Crab origami: two easy patterns
Crab origami: two easy patterns

Origami is the ancient art of folding a square piece of paper to make an animal, bird or any other object. There are complex crafts available only for experienced craftsmen. In the article, we will look at simple origami options that you can do with your child.

This is a useful activity that develops logical thinking, attentiveness and accuracy, the ability to act gradually, step by step, according to the scheme. Let's start with a simple origami crab. It is easy to make, the main thing is to bend a square sheet of paper, following the serial numbers in the diagram below in the article.

First pattern

For work you will need to prepare a colored sheet of square shape. Usually the crab is made red or pink. First you need to fold the workpiece in half vertically and horizontally to determine the center lines of the square. Insert your finger into the piece folded in four and open the pocket so that you get a triangle.

origami crab diagram

Do the same on the opposite side. The upper lower corners must be folded back. These will be the hind legs of the origami crab. Bend the thin strip on the upper triangle to the same place. Flip the workpiece andwrap the edges inward and upward, as in Figure No. 10. It remains to bend the bottom corner so that the crab's body becomes even from above and below. Adjust the paws and the crab is ready!

Use crafts

Paper origami crab can be played by drawing eyes with a marker. Crafts with toy plastic eyes, which can be purchased at a needlework store, look spectacular.

Small figurines can be glued onto a piece of cardboard to create a 3D seabed or aquarium appliqué. They can be used for theatrical performances.

Second version of a simple crab

The first steps are similar to the previous option, that is, you need to fold the square in half: both vertically and horizontally. Then fully unfold the sheet to its original position. Bend each half of the square on the sides again in half and from the sides, and from above, and from below. Then follow the scheme to do everything right.

paper crab assembly diagram

All folds must be carefully aligned by rubbing with a finger or pen. Before finalizing the fold of the paper, check that the paper is folded correctly to avoid unnecessary dents.

As you can see, making origami of a small crab is quite simple, even a child of senior preschool or primary school age can handle it. Try to make a craft with your baby. It's entertaining and useful. Good luck!

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