DIY postcards: scrapbooking to help
DIY postcards: scrapbooking to help

A wonderful gift that can be given for any holiday - do-it-yourself postcards. Scrapbooking - is one of the techniques for doing this craft - even a child can easily master it. The technique consists in making collages of photos, memorabilia, various interesting things and placing all this on the cover of a photo album, notebook or postcard.

Many people throw away all sorts of broken hair clips, unnecessary buttons, torn satin ribbons, ribbons and other items. And creative people find a use for them. For example, parts of an old broken bracelet can be useful in the manufacture of a jewelry box, and luggage tags will find their way into a photo album telling about a trip.

DIY cards scrapbooking

When the winter holiday is approaching, you can not puzzle over what to give relatives, but make Christmas cards. Made with care and love with their own hands, they will undoubtedly bringgreat joy. Each product will be individual, unique. Children can be involved in their manufacture. Girls, most likely, will like this activity, they will be happy to pick up beads, buttons and pieces of braid. Cutting paper with corner and edge punches will also attract their attention.

Easy enough to make DIY cards. Scrapbooking involves the use of special paper, but if it is not available, you can use thin cardboard, a landscape sheet, or any thick paper. Next, the sheet is cut to the desired size and folded in half.

DIY Christmas cards

First you need to choose the decor elements of the product or make them yourself. There are special figured hole punches with which you can cut out a variety of patterns from paper. Using the scrapbooking technique, happy birthday cards are decorated with roses made from fabric, ready-made ribbons, and figured stripes. Ready-made materials for decoration can also be purchased at the store. The range is quite diverse: these are plastic and wooden small figures: flowers, butterflies, hearts. Products made of polymer clay, accessories used to make handles for jewelry boxes.

If white paper is used to make a postcard, then to decorate its front part, you should choose a smaller strip of contrasting color in width and process its vertical edges with a special hole punch.

scrapbooking postcards withHappy Brithday

This is how do-it-yourself postcards are created. Scrapbooking only as a certain technique helps to make it unique and beautiful. A strip of a contrasting color is glued to the workpiece, further decor depends on the manufacturer's imagination - you can stick a lace ribbon or paper daisies on it, with beads in the middle, apply an inscription using a special stamp or print it in advance on a color printer. The inside of the card is made out with the help of sheets on which wishes are written. Their edges are also decorated with curly cut.

DIY cards scrapbooking

Do-it-yourself cards will be an original gift for a wedding. Scrapbooking, the possibilities of which are endless, allows you to create a unique present. And looking at it, everyone will notice your originality and creativity.

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