How to crochet a backpack: ideas, description, yarn selection
How to crochet a backpack: ideas, description, yarn selection

How to crochet a backpack to make it original? You need to start with the selection of yarn and style. You can crochet not only a child's accessory, but also an adult accessory.

Yarn selection

A backpack is a convenient and practical accessory. It can be made from any material. The crocheted backpack has become a fashion trend. How to choose the right yarn for him:

  • Acrylic has a wide range of colors, easy to knit.
  • Cotton is ideal for making a summer accessory, it is practical in the heat.
  • Knitted yarn allows you to create an interesting backpack texture, washable.
how to crochet a backpack

It is important that the thread is strong enough and not thin. So the accessory will keep its shape.

Simple master class

You can crochet a backpack from knitted yarn quite quickly. First you need to prepare materials:

  • yarn;
  • suitable hook.

Knitting process:

  • Start by creating the bottom. We collect 3 air loops, close in a ring and knit in a circle 6 columns without a crochet. Then in each row we distribute6 increments evenly. We knit the bottom up to 25 cm in diameter.
  • Starting to make the walls of the backpack. We knit in a circle without increments with single crochet at least 30 cm in height.
  • Next, make holes for the ties: 5 single crochet, 5 air loops - repeat to the end of the row.
  • The last row is tied with a "crustacean step".
  • The tie is a chain of air loops of the required length.
crocheted children's backpack

Even a beginner can crochet a knitted backpack. The accessory can be decorated with decorative elements or buttons.

Children's backpack

A bright and beautiful accessory will appeal to any girl. How to create a crochet baby backpack?

  • To begin with, yarn of several shades and a hook are selected.
  • Then the bottom is knitted with single crochets. It can be round or oval.
  • The walls of the backpack are made with the selected pattern at least 25 cm in height.
  • The top of the bag is tied with single crochets.
  • Create a valve in the middle of one side. To do this, attach a thread and knit 20 rows in turn rows.
  • Straps are made separately. To do this, they collect 8 single crochets and knit in turning rows 30 cm long. Sew to the backpack.
crochet knitted backpack

Children's backpack is decorated with flowers. You can also embroider the muzzle of any animal.

Knitted backpack

When choosing yarn for bags, the main thing is that it keeps its shape. How to tiecrochet backpack?

  • First of all, the bottom is formed. To do this, 2 air loops are made, 6 single crochets are knitted in the second and closed in a circle. Make an increase in each row. The bottom must be at least 20 cm in diameter.
  • To move to the walls of the backpack, one row is knitted without increments for the back loops. Then we move up 25 cm.
  • Next, you need to tie the valve. To do this, they collect 6 single crochets in the ring and pull them together. A semicircle is knitted in turning rows, increases are made in each row. Then the valve is sewn to the backpack. A large button is sewn on, a loop is made.
  • The straps are made of the required width and length with single crochets.

The backpack, knitted from knitted yarn, holds its shape well, it can even be washed in a washing machine.

5 cool ideas

Needlewomen in search of new ideas are inspired by the work of other craftsmen. To understand how to crochet a backpack, it is enough to know the basic principles of creating things from yarn.

crochet a backpack from knitted yarn

% of ideas that will help you choose not only the color, but also the appearance of the accessory:

  • An animal-shaped backpack is perfect for a child. First, the bag itself is knitted, and then a cute muzzle is made out. The most popular are: bunny, teddy bear, kitty and dog.
  • For the summer period, you can make a rainbow backpack. Having picked up all seven shades, knit alternately in rows. Decorate with a flower or a beautiful button.
  • Ladybug will not only attractattention, but also cheer up. Such a backpack will appeal not only to children, but also to teenagers.
  • An accessory made of floral motifs will be incredibly beautiful and cute. It can be knitted in any color scheme. Pink shades are suitable for cute girls, bright colors are suitable for bold and active people.
  • Zebra backpack. Such an accessory will suit any outfit, as it will be knitted from threads of two classic colors - white and black.

A backpack is a thing that almost every person has. It can become not only a roomy bag, but also a cute accessory that complements the style of clothing.

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