heel

At the next step, we need to complete another very important part of the sock. Description of crochet will help the reader not to make a mistake and do everything right:

  1. First, fold the product in half to outline the part on which we will tie the heel.
  2. Then we start knitting. Raise the bottom of the heel one row.
  3. From the next row we decrease one loop on each side, knitting the first two together, then the last two together.
  4. Continue to perform the actions indicated in the previous step until only one loop remains.
  5. As a result, we have the bottom of the heel. And now we need to tie the edging of the product around the circle. That is, capturing the lifting part and sidewalls.
  6. When this task is completed successfully, you should measure the length of the sole. If everything is done correctly, the instructions are followed exactly, we should get a number equal to the length of the foot.
crochet socks

How to calculate the number of rows from instep to ankle

The instructions presented in this article are very detailed. Therefore, the described technology for crocheting socks for beginners is just as suitable for experienced knitters. In the current paragraph, we will study in detail the peculiarity of the execution of the lift. Which is actually pretty easy to make:

  1. First weyou need to try on the sock and measure the distance from the top edge to the ankle.
  2. After fold the product in half and measure the circumference of the top edge.
  3. Then determine the density of knitting. To do this, we measure two or three already connected rows, choose an arbitrary place.
  4. Fix all parameters. We'll need them.
  5. Now you should carry out the following calculations: subtract the circumference of the ankle from the circumference of the edge; divide the resulting value by the density of knitting; multiply the final number by the number of rows measured - two or three, depending on the previous counts.
  6. As a result, we will find out how many rows we need to knit until we reach the ankle. And, accordingly, the implementation of the penultimate stage of a simple crochet sock.

How to determine the number of stitches to decrease

However, our calculations do not end there. After all, it is still important for us to determine the number of loops for deduction:

  1. This is also easy to do, you just need to follow the following steps: divide the number of loops in the last row of the sock by the length of the piping; multiply the resulting value by the circumference of the ankle; subtract the previous figure from the total number of loops in the last row of the product; we divide this number by two, and then by the number of rows that we determined in the last paragraph.
  2. The final number tells us how many loops should be reduced, gradually moving towards the ankle. If it is less than one, then you should decrease the loops not in each row, but, for example, after one.
  3. Based on these calculations,we proceed to the penultimate stage of knitting simple and beautiful crochet socks.
  4. When we knit the required number of rows and reduce the correct number of loops, we, accordingly, reach the ankle. Now you can proceed to the completion of the product. We will tell you how to do this in the next paragraph. In the meantime, we invite the reader to take a look at how the sock should look after we have carried out the manipulations described in this paragraph.
crochet socks step by step

How to knit pagolenok

The strange and unfamiliar word that we indicated in the title of the current paragraph means nothing more than the shaft of a sock. In other words, the part that hugs part of the leg from the ankle and above. We previously referred to it as sock height. It is its length that you can determine yourself.

crochet socks step by step

So, further detailed description of crocheting socks concerns this very part:

  1. Having knitted the product from the toe to the ankle, you can try it on just in case. To make sure the sock fits.
  2. If the result of painstaking work is completely satisfied, we start knitting a pagolenka. To do this, simply raise this part to a length that you like. We move in a spiral, do not add new loops, do not subtract old ones.
  3. When the leg of the desired length is ready, carefully insert the hook into the loop two rows below.
  4. We knit a single crochet and break the thread.
  5. And then fasten it from the inside of the sock.
  6. Moreonce we try on the product. If it was put on easily, then we knit the second sock using the technology described above.

How to knit a sock from soles

Another knitting method is as follows:

  1. Divide the length of the foot by ½ the girth of the foot. The resulting number is the number of stitches in the chain of air loops that we should cast on.
  2. Now we tie it around, moving in a circle, as shown in the diagram below.
description crochet socks

How to make the main part of the sock

Trying on the resulting insole. If it is small, we knit a few more rows, repeating the last two rows of the pattern.

Then we crochet socks for children or adults, moving in a spiral. We do not add or subtract anything. Continue in this way for three or four rows.

Now in the cape (from the base of the thumb to the base of the little finger) we decrease the loops after two.

Knit the following rows, knitting at the junction of the loops from the side and cape together.

Continue like this until we reach the ankle. Then just knit in a spiral to the desired length of the sock.

How to tie a leg with an elastic band

It looks very interesting products, the upper part of which is decorated with an elastic band. If the reader likes this idea, then you should prepare a hook and knitting needles for knitting socks. The rest of the technology is quite simple. Having knitted the product to the ankle, we collect loops in a circle and transfer them to four hosiery knitting needles. Then we knit with an elastic band, alternatingone or two purl loops and the same number of facial loops. When the desired length of the leg is reached, close the loops without tightening them too much.

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