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The herbal capsule is an ancient amulet, a symbol, a keeper of good he alth. This doll stuffed with various fragrant medicinal herbs has been used for a long time to this day for the prevention of various diseases and aromatherapy.

It's very easy to make a herbal egg doll, and we'll be happy to show you how to make it at home.

The herbalist - the ancient guardian of he alth

The history of the herbal amulet originates in times far from modern technology and knowledge of medicine. Despite the fact that medicine in those days was not in the best condition, our ancestors were famous for their incredible strength, good spirits, and he alth. From their glorious times to our modern ones, the ability to make interesting rag dolls was transferred, saving the owner from negative energy, protecting from colds, weaknesses and other diseases. Bereginya from herbs strengthened the he alth of those living in the house, supported immunity, fortitude, created a pleasant aroma in the house, playing the role of a flavoring agent. Was calledshe is an herbalist.

Lush doll with herbs

Assignment of the herbalist

This simple but meaningful amulet was an indispensable part in every home of those times. They stuffed it with special compositions of herbs, which protected against ailments, strengthened the immune system. When someone in the house was sick, the doll was placed at the head of the bed on which the person was lying. People believed that the capsule helped to heal.

A small rag doll was given to children to play with. The herbal egg doll was not only an interesting toy for children, but also had a pleasant aroma, purified the air, soothed, lured good, good dreams and sound sleep. People believed that thanks to these dolls, babies grew up he althy and strong.

Ancestors attached great importance to the herbal capsule, it was supposed to protect the house from evil forces, improve the mood in the house, keeping the family strong and friendly, tune with its pleasant aroma to good deeds and good thoughts.

Herbal Egg

Chrysalis variations

Dolls-amulets of the herbalist capsules are stuffed with different herbs and have different purposes. Previously, the housewives made several capsules for the house, and each had its own special purpose and place in the home. If you want to create a doll for yourself, choose the one you need for the intended purpose, or make several.

One egg was placed or hung by the bed of a small child. While the child was sleeping, the herbalist protected his sleep and he alth. The herbalist was also placed at the bedside of adults, she also protected their he alth, not allowingsick people to walk around the house, she protected the inhabitants from diseases, from evil spirits. In the old days, it was believed that properly collected and charmed herbs protect residents from demons and protect sleep.

Another herbal capsule was stuffed with fragrant herbs. A marvelous, pleasant, pacifying aroma emanated from the finished pupae. They also helped the household to sleep soundly, to have pleasant dreams. The finished doll was placed under the pillows, they were stuffed with medicinal herbs (mint, lavender, thyme, oregano and motherwort). A set of such herbs calmed, helped in the fight against insomnia, averted nightmares. The next morning, our ancestors woke up rested, full of strength, energy, in a good mood.

The third doll was placed in the kitchen. She was stuffed with herbs that caused a violent appetite. Dill, dandelion, rue were suitable for this. In addition, this set of herbs purifies the air, eliminates unpleasant odors, and emphasizes home comfort.

The fourth herbal doll was placed in the cellar or settled in the barn. She served as a disinfectant. It was stuffed with various strongly odorous herbs that repelled pests. Especially rodents, which, in times of hunger, gladly made their way into the cellars, eating supplies. The composition of such a chrysalis included wormwood, mint, tansy.

Herbs for amulets

How to make a do-it-yourself herbal pot?

For a long time there has been a traditional way of creating this special amulet with your own hands. But each hostess still makes such a doll in her own way, connecting her imagination and giving the product a certain uniqueness. Someone embroidered dolls on clothesvarious patterns, flowers. Someone made braids from twine or thread, woven ribbons. Someone tied a handkerchief around the doll's head, put on her a beautiful painted apron. They hung necklaces of rowan berries on the shore.

It's very easy to make a herbal pod, you don't need much material to make it. The main component of the pupa are herbs, fragrant, medicinal, properly collected and dried.

Pupae of the herbalist master class

Collecting herbs

If earlier, in order to make a herbal capsule, you had to collect all the necessary herbs yourself, now you can buy them in a pharmacy or in the grandmother's market. Although, of course, it is much more pleasant when the plants are prepared with their own hands, just like housewives did in the old days.

Herbs need to be collected correctly, especially for a miraculous amulet. Wake up on a warm summer morning. Definitely on a sunny day, with a smile and a great mood. Put on comfortable, non-staining clothes and leave the house. Traditionally, gathering herbs is a fun, pleasant company, so bring friends with you if you wish.

You will need different herbs for different purposes:

  • for a restful sleep - motherwort, chamomile, oregano, lemon balm, hops;
  • for colds - sage, wormwood, needles, St. John's wort, pine cones;
  • for comfort - garlic seeds, juniper, thyme;
  • for the bedroom - mint, raspberry, currant or cherry twigs;
  • appetite - dill, parsley, basil, celery, garlic.

Collect the right herbs carefully, carefully. Put it in your bag andtie in bundles at home and dry in the sun. From the collected herbs, you can not only brew delicious gulls, but also create a chrysalis chrysalis.

