Making Japanese lanterns with your own hands
Making Japanese lanterns with your own hands

You can spend an unforgettable holiday or celebrate an important event using the unique design of a Japanese lantern. Any holiday, anniversary or wedding will perfectly complement this accessory, which will definitely delight the guests of the event. Luckily, making Japanese lanterns is very easy and everyone can do it.

paper lanterns

Features of the Japanese accessory

Today, many holiday organizers and novice craftsmen make Japanese lanterns with their own hands. This allows you not only to save money, but also to plunge into the world of art, revealing your potential. Visually, the design resembles a balloon, inside of which a burner is placed. The last element helps to heat the air, due to which the product moves upwards.

Many centuries ago, flashlights were used to warn of the onset of enemies. Today it is a way to express romantic feelings, a method to decorate a festive evening and just diversifygray days. An unusual lamp can be made from the thinnest types of fabric or paper. Both burners and candles, electric lamps are placed inside.

In Japan, it is customary to use rice paper and bamboo sticks to make Japanese lanterns with your own hands. Designs are allowed not only into the sky, but also into the water.

Lanterns on the water

The shape of lanterns can be very diverse, ranging from classic round products to square and rectangular ones.

Required materials for making a flashlight

Let's consider what and how to make Japanese lanterns with your own hands. At the very beginning of work, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary materials. For a paper product you will need:

  • 5 pieces A4 size plain paper;
  • satin ribbon;
  • thin (ideally transparent) fabric;
  • colorful paints;
  • glue and scissors;
  • candle or burner.
Work materials

The above is a standard set of materials for making a Japanese paper lantern with your own hands. There are several ways to create the perfect product, consider one of them.

Making a flashlight

Work begins with the division of A4 paper sheets into four equal parts. Next, along the marked lines, we bend the material and cut it into identical ribbons. Using a pencil or pen, you need to twist the prepared pieces of paper and glue the ends well. As a result, the master will receive twenty tubes, whichmust be brought into the same form by cutting the ends with scissors.

At the next stage, the frame is formed (in Japan, bamboo is used instead of tubes), namely: a square is formed, in the middle of which two tubes are attached (in the future they will serve as a support for the lighting fixture). Further, four elements are glued perpendicular to the frame, and a full-fledged structure is created. You can paint the product in any desired color. A candle or burner is placed inside, after which the frame is covered with fabric and ribbons.

Making Japanese lanterns with your own hands is very simple, the main thing is to decide on the design and color of the design.

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