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A new kind of craze - diamond mosaic
A new kind of craze - diamond mosaic

Painful types of needlework captivate many craftswomen. For a long time, embroidery with colored threads dominated this niche. The development of industrial methods and the emergence of new materials pushed manufacturers to the idea of ​​a new kind of creativity. Diamond Mosaic is a handicraft that so many people liked.

The main share of production belongs to the factories of China. You can buy materials for manufacturing in specialized stores or immediately order them from China by making an online purchase on virtual trading platforms.

diamond mosaic

Types of crystals

As a rule, the image is laid out with rhinestones of the same shape. They are in the form of a circle or a square. The material of manufacture is multi-colored acrylic plastic. Transparent or fully colored, in addition to the shape, rhinestones differ in colors. Each shade has its own number, which marks the bag in the set and the cells are numbered on the basis on which these elements are attached.

diamond mosaic needlework

Panel base

For the convenience of performing a decorative picture, which is a diamond mosaic, a special base was invented. It consists of a lined diagram, divided into cells, each of which contains a number that matches the marking of a certain color of crystals. The rhinestones themselves do not have an adhesive backing or other fastening elements.

The glue is applied to the fabric base over the pattern and colored background. The layer is protected from dirt and undesirable sticking by an additional layer of waxed paper. The consistency and composition are similar to the adhesive side of self-adhesive film and adhesive tape.

Diamond mosaic sets

Diamond embroidery, stone painting - this type of needlework attracts many. The mosaic kit consists of all the necessary tools and materials:

  • base rolled or folded several times;
  • set of colored plastic diamonds;
  • bath for rhinestones;
  • magnifying glass;
  • tweezers or special pencil.

When choosing a picture, you need to focus on the quality that a diamond mosaic should differ in. Needlework kits are well packed by conscientious sellers. They twist the base into a roll and wrap it around a cardboard tube, thanks to which the paper and canvas do not deform. If the picture is folded several times, creases are formed that interfere with full-fledged work. In places of folds, the glue peels off, and it can be difficult to smooth out the finished panel, this requires additional effort. In this case, the diamond mosaic will not you would like.

diamond mosaic sets

Panel filling types

Mosaics differ not only in the shape of rhinestones, but also in the number of diamonds on the background. The entire surface is laid out with square diamonds, the pattern is completely closed, there is no free space anywhere.

Paintings with round elements are most often partial. On a beautiful background, a small scheme is marked, covered with an adhesive layer and lined into cells, which are numbered by color. As a result of the work, a colorful background is obtained, in the center of which a mosaic is laid out in the form of a flower, still life or character.

diamond mosaic needlework kits

Plots, genres and purpose of the panel of rhinestones

Diamond mosaic refers to a variety of interior paintings. They are used for indoor decoration, they can be placed in the living room, bedroom, children's room and kitchen. It all depends on the theme and plot.

Beautiful bouquets of flowers, still lifes of vegetables are laid out with rhinestones. Fantasy scenes depict various birds and animals. The rich world of flora and fauna is also reflected in this kind of creativity.

Grotesque and cute images of cats, household plots in the cartoon genre, icons and even ready-made schemes from customer photos - sellers are ready to provide panels for every taste.

diamond mosaic paintings

Diamond display for children's creativity

Sets with rhinestones are not only popular with adult consumers. Your fansacrylic stones were also found in the younger age group. For children's creativity, there are special blanks. They include a ready-made drawing with a playful cartoon story, which depicts your favorite characters or just cute pictures.

White circles or squares are indicated on the color base, unpainted places for gluing acrylic diamonds. The kit comes with the rhinestones themselves. Unlike adult panels, here the adhesive layer is applied to the reverse side of the pebbles.

Pictures (diamond mosaic) are partially filled, with several rhinestones for each fragment of the image. This process is more like decorating the main drawing, which, however, gives children a lot of pleasure. This is a useful and enjoyable activity for needlewomen of any age.

Children learn perseverance and patience, while developing fine motor skills and imagination, while adults relax, enthusiastically engaged in the painstaking process of gluing small elements onto the base. At the same time, the work does not require physical exertion.

Diamond mosaic is akin to embroidery or knitting. The result is an original beautiful panel that will decorate the interior or serve as a worthy gift. Especially if the picture carries a deep semantic load. For example, a mosaic icon or a panel made from your own photographs. A diamond portrait or landscape is worth spending a few free evenings making.

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