How to make a leather steering wheel?
How to make a leather steering wheel?

Are you a frequent visitor to a car service and used to trust your iron friend to mechanics? But it is not always necessary to visit auto repair shops. Some minor work, such as, for example, arranging the interior, can be done independently. So, do-it-yourself steering wheel hauling is very easy, and it is available even for a novice motorist. Let's consider several options on how to turn the main control object into a rather attractive and at the same time convenient little thing.

leather steering wheel

Classic black

The first thing to think about when deciding to make a leather steering wheel by replacing the cover is the choice of material color. But this problem is quite easy to solve. It's better to stick with the classics. Black color in this case will be ideal. With any style direction, such a noble leather steering wheel will look elegant and at the same time restrained. After you decide on the color, familiarize yourself with the properties of different materials. Of all the most practical, elastic and softis perforated leather. Although it is not as wearable as smooth, it is simply impossible to compare with it in terms of comfort. If such material is at your fingertips, you can safely get to work, guided by further instructions.

leather upholstery on steering wheel

We make the leather steering wheel according to our own template

  1. Remove the steering wheel from the base. To do this, first unscrew the screws from the body, and then the fastening nut from the steering shaft.
  2. If you already had a skin-tight coating, remove it.

  3. Then make a layout as follows:

    - first wrap the steering wheel with a thick film (or simple shopping bags);

    - cover the plastic layer with paper adhesive tape;

    - draw with a marker or with a pen the future cut line;

    - with a sharp knife, carefully cut the layer of film stretched over the steering wheel along the drawn marks, resulting in several large parts; on the seams (15-18 mm), since the leather on the steering wheel is carried out with a certain amount of material.

  4. Try the resulting parts on the steering wheel to make sure the cutting is correct.
do-it-yourself steering wheel wrap

Designing a new steering wheel: stitching parts and stretching

  1. Add all the details received in the required sequence and stitch. At the same time, set the machine so that you get not too frequent, but not rare stitches. It is advisable to overcast all open cuts in order to avoidedge crumbling. For work, you need to take threads containing nylon (for greater strength).
  2. Pull the semi-finished leather cover over the steering wheel. The fabric should lie lightly and freely. But at the same time, the part must necessarily fit the body moderately.
  3. Smooth wrinkles and unevenness.
  4. In conclusion, do the most important work - connecting the edges of the canvas.
  5. You can use one of three sewing techniques for this - macrame, "pigtail" or sports stitch. Any of the options looks neat when finished, and besides, they are all very reliable.
  6. Reinstall the padded handlebar and check for tightness.

Using factory stock

It is much faster and easier to reupholster the steering wheel with leather when using a ready-made cover made at the factory. By purchasing a blank specially designed for your car brand, you will save yourself the painstaking work of making templates, patterns, adjusting sizes by adjusting seam allowances. In this case, the steering wheel can be reupholstered with leather in just an hour and a half. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to purchase a factory part, choose this option for decorating the steering wheel.

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