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Appliques on the theme of summer from paper, cotton pads and other materials
Appliques on the theme of summer from paper, cotton pads and other materials

Childhood is a period of life when a person needs to do something all the time. Where does this desire to learn everything new and interesting come from. One of the favorite activities of all the kids is making various crafts. The most important thing in this case, of course, is fantasy, so the theme for art should be something inspiring, for example, the seasons. Summer themed appliqué is a wonderful way to express your emotions related to this wonderful time.

Applique as a form of creativity

Among the various techniques and methods for making crafts, appliqué - that is, cutting and gluing figures from various materials onto the base - is one of the most beloved by children. In addition to the joy of creating a masterpiece, the child develops fine motor skills and creative thinking.

You can start doing the application alreadyat the age of 2–3 years. True, the details for the application should be prepared in advance, because messing around with scissors at this age is still quite difficult and even dangerous. In addition, the figures should be large, because the baby is just learning to compose.

For example, an application on the theme of "summer" made of paper, which a three-year-old child can do - making a flower. Prepare paper petals and a circle for the core, and then invite the baby to assemble a flower from parts and glue it on paper.

Over time, applications need to be complicated in accordance with the capabilities of the child. Details should become smaller, compositions more complex, and the child himself should take an increasing part in preparing materials and creating crafts. Applications on the theme of "summer" can be made from various materials.

Applique materials

For any application you need a base - a sheet of paper or cardboard. You also need something with which you can glue the elements to the base: glue, adhesive tape. But you can stick anything you like, the most common materials for applique on the theme of summer:

  • color paper;
  • cotton wool (cotton pads, balls);
  • cereals and seeds;
  • napkins;
  • natural materials (leaves, flowers, pebbles, sand);
  • pasta;
  • pieces of cloth;
  • and more.

Applications can be made in various techniques. For example:

  • mosaic - the picture consists of numerous pieces that form a common pattern;
  • quilling - spirals are glued onto the sheet,twisted from thin strips of paper;
  • collage - clippings from newspapers, magazines, parts of postcards and photographs are grouped and glued to the base;
  • 3-D application - the elements are glued to the base using a special thick double-sided adhesive tape, thereby creating a volume effect;
  • volumetric application - not flat figures are glued to the base, but voluminous objects, for example, dried flowers, acorns, pasta and more.

Applique from colored paper on the theme "summer"

Paper gives you an unlimited number of options for crafts, because you can cut out any figures from it. Here are some ideas on how to design an application.

summer applique

Such a creation is very easy to make, and looks very interesting and not at all banal.

If you have scrapbooking tape at hand (it differs from the usual one in its thickness), then you can make a 3D application.

crafts applications on the theme of summer

Here in such a simple way you can make, for example, a postcard that you are not ashamed to give to someone. And to make the application look better, the paper should be replaced with colored cardboard.

Appliques on the theme of summer from cotton wool

Wadding is a very good material for making crafts, because it creates the effect of softness and airiness. And cotton wool and products made from it are easy to stick and can be painted. It is especially good to use this material for making winter crafts to imitate snow or Santa Claus's beard.

It is justified to use cotton wool in applications on the topicsummer, it can be used to make clouds, and it also looks like the fur of furry animals.

applications on the theme of summer from paper

You can make applications on the theme of "summer" from cotton pads, balls and sticks. Here are some more ideas.

applications on the theme of summer from cotton pads

Applique materials that every kitchen has

Fantasy helps turn simple things into extraordinary. It would seem that what can be made from buckwheat, rice and other cereals, except for making porridge from them? You can make a great app. To do this, you need to smear a sheet of paper with glue, and sprinkle grits on top, then shake off the excess and admire your creation. Glued grits can be painted, but if not too lazy, this can be done in advance by soaking it in water with paint. We'll have to wait until the grits dry and become crumbly again.

You can also use dried peas, beans, seeds, corn, even popcorn and coffee beans, but it's better to stick them individually.

summer applique

Using creative pasta

Oddly enough, but these products are the best suited for children's creativity. Pasta has a number of advantages: they are firm, they can be dyed, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Spirals and bows, shells and vermicelli, spaghetti and noodles - they are just made to be admired. For an applique on the theme of summer, a variety of figured pasta in the form of flowers, suns and animals, which indulge us in modernmanufacturers.

Pasta can be glued first, and only then painted with gouache. But in this case, the whole picture runs the risk of being painted, so it is better to give color to the products in advance. To do this, you need to mix gouache with water and a small amount of PVA glue, and then dip the pasta into this mixture for a few minutes. The paint should be quite thick so that the figures do not get wet, and thanks to the glue they will not smear their hands. Next, they must be dried on a sheet of paper.

Creativity contributes to the mental and physical development of the child, helps to use free time to good use. Tell your kid a few ideas, study with him, experiment, use new materials. Today, stores sell a huge amount of goods for children's creativity, but it is not at all necessary to spend money every time a child decides to create something with his own hands. A handful of pasta or cereals costs a penny, and an application made from them by a child is priceless.

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