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Photo shoot: love story idea
Photo shoot: love story idea

Do you have a love story but still no love story? We need to change this urgently! What pictures can tell about your relationship all the most interesting? What photos will convey your romantic feelings and decorate your family photo album? To make your love story unforgettable, we have prepared ten of the most romantic love story ideas!

Picnic in nature

Warm summer days are the best time to shoot outdoors. As props, you can use bright blankets, delicate wild flowers, beautiful cups, books and fruit baskets. Cute sandwiches and, of course, happy smiles will decorate the pictures! By the way, you can perform a full-scale installation: bring vintage furniture with you, beautifully set the table.

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This summer love story idea is best started right on the road. The first shots are the warm rays of the sun, the wreath in the flowing hair… You can continue shooting during the picnic. You can lie on the grass, fool around, read books. Make your footage brighter and more vibrantSoap bubbles or balloons will help! And you can also take a dog with you - with it the photo session will become much more dynamic.

The autumn picnic looks interesting in the pictures. A riot of colors, carved leaves and apples are the main attributes for such photography. A good idea for a love story is a winter picnic. For him, you should stock up on warm mittens, a samovar and bagels!

Dating story

Props for reenacting the day you met depends on the place and circumstances. You can recreate that magical day when you first saw each other. Another idea for a love story is photos that tell about the first date.

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You can walk through memorable places or look into your favorite coffee shop. How good is this photo session? The fact that after several decades you will be able to remember the beginning of your love story in detail, and at the same time tell your loved ones about how you met.

The first kiss, tender hugs, the first presented bouquet - that's what gets into the frame during this photo shoot!

Breakfast in bed

Another inspiring idea for a love story photo shoot is a perfect morning spent together. For filming, you will need cute cups for coffee or tea, pajamas, croissants, a large bed. Pillows and fresh flowers will be useful.

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The advantage of this scenario is that you will feel as comfortable as possible at home. Yes, and the pictures will turn out to be surprisingly cozy and natural - the sun's rays penetrating the curtains, warm kisses, a delicious breakfast …With the help of such a photo session, you will be able to remember the moment when your family history began.

By the way, you can include pillows in the process of photographing: such pictures will turn out incredibly energetic and fun.

Favorite movie or book

To implement this idea for a love story is quite simple - you need to choose one or two specific scenes. Photographers do not recommend more, otherwise you simply cannot get out of endless thoughts about where to start and where in your city to get the Eiffel Tower or the Titanic.

summer love story ideas

To recreate the amazing atmosphere of the movie, you will need to choose the right place for the scenery and costumes. It is much easier to implement this love story idea in the studio! You will not need to look for places similar to those you saw in the movie. It is enough to choose costumes in the style of heroes.

Another idea is to shoot based on your favorite book. Here everything depends only on your imagination, because there are no strict rules!


Another great idea for a love story is a photo shoot in nature. There may be several options. For example, a love story in country style. Natural scenery for the photo - cozy village landscapes, wildflowers, hay bales. Ordinary sunflowers and old machinery - trucks and tractors will become luxurious decor elements.

love story photo session outdoors ideas

No less beautiful are the pictures taken during the period of violent flowering! Juicy colors, bright sun, beautiful flowers… For such a love storyblooming parks, gardens and fields are suitable. By the way, you can take something unusual for the shooting. For example, the piano! Just imagine: a wheat field, music books, an artfully aged instrument and two lovers…

A day in the life

An interesting idea for a love story - a day spent together. Such a photo shoot is good because you do not need additional props. You can go shopping, walk your dog, cook dinner, play games or just watch TV!

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By the pond

The most fascinating shots are obtained near the reservoirs. You can ride a boat on the river, or you can arrange a great photo shoot on the sea! You will get a romantic date and an amazing photo shoot at the same time.

Just remember: seas, lakes, rivers and oceans literally breathe lightness and freedom. Therefore, intricate hairstyles and outfits made of dense fabrics are completely inappropriate here! The beach can be decorated with paper lanterns, candles and hearts.

summer love story ideas


If you and your significant other have a common hobby, it would be a good idea for a love story photo session in one case! Karaoke and yoga classes, playing musical instruments, go-karting or horseback riding, snowboarding or cycling - the options are many.

The pictures will turn out surprisingly sincere and not feigned. Yes, and you combine business with pleasure.

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In the rain

On the day chosen for the photo shoot, spoiledthe weather and it started to rain? Do not despair! A great idea for a love story is shooting in the rain. You can remember childhood, jumping through puddles, splashing with water. And of course, save these magical moments on photographs. And when the rain stops and the sun comes out, you can shoot the second part of the love story - filled with tender warmth and freshness.

summer love story ideas

In the studio

A happy couple, a good photographer and a nice studio - this combination will allow you to get luxurious shots without complicated subjects.

Which options for a studio love story should I choose? For example, a classic love story. To do this, it is enough to think over the outfits. Clothing should be in the same style and in the same color scheme. Styles for different eras look great.

Rules for an interesting love story

How do you get a complete love story, not a mindless bunch of pictures? There must be a plot! It is necessary that a clear line be drawn between the characters, that some events take place. What elements are extremely important? Let's get to know them!

love story in idea studio
  1. The exposition will tell the viewer about where everything is happening. This part of the photo shoot is often left behind the scenes - and completely in vain! A good photographer can show the place in which an incredible love story is about to begin in an unusually beautiful way.
  2. The tie of the plot is necessary for the viewer to see the circumstances and events from which the storyline begins to develop. Love storystarts exactly from this point!
  3. The climax represents the climax of the action. This is the highest point both in the plot and emotionally. Photos of this stage are extremely sensual and touching.
  4. The finale completes the storyline of the photo shoot. It would be logical to remove the heroes of the shooting.
  5. Epilogue. They rarely take it off, but it definitely won’t be superfluous. In this part of the photography, you can show everything that happened immediately after completion. These can be funny photos or what photographers call the word "backstage" - the backstage of a photo shoot. The main task of the backstage is to convey the atmosphere and mood. In addition, it will allow you to later remember how the photographer and the heroes of the love story worked together, looked for unique places and what eventually came of it!

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