Crafts from branches: the best ecodecor ideas
Crafts from branches: the best ecodecor ideas

You can transform the interior using the simplest and most affordable materials. Why not remember the lessons of labor in elementary school and try to make interesting and unusual crafts from branches? We bring to your attention the best ideas for inspiration.

Bouquets that won't wither

Crafts from branches

What to do with dry branches? The simplest answer to this question is the composition in a vase. We select the branches of the desired length and, if necessary, cut off everything superfluous from them. Then we collect a beautiful "bouquet". Then all the fun begins - if you wish, you can paint the branches, it is more convenient to do this with paint in a can. If you want to make crafts from branches for the New Year, you can depict snow and frost. There are several ways - you can simply smear the desired areas with glue and sprinkle them with sugar, s alt or foam chips. Suitable and special "artificial snow" for decoration. You can get real crystals on the branches by immersing them in a strong saline solution and leaving them to dry completely. It will be interesting to look at the composition and if you add it with some kind of thematic decor. It can beartificial flowers, natural or decorative fruits, bird figurines, heart or star pendants, bows or other items. Add autumn crafts from branches in the form of bouquets with bright leaves, rowan and hawthorn berries.

Eco Frames

DIY crafts from branches

The photo frames decorated with natural twigs look incredibly beautiful and interesting. The base of the desired size can be cut out of thick cardboard or cut out of plywood. An ordinary purchased frame with a smooth baguette is also suitable. Arrange the branches in neat rows and cut off the ends, or create a creative mess by overlapping them. You can fix it with any universal glue. If desired, the finished frame can be varnished or decorated with some decorative elements. According to this principle, do-it-yourself crafts from branches can be made to decorate an entire wall or shelf. A group of similar frames with a variety of photographs or reproductions of paintings will enliven a boring corner and make it more comfortable. A mirror can also be placed in a frame of twigs.

Decorative panels

You can also use dry branches to create paintings or three-dimensional compositions in frames. This is a great solution if there was no vase for a bouquet of twigs. The panel can be more complex, lay out a landscape, silhouettes of animals with branches, or try to collect flowers from small pieces. As a background, you can use fabric or beautiful paper. Dry seeds and fruits of various trees, birch bark, moss will look great in a panel made from natural materials.Crafts from branches of this type can be made without a base background. Make individual figures from twigs and hang them on the frame.

Crafts from branches for the interior: vases, candlesticks and more

Crafts from leaves and branches

Do you have a bunch of jars of the same size or found an old vase that needs updating? It is not difficult to make original candlesticks or flower containers. Option one - just glue the existing base with even branches, placing them close to each other. If such vases and candlesticks seem too boring to you, try arbitrarily sticking a few branches to the container, and then tie them around with decorative braid or string. Candlesticks look especially impressive in this design; when a candle is lit, the light will gently break through the gaps between the rods. You can make similar crafts from leaves and branches, but keep in mind that in this case, your decor will wither in a few days. This idea is perfect for festive interior decoration. If the branches are fresh, cut in spring or summer, the vase decorated with them can be placed on a tray with water, and then the composition will keep its fresh appearance a little longer. Autumn branches with berries or bright leaves also look great. From dry twigs it is easy to assemble coasters for hot. To do this, take a small piece of plywood or square-shaped cork as a base and glue the branches on it, trimming them if necessary.

Big ideas and unusual solutions

Autumn craftsfrom branches

In home art and decor, it is appropriate to use not only small twigs and twigs. If there is an opportunity and desire, try to transform large snags, elements of trunks. By fixing several large branches or young trees vertically on the floor, you can divide the room into two zones. Large knots, neatly sawn and varnished, will be an excellent hanger for clothes or jewelry. From curved branches, you can also make a cornice for curtains or a decorative decoration that decorates a doorway. Attention: it is better to do large crafts from branches with your own hands, observing all the rules for processing wood. And this means that the wood should first be dried well and treated with protective compounds. Then it remains only to show your imagination and let natural forms into the existing interior.

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