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How to make a box with your own hands: pattern and recommendations
How to make a box with your own hands: pattern and recommendations

Packaging is a very important detail. After all, it will depend on her how beautifully the gift will be presented, as well as the safety of the thing. Boxes are a very convenient form of packaging. You can use ready-made store options, or you can do it yourself. In this article you will find the answer to the question of how to make a box pattern with your own hands.

Materials for making

To create you will need:

  • cardboard (preferably bound, 1mm thick);
  • pencil;
  • stationary knife.
  • ruler;
  • glue.

You will also need 15 minutes of free time. If there is no cardboard at hand, then you can use plain paper, but in this case the finished product may be very soft.

Boxes can be:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • polygonal;
  • round.

The box can be with a removable lid, as well as with a non-removable one (or even be made without it). Here, of course, it all depends on the purpose for which it is intended.

The process of making a box pattern

First, take cardboard. Let's pretend thatit is necessary to make a square box with a non-removable lid. On the reverse side of the cardboard, you need to draw six squares in the sequence shown in the figure (four vertically and two additionally on the sides). But do not rush to cut out the pattern of the box.

box pattern

In order for the sides to hold together, it is necessary to make additional sides for attaching the glue. Their location can also be seen in the picture.

Then, with a clerical knife (or scissors), carefully cut the workpiece. Next, the cardboard should be folded in future fold places. If it is very thick, then you can cut the borders of the parts a little to make it easier to bend.

Glue must be applied to additional side pieces. And, pressing them to the main parts, wait a bit until the glue "grabs". One piece does not need to be glued. This is a lid. It will be possible to put something into the box through it.

box with lid

If you are making a box with a removable lid, you will need to make two sweeps: one to the bottom, the other to the lid.

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