How to make a ball out of flowers? Our master class will help you
How to make a ball out of flowers? Our master class will help you

Author's decor is always exclusive and unique. Having made a handmade item, you will not be disappointed. After all, you can bring to life any ideas and ideas. How to make a ball out of flowers? Nothing is impossible! Flower balls are a versatile decoration for any celebration. They can also serve as a worthy alternative to the classic bouquet.

You will need the following materials:

- flowers (made of paper, fabric);

- Styrofoam ball;

- glue gun;

- ribbon.

How to make a ball out of flowers? First, apply a drop of glue to any point of the ball and glue the tip of the tape. Then wrap the ribbon around the balloon and glue it to the other end.

how to make a balloon out of flowers how to make a flower toy

Apply hot glue to the base of the flower and press firmly to the base. Place products in a checkerboard pattern and make sure that no gaps are visible.

how to make paper flowers with your own hands Finished ball of flowers

If you wish, you can decorate the decoration with beads, small flowers,leaves. How to make a ball out of flowers? You have the answer to this question and all the possibilities to create this flower miracle.

Probably, each of us has been in a situation where you need to choose an original gift, but there are no ideas. Flower arrangements are a win-win. Indeed, today there are many offers and options for gifts of this category. But how to make a flower toy yourself? You just need to purchase the necessary materials and be patient.

Here are the basic steps for making a flower toy:

  1. Draw the layout of the toy on paper, carefully calculate the size of the details.
  2. Transfer the drawing to the oasis (floristic sponge) using a marker.
  3. Carefully cut out the details from the sponge (a sharp stationery knife is best). Then fasten them with floral wire.
  4. Prepare the flowers for work: make the tip of the stem (it must be at least 3 cm) sharp. Saturate the oasis blank with water.
  5. Gently start pinning the flowers. Do this so that no gaps are visible. Combine flowers of different sizes and colors to make the toy look realistic. Eyes, spout is best done using buttons.
flower toy

If a flower toy is properly cared for, it will be able to please its owners for at least three weeks. Avoid direct sunlight and dust. You need to water the composition every day, starting from the top.

How to make paper flowers with your own hands? There are many options for creating them. They arewill serve as a wonderful decoration both at home and any celebration. Here is one of the options for creating a fantasy flower needlewoman Mary Stuart.

Step 1: Print out a sheet of note paper with a pattern you like (it's very thin, so attach it to a standard sheet).

Postal paper

Step 2. Cut out 8 small rectangles. Fold each of them in half lengthwise, smoothly cut the edge, forming a semicircle. Form petals.

Trimming the edges We form the petals

Step 3. Wrap the stamens with a strip of crepe paper.


Step 4. Form a flower from petals and stamens, wrap the stem with paper or tape.


The flower is ready! You can make the desired amount and form a bouquet or use it as a decorative element.

Now you know how to make a ball, a toy or a flower out of flowers, and you can please yourself and your loved ones with handmade gifts.

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