Can I crochet practical slippers?
Can I crochet practical slippers?

In houses where there are often guests, the question periodically arises of where to get the required number of slippers. There is an easy way to solve this problem - crochet slippers from yarn. Clothesline will work too.

Crochet Slippers

Can you doubt whether knitted slippers will be durable and wearable enough? To make the product practical, it is enough to choose the right material for work. First of all, you need to take thick synthetic or mixed yarn with tight twist. If you have leftover threads, but you are not sure of their quality, add a second thread, cotton or viscose, to the main thread, and crochet slippers in two strands.

Today we crochet slippers in two ways: from the toe and from the sole.

Knitted slippers

The first knitting option is suitable for beginner needlewomen, it is extremely simple and requires the ability to knit double crochets. We start work with a chain of 5-7 loops closed in a ring. New row: 2 lifting loops, then we knit 2 columns with a crochet from each loop. Next row: double crochets. We alternate the rows until we get the toe of the slipper of the desired size, usually it is 5-6 cm, then we knit alongcircle still the same amount without addition. The toe of the slipper is ready, we unfold the work and knit 2/3 of the circle with double crochets, unfold the work, knit a new row. Thus, the required length of the slipper is knitted, after which the seam on the heel is connected. The edge of the resulting product can be tied with columns or a "crustacean step" to keep its shape and decorate slippers. When worn, the heel will stretch a little and sit neatly on the leg.

Crochet slippers

The second option, crocheted slippers with soles, is a little more difficult and requires certain skills. First, we knit the sole: we collect a chain of loops about 15-18 cm long (2/3 of the length of the foot) and knit an oval with columns, adding loops for rounding at the ends. The finished sole will be slightly larger than your foot. Next, we make 2 lifting loops and proceed to the design of the top of the slipper. Knitting goes in a circle with double crochets, tapering evenly in the front. To do this, we knit 2 columns and close with one loop. The back of the slipper is knitted straight to form the heel.

When the product reaches the desired height, close the loops and tie the edge with a "crustacean step". To get slippers with lapels, at a height of 10 cm, start knitting the top with a turn from the center, about 5 cm. Bend the edge of the slipper, fix it with thread or decorative buttons.

If you know how to crochet chain and bollards, try crocheting old rope slippers without a crochet hook. Tie a loop at the end of the rope and pull a loop through it with your fingers, followed by the next one. Soon you willyou get a chain equal to the length of the foot, preferably a little longer. Work the sole as you would a regular piece of fabric, pulling the rope through the loops with your fingers, but do not overtighten the loops. When the width of the sole is sufficient, you can, without cutting the rope, knit a slipper toe or just a crossbar, as on slippers. These flip flops can be machine washed after every party and stored hanging from the loop.

Now you know how you can crochet or not crochet slippers, and decorate them depending on your taste and imagination. Good luck!

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