DIY bottle decoration: photo
DIY bottle decoration: photo

Recently, there has been a trend to give gifts made or decorated with their own hands. It is valued and considered an exclusive and expensive sign of attention. A decade ago, our society frankly did not accept this approach. Now many will subscribe to the words of the great Coco Chanel, who said:

"Handmade things are a luxury, it is not necessary for everyone to have them. Whoever wants to receive them either pays the master for labor, or does it himself."

Today we will try to follow her advice, and we will do it ourselves.

Every person has acquaintances for whom it is rather difficult to choose a gift, and it is almost impossible to surprise them with something. This article will tell you win-win options that will help out in such a situation.

An extraordinarily exciting hobby

painting a bottle with paints

Decorating bottles with your own hands is an interesting and even exciting activity. There are a lot of options for creativity: decoupage, painting with paints, decoration with ribbons, threads, fabric, leather, decoration with polymer clay, rhinestones, crepe paper, flowers, coffee beans and even edible elements forfurther use as a snack.

A separate masterpiece is the art of some masters to give the bottle the image of the person to whom it is presented: a doctor, a policeman, a fisherman, a ballerina and so on. By the way, such a hobby can bring a fairly good and stable income, because there are many holidays in a year, and an original and unforgettable sign of attention is highly valued. In addition, after using the gift itself, the bottle will certainly be left as a souvenir as a handmade vase. But first things first.

Decoupage is easy

The topic of decorating bottles with your own hands should be started with a description of the most common technique - decoupage (translated from French as "cut"). The meaning is that a cut-out pattern or element is applied to some surface. This technique is most often used in conjunction with paints for glass, ceramics or porcelain. To make the drawing look more harmonious, its edges are covered with paint using a special technique, which gives the final result a finished and simply "masterpiece" look. Information about decorating bottles with your own hands (you can find a photo on this topic in the article) at some point becomes relevant for every craftsman, because it reveals endless possibilities for a person who has at least minimal handicraft skills.

decoupage new year

We will focus on general points, and then practice, fantasy and experimentation will tell you which options will be most appropriate and convenient for you specifically.

How is it done?

  • First, you should choose a picture (the most convenient way is to use a picture from paper napkins - a great option for beginners).
  • Cut it out, or better, carefully cut off the edges, which is much more difficult, but also more beautiful.
  • Apply PVA glue to the bottle and attach a decorative element, gently smoothing and straightening the pattern. This must be done especially carefully so as not to tear the napkin element.
  • Some tutorial authors suggest applying glue on top of the drawing, but this is optional.
  • If desired, a special varnish can be applied at the final stage for a glossy shine.
  • Next, take a foam sponge and apply it with any paint for ceramics or glass with sharp jerky movements. An unusual texture will be obtained, the borders of the picture will be hidden.
  • Before the paint is dry, you can add glitter, rhinestones, fine multi-colored decorative sand or something else.
New Year's decoupage

Polymer clay decoration in festive bottle decor

The next thing we'll look at is polymer clay decor. It is used to decorate bottles of champagne, for example, for a wedding (it looks wonderful set with glasses decorated in the same style - this is a separate branch of handicraft that is in great demand). New Year's decor made of polymer clay will also be appropriate, because it opens up endless possibilities for both beginners and experienced craftsmen.

christmas decor

First you need to havepolymer clay (baked or self-hardened) in the colors you plan to use. To start the modeling process itself, it is important to remember that all manipulations are best done with rubber gloves of a suitable size, then the products will turn out neat and look more aesthetically pleasing.

Second point: in any store for needlework lovers you can buy molds (special print forms) of leaves, petals and even flowers. This will greatly facilitate the process for those who were engaged in modeling only in kindergarten. But there is another secret: if buying additional accessories is not included in your plans, you can use live leaves by applying them to polymer clay doubles and cutting along the contour. Nature will give a unique pattern to your creativity.

decorating champagne with polymer clay flowers

Instructions for decorating with polymer clay

So let's get started:

  • To decorate a bottle of champagne, for example, on the eighth of March, you will need to make at least 5 flowers of different sizes and twice as many leaves to make a complete composition.
  • Decor elements can be arranged in different ways, as a standard it is customary to decorate the neckline of the bottle, where the presence of the label does not interfere, and you can use the space at your discretion.
  • Pre-degreasing the surface of the bottle, apply transparent glue and fix each element separately.
  • You can add rhinestones, beads, sequins or a few strokes of paint to the composition.
  • Onthe final step is to cover your masterpiece with varnish (only parts made of polymer clay).
polymer clay decor

Decorating bottles with flowers is a good idea for a gift for any occasion: birthday, International Women's Day, Teacher's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, any professional holiday (for example, a he alth worker will be pleasantly surprised by such a gift, because in most - women), New Year and Christmas.

