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Do-it-yourself rug from old things
Do-it-yourself rug from old things

Today you will learn how to get rid of the old and find the new. The intrigue is that from the old things that every housewife probably has, you can create something cozy and beautiful for your own home. We'll talk about rugs made from old T-shirts, sweaters, dresses, tights, and even throws and blankets.

The brighter the better

To make a handmade miracle pleasing to the eye and valiantly serve the joy of the whole family, we suggest creating it from braided braids.

Braid carpet

To do this, you need to cut knitted things into strips, this material is more convenient to use and quite durable in operation. Such a rug made of nylon tights will become an almost eternal option. We form three balls of the same size from knitted stripes, sew them together and begin weaving the braid. The size of the carpet directly depends on the length of the resulting braid. In this technique, colorful, bright colors look great. When the weaving of the braid is over, we take the base of a round shape and, starting from the center, “lay” the workpiece with a snail, fixing each circle with glue or a strong thread with a needle. You can work without a base, but then the wrong side of the rug will not look good.quite aesthetic. At the end, you should carefully hide the "tail" of the braid, fixing it under the last circle, it is he who has the habit of protruding during the use of the product. Making such a rug with your own hands is shown in the photo, we have described all the important points above. The deed is done - time to praise yourself!

Braid carpet

How to make do-it-yourself rugs using "grandmother's" technique

Another, perhaps the most common way to make a patchwork rug is the technique of our grandmothers. They knew a lot about housekeeping and did not throw away a single piece of cloth, even the smallest one. You can take any things of different colors and types of fabric. Even if the edges of the flaps are a little "falling off" - it does not matter, after several washings of the carpet they will finally leave the product. There are several options for the shape and ways of laying parts. Pay attention to the first photo: the carpet is sewn from square blanks folded diagonally into a triangle.

Carpet in grandmother's technique

You can work in this technique both manually and on a sewing machine. For large sizes, it is advisable to stop at the machine method. If you want to make, for example, a do-it-yourself rug for children, this is ideal.

Step by step guide

The essence of the work is as follows:

Step 1. We cut a lot of square parts.

Step 2. We decide on the shape of the carpet - cut out the base from a dense hard fabric (circle, oval, square, rectangle).

Step 3. We workfrom the edge to the center. To the very edge of our base we apply blanks folded in a triangle diagonally, and, slightly overlapping the details, sew in a circle.

Step 4. When the outer circle is completed, retreat no more than one and a half centimeters from it and perform the same steps again.

Step 5. A medium-sized rug consists of 15 circles and several thousand patches. The splendor of the rug depends on the frequency of laying the details.

Patchwork rug

Replacing blank squares with stripes or circles, you can make an exclusive and very stylish thing, diversifying the interior and pleasing your loved one.

If the blanks are folded in various ways, then masterpieces of textile art are obtained.

Such carpets are very popular with young children. A child can sort through pieces of fabric with fingers of various colors and textures for a long time, which contributes to the development of fine motor skills, color perception, and enriches sensory perception.

Very fluffy rugs

Now let's look at how to make a do-it-yourself rug step by step from strips of fabric and construction mesh. For convenience, you need to arm yourself with a crochet hook or similar tool.

Stage 1. Cut a lot of strips about 3 cm by 15-20 cm in size (it is better to use knitted T-shirts, old fleece clothes, sweaters, and so on). The height of the "pile" of the rug depends on the length of the strips.

Stage 2. We stretch a strip into the mesh hole, use a hook to stick it out of the cell adjacent to it and tie it into a knot.

Stage 3. Repeat this manipulation many times until the grid is completely filled. This is a very time consuming process, but the result is worth it.

Carpet from strips of fabric

This handmade rug is suitable for the bathroom and as a bedside option in the nursery, and in the living room - by the fireplace. He looks great, plus everything - he is quite tenacious.

The rug can be knitted

knitted rug

For those who knit, there is a great option to create a rug from old things with your own hands, using this skill. The preparatory process is still the same: we cut things into thin long strips and, sewing them together, form a ball. Such a rug is knitted with a single crochet, although maybe your imagination and experience will choose other options.

Non-standard weaving methods

Do-it-yourself rug can be made using improvised means. In the next video, the master uses a rectangular metal basket (like those that serve as inventory in a supermarket) as a frame. The idea is just amazing, and the result is completely different from all previous options.

If you still have a question, is it difficult to make a rug with your own hands from old things, then we answer unequivocally - no!

Jeans in action

Well, what about without them?! In the classic version, we could offer you to sew a denim square rug without processing the edges, which, no doubt, looks very impressive. Denim will fit perfectly into all of the above methods: shreds,knitting, rug using mesh. But the most stunning and, perhaps, futuristic option is sewing a rug from the pockets of old jeans.

Denim rug

Stylish, isn't it? Any teenager will be delighted with such a gift. As an alternative to sewing, you can make such an interior item using a rigid base and a glue gun. The material is very durable, which is a big plus. Combining different shades of denim, you can achieve a fantastic result.

Soft rug made of … stones

The apotheosis of our article will be a rug of stones. Not from real ones (although this also happens, for example, at the entrance to the house). We will talk about making a carpet from pebbles made of wool or felt. In our realities, it is not always easy to get the above-mentioned material, and the price of felting wool can ruin all creative impulses, so we offer a more budget option.

wool stones

Making such a carpet, or rather its counterpart, possibly from old rugs, blankets, fleece items. First you need to cut out round blanks of various sizes: very large, medium, small and very tiny. It is advisable to use shades of fabrics that are close in color. Manually, with the help of a needle and thread, we form round and oval pebbles from blanks. It is not necessary to adhere to perfectly even forms, rather, on the contrary. In the process of work, you will realize that the filler for such elements is practically not required due to the density of thematerial.

When a certain amount of "pseudo-stones" is accumulated, you can start laying out the carpet pattern on the base (a piece of felt, construction sealant or something similar). At this stage, it will become clear how many more elements are needed, what shape and size they should be. When the "puzzle" is completed, it will be possible to fix each pebble with glue or thread with a needle. You can make such a rug in a few evenings, and it will serve and delight your family for a long time.

Would be desire and fantasy

In this article, there are enough options for creating do-it-yourself rugs with photos and videos so that the reader has a desire to make such a cozy gift for himself or his loved ones. If desired, you can combine several techniques, experiment with materials and shapes. True professionalism comes with experience. Perhaps making rugs will become your hobby, or maybe your profession. Dare, create, break stereotypes and overstep the boundaries. Creative success to you!

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