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Knitted jumper for a girl: ideas for inspiration
Knitted jumper for a girl: ideas for inspiration

A bright and stylish jumper for a girl knitted with knitting needles is a universal wardrobe item. Warm yarn will warm the baby, and she will not catch a cold. The clothes do not have buttons, that is, they will not interfere with movement.

jumper for girls knitting

Where does the knitting of any thing begin? Of course, with the choice of yarn. Since we are talking about products for little girls, there are special requirements for threads.

Yarn selection

Firstly, the yarn should be pleasant to the touch, not prickly or shaggy. Therefore, mohair and angora are not allowed for children's clothes. Let the baby grow up, then the time for fluffy threads will come for her. Secondly, the yarn should not cause allergies. The third requirement is practicality. Children's things often get dirty, because the material for them must withstand repeated washing and ironing, without losing their external characteristics.

When choosing yarn to knit a jumper for a girl with knitting needles, you need to look at the composition of the fiber. It is better if it is made from natural materials. Synthetics are allowed, but not more than 50%. The exception is high-quality acrylic yarn. Many manufacturers have in their assortment a line marked Baby (orChildren's), you should pay attention first of all to it.

There are no requirements for the color scheme of the yarn. But traditionally it is customary to consider shades of pink for girls. We suggest moving away from the stereotype and choosing threads of other colors: blue, bright orange or elegant white. Another win-win option is melange yarn.

Simple knitted jumper for girls

After the composition of the threads is considered, you need to decide on the model. An option for mothers who are just learning to knit is to make a sweater with front or wrong side.

knitting jumper

Light pattern and small size of the blouse - these factors allow you to knit a jumper for a girl with knitting needles in a few evenings. If there is no desire to mess around with the calculation of loops and knit raglan, the details of the front and back are made without armholes. The sleeves are two rectangles, which are then sewn to the base of the pullover.

Model with round yoke

For needlewomen who have mastered knitting to perfection, the jumper offered in the next photo will not be difficult. The rest will have to work hard.

jumper for children

The specificity of the sweater is that it is knitted in a non-standard way - from top to bottom. The number of loops with each row gradually increases, the result - the product will be quite free and not constraining movements, which the baby will like. A round yoke requires a special pattern. Firstly, it should look good in an "inverted" form. Secondly, to allow the joining of pattern rapports when knittingcircle. Ornaments in the form of leaflets, zigzags and openwork stripes satisfy the requirements. The main fabric of the product is knitted in stockinette stitch.

Knitted set

In conclusion - a children's jumper for a girl and a hat. The basis of the pattern is a braid pattern placed in the center of the front canvas. If desired, it can be duplicated on the back. The sleeves are made with a solid fabric front stitch.

jumper and hat for girls

To prevent the jumper from stretching, the details begin to knit from the elastic band, alternating 3 facial and 3 purl loops. To avoid additional seams allows the execution of a pullover on circular knitting needles. Having typed the required number of loops, the jumper is knitted from the bottom up. To form armholes, the front and back are separated.

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