Material for creating a doll

To create a herbal egg doll, you need shreds of natural fibers. Preferably cotton, linen. The brighter the fabric, the better. Craftsmen are of the opinion that the amulet has more power if it is made from fabric cut from the old things of the hostess. The finished amulet will be saturated with the energy of the owner and mistress of the house.

Let's see what we might need to create a do-it-yourself herbal pot:

  • to create a pupa's head, you need a piece of square shape, with a side of about 20-22 cm, for the head it is desirable to use a fabric of white, pale pink, light cream - light colors, the gentle tone of the face represents a pure mind, clear thoughts of a talisman and housewives;
  • for the doll's chest two square pieces of 12 cm and two cotton balls;
  • for a sundress, take the material brighter and more elegant, the shred is slightly larger than for the head, by 2-3 cm;
  • optionally take a small piece of bright fabric to create an apron;
  • two squares, the same as on the chest, for bags, in which you later need to put the collected herbs;
  • to fill the voids of the doll, take a rag: old fabric, cotton wool;
  • to decorate the doll, take colored ribbons, braid, lace and other decorative elements;
  • take a few pieces of bright strong thread.
  • Herbalist-Kubyshka

Creation processdolls

Creating an herbal pod starts with the head. For filling, you can use cotton wool, rags. The head should be in proportion to the body. Take a white piece of fabric for the head, put cotton wool inside, twist and fix with a thread. The head should be smooth, without wrinkles. Wrap it with red thread.

Next we make hands. Take a corner of the fabric, fold it inward a little and wrap it with a thread. Do the same with the second one to make two handles.

Shape your waist under them. Wrap the thread under the doll's handles.

Next chest. From pieces of colored fabric, as well as the head, make two stuffed balls. Fasten with thread. It is advisable to make breasts bigger - this is a symbol of abundance and fertility.

Tie the puffy breasts to the body of the doll with threads.

Take prepared herbs and scraps of fabric for pouches. Lay the plants in the middle, lay the remaining space with cotton wool. Tie the pouches by connecting with the handles. Lay the remaining herbs in a large piece of cloth for the body. Connect them to the body by tying them tightly with strings.

How to make a capsule with your own hands


The doll is ready to be decorated. For example, tie her a scarf made of bright fabric, put braids of threads, ribbons, twine under it.

Bereginya can be dressed in a dress sewn separately or just tie an apron. Take a piece of fabric, attach to the waist, tie with a ribbon or thick thread. Criss the ends at the back and tie in a bow.

Decorate the doll as you wish by connectingfantasy.

After the herbalist is ready, it must be activated as a talisman, the keeper of home comfort.

Main rule

In the process of creating an amulet, namely the torso, it is impossible to pierce the product with a needle, cut it with scissors. Prepare in advance, cut off pieces of fabric, but do not cut anything on the doll. Do not use scissors, knitting needles, pins and needles to create. To fasten the parts together, take ribbons and strings.

You can use scissors and needles when creating clothes for a doll. But sew sundresses, scarves and aprons separately.

It is necessary to create a talisman with a good mood, putting all the warmth, love, care into work. Think about your family, about the person for whom you are making a doll.

Do-it-yourself herbalist at home

Charm Activation

When the doll is ready, you need to perform a ritual with it and talk to the amulet. Say hello to the herbal pod. Tell her everything you want from her. Speak politely, affectionately, with respect, call her a sweetheart and a beauty. Be sure to thank her for having her in your home now.

If you made a doll for someone, then also say hello to her, tell who you will take her to, what is required of her, ask for longevity and prosperity to future owners.

Punish that the recipients also say hello to the doll, thank you for the help.

A heartfelt conversation with the amulet will activate it, set it in the right, positive way. After that, the chrysalis can be placed in its rightful place.Be sure to clean up there, wipe off the dust, you can cover the shelf with a napkin.

Collection of herbs for the egg capsule

Rules for the use of egg-pods

There are some rules in using a rag amulet stuffed with fragrant herbs. If your chrysalis is a little caked and has lost its former aroma, carefully remember the bags so that the herbs release more essential oils. This can be done daily before bed, but be careful. If handled carelessly, dry herbs can turn into dust.

A rag herbalist can serve her mistress for a long time. Properly collected and dried plants do not deteriorate and do not lose their fragrant and medicinal properties for a long time. You can also change the herbs in the bags if you wish.

The same goes for the doll's outfit. You can also change aprons, dresses, handkerchiefs, hair using the technique described above. Just don't forget: you can't cut or prick the pupae, you can't use sewing needles and scissors in the process.

DIY herbalist

This is how easy it is to create a do-it-yourself herbal egg doll. What a lovely scent it gives off! Hide various herbs in her bags, soak her with natural essential oils. Be careful with your little charm.

Chrysalis chrysalis is in demand not only as a talisman, but also as an interesting decorative element and an assistant in aromatherapy. A cocktail of pleasant, rich aromas can really be a great sedative. Lavender, mint, pine needles have a positive effect on mood. naturalaromas, hand-picked herbs really will be a good prevention for your household, protection from colds in the cold season.

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