DIY origami butterfly: step by step instructions
DIY origami butterfly: step by step instructions

The origami butterfly can become a decoration of your desktop or a part of any composition. Such a craft will surprise the child and may be the beginning for further hobbies. Consider in detail the step-by-step instructions for the origami butterfly.

Required Materials

What makes this hobby attractive? It does not require many tools and materials. It is enough to have scissors and paper on hand to create an origami butterfly from these simple items. Paper can be any bright colors and shades. If you are creating a composition, choose sheets in the same color scheme or matching each other. Take the size at your discretion, it all depends on what size you want to get a butterfly. The sheet must be square.

Execution technique

step-by-step instruction

Fold the sheet in half so that side to side is even, and smooth the resulting bend so that it is clearly visible. Unfold the paper to its original position and fold the other sides in the same way. When straightening the sheet, you should get an even bend crosswise. Next, fold the square with opposite corners to each other, expandand repeat with other angles. As a result, on paper, bends in the form of a snowflake are obtained. The two side folds fold inward and, if you press down on the paper, you get a triangle. On the front side, we bend its corners one by one and turn the product over with the back side. Lay it in a wide line up and lift the bottom corner. Pull on it, it should be above the wide line of the triangle. Wrap it over the top side, thereby securing it, and smooth it carefully. Spread the butterfly around the central curve, squeezing it well. Flip it over and you will see an origami butterfly formed.


You can decorate anything with such original products. Follow your fantasy. You can decorate butterfly wings with sparkles, rhinestones. It will look unusual if you collect a family of these insects from ordinary newspapers. You can even make them in black and decorate your office with them, it looks very modern. Or, on the contrary, decorate the walls of the children's room with multi-colored butterflies.

butterfly on the wall

This will cheer you and your kids up, especially if they take part in their creation. If you do not want to decorate the entire wall with butterflies, you can frame them and hang them like a picture.

butterfly decoration

There are many ideas, implement any solution with simple tools at hand, resulting in an inexpensive but stylish design.

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