Origami box - master class
Origami box - master class

Boxes help us organize the storage of many things: cosmetics, stationery, cables, and so on. Of course, you can use ready-made packaging from products or equipment, and then decorate it. But we suggest you learn how to make an origami box. It can not only serve as an organizer, but also as a gift wrapping.

Origami paper box

how to make an origami box

Everyone knows that you can fold origami from almost any paper. In the case of a craft such as a box, this rule is a bit inappropriate. Why:

  • In the process of creating a box, the paper needs to be repeatedly folded and then unfolded, so paper that is too thick is not suitable.
  • The box is not just a craft. It will be used as an organizer or for gift wrapping. Therefore, too thin sheets are useless here.

What's going on? It is best to choose paper with a weight of 70 to 120 gsm. m. As for the type, it is possible to fold ordinary colored sheets, special packaging or forscrapbooking. The main thing is that there is a suitable density.

Simple box

origami box

Take a square or rectangular piece of paper, depending on which origami box you need. Fold it in half twice (illustrations 1 and 2). Unfold the sheet once so that there is a fold line in front of you, and wrap the left and right corners towards the middle (picture 3).

Then fold the lower part in half twice to make an accordion (Figure 4). Turn the figure over (picture 5). Fold the right and left sides of the figure to the fold line in the center (Figure 6). Now you need to fold the bottom of the part into an accordion twice (picture 7). Make folds in those parts of the figure indicated in illustrations 8, 9 and 10.

Now you just have to unfold the part by tucking the top corner, as in picture 11. Such a box will be strong enough even if you use ordinary paper to create it.

Packaging box

origami paper box

Take a nice piece of square paper. When choosing, consider the size of what you plan to put there. That is, the larger the gift, the more the sheet is needed.

So, make two fold lines to form a cross. That is, fold the paper into a triangle shape, unfold it, and fold it again, just connecting the other two corners. Now make an accordion by folding the leaf three times. Straighten the paper. Repeat the accordion, only now on the other side so that the new folds are perpendicular to the previous ones.

The package blank is ready. It remains to fold it. To do this, wrap four vertices, as in the picture above, and begin to collect the figure along the fold lines. Everything should just fit together with no effort.

In order for the origami box to be a full-fledged gift wrapping, you need to make holes on the edges and thread the ribbon.

Resealable box

how to make an origami box

This origami box with a lid is made as follows:

  1. Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half twice to form a cross from the fold lines (illustration 1).
  2. Then spread the leaf and wrap each vertex towards the center (Figure 2).
  3. Now fold the figure in half, folding one part back (Figure 3).
  4. Roll the right side to the left as shown in illustration 4.
  5. Now you just need to fold the figure by pressing on the pocket (Figure 5).
  6. Turn the piece over (Figure 6).
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on this side (Figure 7).
  8. Open the pockets that are marked with red arrows in illustration 8.
  9. Unfold the shape (Illustration 9).
  10. Repeat the sixth step on this side (Figure 10).
  11. Fold the piece in half (Figure 11).
  12. Fold the figure again, as in illustration 12.
  13. Now fold both sides along the dotted lines in Figure 13.
  14. Pull the figure by the top wings (Figure 14).

A wonderful origami box that can be closed is ready!

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