Gnome costume: make with your child
Gnome costume: make with your child

When the New Year is approaching or another holiday when children love

children's gnome costume

dress up, all of us parents are thinking about a carnival costume for our kids. Of course, today in stores there is a huge selection of clothes for such occasions. However, it will be much more interesting and fun to make the costume yourself with the help of a child.

Invite the kid to become a magical gnome for the holiday, he is unlikely to refuse! Moreover, it is not difficult to bring such an idea to life.

To begin with, let's figure out what components a gnome's children's costume should consist of. Usually these fairy-tale characters are depicted wearing short pants, a waistcoat, a cap, and stockings. In addition, you should wear any shirt loose. I think this item is in the wardrobe of every boy. But the rest of the elements will have to work hard.

First let's make panties.Look in your boy's closet. Surely there are old trousers that will be ideal for making a gnome costume. The main thing is that they have a comfortable top that does not hinder movements. First of all, shorten the pants to a length just below

gnome costume

knee. We measure the girth of the child's leg at the end of the legs, add a couple of centimeters and cut out the cuffs of the resulting length, sew.

Let's start sewing the vest. If the pants shortened at the previous stage are wide enough, then you can cut out the upper part of the suit from the cut off rags. Otherwise, you will have to choose the right fabric. It is even easier to make a vest from an old jacket or sweatshirt. When cutting, keep in mind that this element of the costume should be quite short. The edges can be finished with bias tape. The vest included in the gnome's carnival costume does not fasten, but you can sew ties with pompons along the bottom. To make them, we cut out a circle, sweep along the edge, put in a synthetic winterizer and pull it together. By the way, the same pompom will come in handy on the cap.

The gnome's headdress and stockings can be sewn from any knitwear in two colors. Can

gnome carnival costume

take mom's old dress or dad's thick t-shirt. The cap is cut in the form of a triangle, stitched on both sides. A cuff made of contrasting fabric is sewn along the bottom. You can also sew artificial curls to it. We fix the pom-pom on the tip of the cap.

Without knee-highs, the gnome costume will be incomplete. To make them, we cut stripscontrasting colors. It is desirable that they be the same width. We cut them, alternating. We measure the circumference of your child's leg in several places and cut the stockings so that they can be easily put on, but so that they do not hang out. If the fabric is stretchy enough, you will definitely achieve this.

To make the image more spectacular, it is advisable to complement the gnome costume with a belt with a buckle. These accessories can decorate the baby's shoes. In addition, it would be nice to hand a wand with a knot into the hands of a newly-made gnome. For the manufacture of this prop, any branch is taken, carefully sanded in order to avoid possible splinters. The knot is sewn from any patch into a small pattern and stuffed with foam rubber or newspapers.

Final touch - take red lipstick, draw cheeks and nose. Well, you can admire the fruit of your efforts, the dwarf costume is ready!

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