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How to make a paper bus: step by step instructions
How to make a paper bus: step by step instructions

Have you long wanted to spend interesting and useful time with your family, learn something new, remember your childhood and please your children? In this case, you have a great opportunity that does not require a lot of time and effort: make a paper bus with your own hands. And how to bring it to life, you will learn from our article.

How to make a paper bus with your own hands. Method one

There are several options, but the easiest and fastest is to take any rectangular box of toothpaste, hand cream or other product, attach wheels to it, make a cutout for so-called windows, or glue rectangular pieces of white paper instead of windows, and voila - the bus is ready!

Bus out of the box

To complete this craft, you will need, first of all, a good mood, as well as 20 minutes of free time, scissors, transparent glue for crafts or PVA glue, a box of toothpaste and 4 wheels from a broken toy of your or a neighbor's child. The advantage of this bus is that it has real wheels, and it can go, andlooks quite realistic, given the fact that public transport has long been a place for various advertising.

Second way

How else can you make a paper bus? It's very simple, the only difference is that you need to find a diagram of the bus you like and print it in color, although it is also possible in black and white; such a bus is also attractive in its own way, then it can be painted with pencils or felt-tip pens.

Paper bus scheme

To make this bus, you need a printed diagram, scissors, transparent craft glue or PVA, a little patience and 30 minutes of free time. The bus must be cut out, folded along the fold lines and carefully glued. It is better to use thicker paper. In this case, the wheels do not need to be cut out separately, but if you wish, you can cut them out and make them a separate structure that will need to be attached to the bus body.

How to properly glue a bus

In order for the bus to turn out to be beautiful and durable, because it will have to go through many tests in the hands of your child, you must use paper that is close in density to thin cardboard, or photographic paper. Now let's move on to the main point: how to make a bus out of paper. It is very important here that the fold lines are clear, so it is better to draw along the fold line with a non-writing pen using a ruler before folding a sheet of paper. After the gluing lines are determined, we lubricate them with white paint, let them dry, coat with glue and glue them. For the joy of the whole familythe bus miniature is ready!

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