Bottle with personal decor as a gift for a man

There are many different holidays in the year, relating to the strong half of humanity, including birthdays, professional holidays and just memorable dates. Decorating a bottle on February 23 is a guarantee that this holiday will become special for a man. Consider the main decor options for the "male" bottle:

  • The easiest option is to make a personalized label for alcohol that you plan to give to the hero of the occasion. You can place a photo of a person on it, or even make a mini-collage. Don't forget about the inscription, which can become your personal aphorism, giving the moment a playful or solemn tone. This method is perhaps the easiest to perform, since the finished label is simply glued on top of the main one.
  • Decoupage of the bottle will be a little more difficult to perform using a plot picture of hunting, fishing, etc. It looks very cool when they take a burning candle at the final stage and let the wax merge onto the top of the bottle. When it is covered with a frozen layer of wax, the effect of a sealedthings that are very original and unusual.
  • The bottle looks amazing with leather or burlap decor, using shells or wooden decorative elements. You can make a leather case according to the size of the bottle. Alternatively, simply roughly wrap burlap or leather around the bottle, after wetting the vessel with glue.
  • The most popular option for decorating bottles is their "humanization": giving the image of the one to whom it is planned to give such a gift. The work of such a plan requires more imagination and ingenuity than artistic skills. A fisherman bottle or a hunter bottle with camouflage and related attributes is a kind of work of art that will be remembered for a lifetime and create a valuable effect of exclusivity of a gift.
military bottle

Simple, easy, beautiful

You can decorate the bottle for the holiday with twine, for this we need scissors, a glue gun and the twine itself. You can start both from above and below, apply a layer of glue around the bottle, apply a thread, make sure that it turns out evenly and accurately. The work is monotonous and time-consuming, but the effect is amazing, especially if you add dry flowers, coffee beans, lace, small aged elements: a key with traces of rust, retro-style buttons, a vintage brooch or something like that.

coffee bean bottle decor

Decoration of bottles with satin ribbons

Surely, you have seen wedding-themed photos in which bottles in the form of a bride and groom occupy the mainplace. Most often, this technique is used in decorating wedding bottles. To create figures of the newlyweds with headdresses and accessories, the components will require a little, but a lot of patience. Decorating bottles with ribbons is done according to the same principle as in the previous example. However, here it is worth considering that this is an activity of a higher level of complexity, requiring attention, patience and strong nerves.

Satin fabric is a delicate slippery material that requires careful, meticulous work. Ribbons are arranged, depending on the idea, in the form of tailcoats, suits, multi-colored "dresses" and cross patterns. Buttons, lace, rhinestones and bows are sure to accompany this decor.

wedding decor bottles

In the photo - decoration of bottles, made by hand, in this technique. Very impressive and unusual. Decorating bottles for a wedding is a whole art, within which it is possible to convey the image of the bride and groom in the smallest detail. Such a gift will be kept in the family for years, reminding of the most important event in life.

Real flowers in the festive decoration of bottles

Separately, it is worth mentioning the decoration of bottles with real flowers. The fact that they are alive significantly reduces the period of "storage", but does not detract from the originality of this gift. In the flower industry, this is a separate industry that is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. For such purposes, both noble and wild flowers, various plant crops and even berries are used. It turns out 2 in 1: a bouquet and a good drink,aesthetically pleasing and practical.

decor fresh flowers

This is a masterpiece

Separately, it is worth considering such a chic option as the transformation of a bottle of champagne into a pineapple. In the ranking of other types of bottle decoration and gifts in general, this is an unsurpassed leader! The outlandish fruit looks simply gorgeous, the very idea involves the use of decorative elements along with the main product, which is truly brilliant.

pineapple from a bottle of champagne and chocolates

DIY beauty

Make this "pineapple" is very easy, just have the following on hand:

  1. Glue gun.
  2. Corrugated or green crepe paper for leaves.
  3. Rope or thick beige thread (can be replaced with something similar).
  4. Candies matching the shape and style.
  5. Champagne bottle.

In order not to damage the packaging of the alcoholic drink itself, it is worth wrapping the bottle with paper and sticking it in several places so that it fits the future "pineapple" quite tightly. It will be more aesthetic, but this item can be omitted.

Using a glue gun, attach the sweets to the bottle, starting from the bottom, in a checkerboard pattern, as close as possible to each other. When the entire sweet assortment is attached (the beginning of the bottle neck serves as the border), we cut out the leaves to decorate the upper part of the "fruit". Note that the leaves should be larger than the height of the rest of the bottle, covering the entire neck and even the cork with lush vegetation. At this stage, the thicker"hair" of pineapple - the better. It remains only to decorate with a rope the place where sweets and leaves meet. To do this, wrap it around the neck more than ten times, depending on the width of the joint. Optionally, you can add a bow or other decorative element.

This is not all

fur decor

In our article there are a lot of photos of decorating champagne bottles for festive events. However, there are still many different techniques: decoupage of bottles with cloth, leather, painting with paints, decorating with decorative tape, using s alt, colored and ordinary (to create a snowy effect), using beads, eggshells, s alt dough in decoration. They also use cereals, legumes, semolina, sweets, and even shirt sleeves as unusual packaging covers. Craftswomen who know how to knit dress bottles in sweaters, hats and scarves, seamstresses in themed costumes, for example, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

christmas decor

Whatever way you choose to decorate the bottle, you can be sure that such a gift will make a splash and be remembered for a long time!

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