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Origami bow: scheme
Origami bow: scheme

The oldest art of creating various figures from paper is called origami. Developing and improving, over time, the ancient art combined several different techniques. Nowadays, with their help, you can create all sorts of excellent crafts. It can be both classic flowers and figurines of various animals.

Reading this article, you will learn how to make an origami bow. And also see for yourself the ease of making this amazing paper craft and surprise your loved ones.

how to make an origami bow

The ability to make an origami bow will come in handy for you both for decorating ideas and for decorating a gift for any holiday. So, let's get down to amazing creation with our own hands!

Origami bow with ribbons

Most would like to have a bright and stylish accessory in their arsenal, but not everyone has the skill and knowledge to successfully turn what they want into a real object. In fact, it is quite simple to make an origami bow out of paper. The diagram belowwill be your indispensable assistant. Surprisingly, even a beginner can handle this technique.

Take a plain sheet of A4 paper. Bending diagonally, cut off excess paper. Fold the resulting square sheet in half, then unfold.

Then fold again in half in the other direction and straighten again. Then fold, joining together two opposite corners, unfold and align the two opposite corners. You should end up with a "star" sheet with fold lines. Now you need to bend the sheet with a rhombus along the fold lines. We connect all the corners together, pointing inward to the front of the bow.

origami bow scheme

Then bend the corner of the resulting rhombus to the center of the square sheet. Expand, you will get additional fold lines in the center. Start folding along these lines the square that turned out in the center of the sheet, and wrap the folds diverging from its corners.

Then fold the diamond as in the previous step. You need to fold the sheet back, but towards the center of the sheet, you will need to bend it deep into a small square. Now fold the resulting edges first on one side, then turn over and fold on the other side. Then expand the resulting part again. Turn what you got inside out.

Now you need to cut the folded edges with oblique lines, towards the middle to the fold line. Then fold back the fourth part of your sheet and fold the edges to a line running down the center. After that, bend the opposite side and bend the opposite edges of the line to the center. The parts that you already folded over to bend these corners, soand leave bent in one direction. Fold these edges towards each other. And flip the piece. The edges of the corners need to be bent, attaching the corners to the center of the bow. After that, you just have to hide the corners under the center. At the final stage, simply cut the corner of the edges of the parts under the bow. Your origami bow is ready.

origami paper bow scheme

Scheme will help you in the process of creating a masterpiece. Origami bow is quite easy to make. Based on the detailed description, we can conclude that this is a simple and exciting activity.

Paper craft material

All you need is to prepare paper for the bow and scissors. To do this, you do not need to use special paper for origami. It is permissible to use the colorful pages of any glossy magazine. This option will definitely give your design a special flavor. It is interesting that the most ordinary newspaper pages may come up. Ordinary thin colored one-sided paper will also be a good option for crafts. No matter what material you use, you will definitely end up with a beautiful origami bow.


You can decorate any gift with a beautiful bow: a bonbonniere for sweets, a cake or a postcard. It can be an interesting hairpin or brooch.

origami bow

You can also decorate a mirror or a photo frame, a flower pot with a bow. To decorate a gift box with crafts, you just need to stick it on the box using double-sided tape.The made origami bow will look beautiful, decorate the packaging and exude the warmth of your heart.


Origami bow - this is just one of the options for what can be made from paper. There are quite a few different paper variations that you can use for decorating. Today, handmade items are of particular importance. Suffice it to say that they will not only decorate your home, making it more comfortable, but will also become a manifestation of warmth and love for your near and dear people.

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