How to make a ball out of a snake: instructions
How to make a ball out of a snake: instructions

The desire to brag about some ability lives in each of us. Someone can jump forward a decent distance, someone takes pleasure in surprising others by reaching the tip of the tongue to the nose.

In the early 80s, a demonstration of intellectual abilities and manual dexterity in combination caused a special delight. Then new puzzles appeared in the USSR, including the Rubik's cube and the snake, from the links of which you can assemble many two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures.

Who invented the puzzle

Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik became famous all over the world thanks to his Rubik's Cube - an intellectual game that requires concentration, a calm mood, systemic strategic thinking and sports excitement. The author patented the puzzle in 1975, and in the 80s she made him a millionaire.

Rubik's snake

Another, no less famous, but not so difficult puzzle that captivated children and adults from various social strata is Rubik's snake. The ball is the most popular, perhaps due to its compactness, a figure assembled from it.

What does a snake consist of

24 prisms, identical insize and interconnected by hinges - it would seem, a simple device. Its original form for assembling figures really resembles an elongated snake. Usually the snake is two-colored - this makes it easier to collect.

how to make a ball out of a snake

From the instructions for the puzzle you will learn how to make a ball, a dog, a cat and many other intricate geometric shapes out of a snake.

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a ball from a snake

The puzzle seems unusually difficult at first. How to assemble a ball from a snake is completely incomprehensible. However, in just a few minutes, you will surely "tame the snake" and transform it into a smooth, beautiful figure.

So, how to make a ball out of a snake:

  1. You can start collecting the ball by turning the links of the snake both to the left and to the right. Lay the snake vertically in front of you so that the more elongated edge is on top, and the topmost prism is with its base towards the ceiling. Let's assume you are right handed. Hold the prism in your left hand and rotate the top joint 90 degrees to the right with your right hand.
  2. Rotate the second prism in the same direction also 90 degrees.
  3. The third joint of the snake is rotated in the same way, continuing to fold the segments of the prism in one direction.
  4. After you scroll the snake for the fourth time, as if wrapping it all the time to the right, you should get a completely distinct part of the future ball - a recess of three faces of the same color, and faces of a contrasting color adjoin each of them.
  5. Next, holding the snake itself, turn it toright.
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 to get another recess - the second part of the ball. Moreover, you need to perform the last two actions almost simultaneously, so that the prisms of the snake are tightly pressed against each other.
  7. And we repeat the key action - we turn the snake itself away from the ball, release it in order to make one more - the third part of the ball. Repeat steps 1-4 again and bend the snake away from the ball. In total, you will end up with 8 recesses.
  8. At the end we get a practically assembled figure with a protruding tail. How to make a ball out of a snake so that it is even, regular, symmetrical? Find the "tail" from which you started collecting it, and move it away from the ball.
  9. The second end, consisting of two prisms, turn to the right, and its very top away from you.
  10. Now it's simple - lower both ends towards the ball. The snake ball is ready.

What is useful invention

Rubik's Snake perfectly develops spatial and figurative thinking and imagination. Indeed, in order to assemble a figure, you need to constantly keep its picture in your head and understand what you are striving for in the end. Creative people are sure to come up with something new in the process of deploying the snake joints at their discretion.

It is also a kind of gymnastics for the joints of the hands. Rarely does anyone regularly perform gymnastics to prevent arthritis and arthrosis at an older age, but with a toy like a snake, this happens by itself.

rubik's snake ball

After it will be clear in practice how to assemble a ball from a snake, make another figure, come up with a story about it and tell it to the child. And be sure to help him see and imagine in the angular, for example, hippopotamus you made, his living prototype.

Then invite your child to build something simple himself. Let him turn the snake around, developing fine motor skills at the same time.

Which snake is better to choose

Rubik's snake can be big and small, different colors. If you take the snake in your hands, it will immediately become clear how convenient it is to deal with it - check that it turns without much effort. In a good way, instructions should be included in the package, although you yourself can easily find different ways to assemble a puzzle of several difficulty levels. Learn how to make a snake into a ball, a swan, a turtle, a dinosaur or a flower.

how to make a snake ball

A small snake is convenient to carry around - there are snakes even in the form of key rings. But the owner of a larger toy will surely feel like a real designer. The most important thing when choosing a snake is a strong desire to turn it in your hands and do something with it yourself.

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